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    posted a message on Gifts Ungiven
    I'm not sure about the card.. It sounds like something like Tooth and Nail, or something like Protean Hulk.
    It can be used for broken nonsense, but it also has a lot of fair uses. It would definitely go in one or two of my decks.
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    posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from SnowPlaneFan »

    That being said, given that there are like 10 million+ MTG players, several million of whom are adults, and with people of course having a wide variety of different personal tastes from one another, I'm surprised that people are surprised that a Little Mermaid/Hansel & Gretel/targeted-at-kindergarten-aged-children type of vibe/flavor wouldn't be what ALL MTG fans are personally into or really resonate with.

    The prince actually broke the heart of the little mermaid, leaving her alone as a human being.
    Her sisters than give her an enchanted knife with which she has to kill the prince in his sleep so she can become a mermaid again.
    She refuses, kills herself and becomes an air elemental.

    Do you think WOTC will follow Disney or Grimm for the origin of their stories?
    This isn't just fairytales, this is medieval folklore.

    Cindarella killed the stepmother.
    Sleeping Beauty was raped in her sleep by a prince that already married someone else and awoke because the babies were kicking.
    Remember the queen from Snow White? Look up how she died. (Had to dance in heated metal shoes until she died)

    Actual fairytales are more grim and dark than the entire Innistrad block.
    Our folklore is more than just "kindergarten" material.
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    posted a message on Atemsis, All-Seeing
    It doesn't require combat damage, just damage.. So go wild!

    But this will surely go into my Azami EDH.
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    posted a message on Should sideboards be allowed in the official rules?
    I support it for wishes, etc.
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    posted a message on Dragonlord Kolaghan question.
    The ability just won't work in EDH.

    But with Ur-Dragon it still ends up being a "5 mana 6/5 flying, everything has haste" dragon.
    Which is good enough for me to play it.
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    posted a message on [[Primer]] Norin the Wary - Heads I win, Tails you lose.
    Well, it's quite easy and straightforward: It made me lots of mana.

    I used it on the guy playing with Ur-Dragon.
    Both because his big dragons were the biggest threat to me and because he could make the best use of the mana itself.
    Norin, without a trace of fear, kept charging into the dragons!

    I even used Pandemonium and Flametongue Kavu to hurt an Ur-Dragon and then Norin got the kill. Twice in one game Grin
    He is now known as Norin the Dragonslayer.

    Nor for Ixalan! That set is entertaining.
    It's mostly because I think a pirate-theme is more fun than Goblins.
    Rowdy Crew could be a good inclusion, it's really strong and nets some cards. The problem is with it being random.
    Conqueror's Galleon shouldn't be that hard to flip and with Squee in the deck this could become: 2, T: Draw a card.
    Thaumatic Compass also peeks my interest.
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    posted a message on Paradox Engine
    Quote from Pokken »
    Turn 5? Yes, those decks are known for playing their spells on curve Smile C'mon. Do you think that type of argument fools anyone?

    I'm guessing you would defend tooth and nail by saying "well turn 9 win the game seems okay!"

    It's not like 'playing all the good mana rocks' is a serious cost in EDH. I've seen t2 and t3 paradox engines on a fairly regular basis and it ends the game most of the time, and even when answered it's so easy to recur as to be comical. There's even a general specifically geared to enable this.

    This sort of line of argument is pretty funny, kind of like the old "Prophet of Kruphix decks had to play a bunch of ETB value creatures everyone was already playing anyway to really take advantage of it, so it was totally fair" and "Primeval titan decks had to play all the really good lands to take advantage of it."
    I defend Tooth and Nail by saying that if I want to win by combo I have easier ways to achieve that; there is nothing wrong with throwing two creatures into play. If you cannot handle two creatures you should re-evaluate your deckbuilding.

    All those arguments work the same for Omniscience, and that card has never been an issue in EDH.

    Kruphix wasn't banned because of ETB-creatures and Primeval Titan wasn't banned because it tutored two good lands.
    Titan was banned because it got played, tutored two lands into play, got cloned, killed, stolen, ressurected and then cloned again.
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    posted a message on Its time for Wizards of the Coast or the greater commander community to take over the ban list and rules
    I disagree with the first post of this thread.

    Especially the first point rubs me the wrong way: "I believe a mix between the duel commander and multiplayer rules and ban list can make for a complete format."
    The exact opposite would be true.
    If we want to keep this format healthy we definitely need to make bigger splits.
    It's like putting professional Formula-1 drivers into a Go-Kart day for 12 year olds: People will end up getting hurt.

    It might hurt for a short moment but we really need to split the people that want a fair and competitive format and the people that just want to do stupid stuff and have fun.
    For some short time the competitive players will be hurt since they won't find any opponents, but in the long run everyone will be happier since their opponent and the games they play will be exactly what they want it to be.
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    posted a message on Why are so many people distraught about infinite combos?
    Quote from Taleran »
    A lot of peoples answer to this will be an ancient document from a website that isn't posted along with Official Commander product that I would wager most people who play the game have never read or heard of.
    Could you be any more condescending?

    Like it or not, it's still the "official" philosophy.
    And besides that it is still the way most people play the game.

    Your way isn't better and you are not a better player, you seem unable to understand that simple thing.
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    posted a message on Why do people play Stax?
    They think it's fun and either play in a group that accepts this or they don't care about the fun the opponents have.

    That last thing is quite important and something I always ask myself: Will the opponent be annoyed playing agains this?
    Because I know that if I upset players too much with cut-throat decks they won't play against me and I want to avoid that.

    With Stax the answer, like often, lies in the middle.
    Die-hard stax is just mean and shouldn't be brought along unless the group knows and accepts this.
    On the other hand you also shouldn't just play 5/5's in the deck without anything else.
    I've seen players losing hard just because they hardly had removal or wipes; they thought it was a good idea to just play 'cool' creatures. With that attitude you will lose.
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