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  • posted a message on Best black creature removal
    Is fatal push the best 1 cast black creature removal?
    How about it i open it up to 2 cast spells? What are some good ones?
    Thanks for any tips....
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  • posted a message on Folios
    Can you recommend a specific folio that you like?
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  • posted a message on Folios
    I've kept my old sets in 3 ring binders for a long time, but I'm thinking of moving them to ringless folios because I'm worried about binder dings.
    So far I like the DeX zipper binder best.
    Can anyone recommend their favorite folio? I'm going to get one that zippers closed.
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  • posted a message on Tricking attractive people into playing magic
    I take the train to work every day, frequently I'll have a deck with me to shuffle through.
    A few years ago, a very attractive, very drunk young woman saw me shuffling through my deck, moved her seat next to me, and was all..are those magic cards? I played magic with my friends back in high school....
    She sat next to me for like half an hour and ooohhed and ahhed over some of the more well known cards i have....
    She wasnt a competative player, but she clearly knew about the game....
    We talked we laughed...
    And then we got to her stop and she got off the train.
    So there's that.....

    And my wife owned magic cards before I did...over 20 years ago..

    And all of my daughters friends, boys and girls around 10 years old, know about magic. And not just from me....
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  • posted a message on Why I hate Mono red burn
    I've played magic for almost 25 years ...all kinds of decks.
    My mono red burn deck is probably my all time favorite.
    Its never been s teir 1 deck, but it's usually just a step behind. If I play tight, I've almost always got a shot at winning.
    Since it's not a top tier deck, there are always some decks that I have to play perfectly and get really lucky or have my opponent make a mistake for me to win.
    I play legacy and decks like dark depths, reanimator, storm are highly favored over burn.
    I can't remember a time period when burn was ever an unstoppable powerhouse.
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  • posted a message on Alpha artwork foil lands
    A while back, wizards printed some foil versions of an island and a forest with alpha artwork.

    Does anyone know why they didn't print a mountain, plains or swamp?

    It's been a very long time, so I assume there are no plans to finish the cycle....
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I'm seeing some burn deck lists that use a split of mountains and snow covered mountains.

    There doesnt seem to be any cards in the deck that benefit from snow covered lands.

    I'm looking for reasons why.
    So far I've heard that it is to make it harder to use Predict against you.

    Does anyone know any other reasons?

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  • posted a message on Burn
    has anyone else been having a problem with some kind of pain in the ass artifact deck, where they turn all of your lands into artifacts and then karn makes it so you cant tap your artifacts?

    has anyone had any luck with pulverize or crash? like a fireblast for artifacts....i think they would work because you dont have to tap the lands, but it would take up spots in the sideboard, i dont know if they can really be a replacement for smash to smithereens.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
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  • posted a message on How do you feel about promo foils instead of regular foils ?
    i know its an old thread, but ive been wondering similar things lately as ive been foiling out my legacy burn deck....
    my general rule of thumb, both for my foil decks and non foils, is that the original printing is always the most desirable.
    im sure many of you realize that some of the burn cards were printed before there was such a thing as foils....
    so i pick up promos and reprints as close to the original as i can. the FNM magic fireblasts, the fire and lighting price of progress, i cant afford the judge lighting bolts, but they exist and are on my mega millions wish list.
    the only card in my deck that doesnt exist in foil with its original art is chain lighting, and i probably couldnt afford it even if it did.

    so anyway, Light up the stage is giving my OCD fits.
    which printing is the original printing? is it the pack foil? or the FNM promo? they both have the original art, and they both have the ravnica allegiance set symbol. i believe the promo was a pre release and was available about a week before you could buy the packs, but it feels wrong to say that the card in the booster packs for the set is not the original printing.

    as to my own personal artistic eye, the promo is cool just in that it looks different from all the other cards in my deck, but i like that the pack version has the rules explanation for spectacle.
    its not a very expensive card, i might wind up buying both versions, but im curious as to what other people think.
    thanks for your thoughts

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  • posted a message on fireblast foil promos
    Thanks for the info.
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  • posted a message on fireblast foil promos
    im not sure if this is the correct spot for this question, if its not, please move it, or let me know....

    hows it going?
    i recently picked up some foil fireblasts, the old fnm promos.
    the foiling on the bottom third of 2 of the cards is drastically different from the rest of the card. it shines if you tilt in in the light, but not the same way as the rest of the card. the odd area stops in a straight line, which is pretty visible in the picture. the line where it stops is in the exact same place in both cards.

    im pretty sure the cards are real, they feel right, and look right....
    does anyone know what could have caused this?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Thanks for your reply, and catching the mistake in my post.
    That's what I've been running online the past few days, and it's going pretty well.
    4 seems like a good number of these lands to me. does anyone have an opinion on weather it's better to play 4 sunbaked canyons, or 2 canyons and 2 fiery islets?

    In one game I played, someone turned off my canyons. I think it was with pithing needle.
    On the other hand, playing 4 copies of one helps disguise my hand/ draws a little when people are looking at my cards.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I'd like to talk about sunbaked canyon as well.

    My list has been:
    19 mountain
    16 bolts
    12 creatures (eidolon, guide, swiftspear)
    3 pop
    4 fireblast
    4 light up the stage
    2 vortex

    I've been pretty happy with the list, but now that I have 4 sunbaked canyons, I'm interested in going up to 20 lands.
    My first thought was to go down to 3 fireblast.
    My 2 "fringe" cards, luts and vortex have been pretty helpful...
    Luts gives me access to more cards, helps with mana screw, and protects cards from discard.
    I run into alot of life gain when I play online. The vortexes are worth it to me for that alone, the damage is like a bonus.
    I do want to see a fireblast every game, but usually not 2 and never early on.
    Light up the stage and now sunbaked canyon let me see more of my deck in any given game then ever before.

    Is it reasonable to drop a fireblast to fit in the 20th land?
    Or do I stay at 19 lands?

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    has anyone found anything good to do with iona, shield of emeria?

    after shes cast.

    some kind of colorless spell? or an effective way to splash something with the sideboard?

    i hate that card so much.

    goblin recruiteris too powerful to be allowed, but iona is just fine?
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