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  • posted a message on Return to Ravnica!
    I still say it would be interesting if Bolas ends up rebuilding the Dimir, but behind the scenes via many different puppets.
    It would make sense also because I am sure of anyone Jace would be the one person who could detect it (mind magic ftw?) and Niv-Mizzet would be smart enought o notice something as well.
    Possibly the reason they team up would be to try and uncover it due to the extreme complexities of Ravnica's law system and social/political maneuvering of guidls like a Bolas backed dimir and maybe a bolas manipulated Azorius (it does share A color with Bolas).
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  • posted a message on Ravnica and some loose ends
    Hm from what I've gathered around, I have thought up of an interesting plot for Ravnica.

    Since most of the guilds are in shambles, the city will be in more or less chaos.
    Knowing the recent track record, Nicol Bolas is gonna end up popping his head up here. If I had to take a guess he will probably attempt to rebuild the house of Dimir (which conveniently share two colors with him) from the background. Also from the poster, I would venture to guess that Jace and Tez end up pairing up (whether or not Bolas is pulling strings here idk) and seek out Niv-Mizzet to try and stop Bolas, after all who better to beat an ancient powerful planes walking dragon than another ancient powerful dragon?
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  • posted a message on Miracle
    Lol, heart of the cards! Please save ..
    *looks at top card*
    Hey! I get another turn :p
    *next turn*
    Frost titan, :p
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  • posted a message on U/W Exile/Lock, possible?
    or a titan... or a praetor... or all of the above...
    Its a repeatable combo that can help stabilize the battlefield in your favor a little more.
    Yes it doesn't do well against swarm of tokens, but then again that is when you just sachet bomb and be done with it.
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  • posted a message on Need help on artifact token generating deck
    My Myr deck is an infinite mana/infinite token deck.
    Just use 2 Galvanizers(or Myr Welder if they killed a few of your galvanizers) and either 1 Palladium myr or 2 of the other mana-myrs.
    Set up infinite loop.
    Then (if need be) use the loop to blue sun for alot
    Then cast Myr Propagator and put swiftfoot boots on him.
    Since you have infinite mana and you can infinitly untap him, you can create an infinite number of copies of him.
    From there you can abuse things like Darksteel Juggernaut and Tezz :p
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  • posted a message on So what WON at your Game Day
    Blue Sun Zenith.
    Amazing what an infinite mana loop can do for you :p
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Wrack with Madness
    lol I miss when this card was simply BB back in Kamigawa.
    The Card is an effective reprint of Kiku's Shadow :p
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  • posted a message on Is combo dead?
    Um my blue/black Myr deck has done pretty well.
    pretty much i just start with a palladium myr and 2 galvanizers and create an infinite mana loop. From there i use the loop to blue sun zenith for alot. I then play Progenitor Myr and create and equip him with swiftfoot boots and create an infinite myr token loop. From there I can do one of a few things.
    Depending on how the game went before that I can use Tezzeret's ult and cause infinite damage, I can use Myr Battlesphere and then put swiftboot's on him and swing. Using his ability, tap my infinite myr and do infinite damage directly.
    Also, if i can't do my infinite token loop I can hit you with Exsanguinate for infinite damage as well.

    Oh and it is very easy for me to protect my myrs with things like Vapor Snag, Cancel, Mana leak, and turn aside. Additionally, with Shimmer Myr I can play all the pieces at the end of your turn.

    As for the mana cost to get it starts its not that hard also, Since my are mostly mana sources to start with. Throw in 4 Mox Opals and a Myr Resevoir and your good to go.

    Also, with creatures like Riddlesmith and consecrated sphinx and blue uon zenith, card draw is easy. Also With Kuldotha Forgemaster, Myr Turbine, Call of the Kindred, Shape Anew, and Tezzeret, it is easy to get the pieces I need to kick off the combo.

    So you can still combo... just requires some finagling XD
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