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  • posted a message on M10 Blue
    Quote from beanman1000
    So lets disregard the entire color wheel and everything magic is based on and turn it into yugioh?

    Please excuse me if I am not exactly jumping for joy at the suggestion of completely destroying the game.

    That was not even remotely what I was suggesting. I have played a fair amount of Yugioh, and from what I remember it turns into a free for all brawl that had very little to do with creature attributes or types.

    I believe that Blue could merely use a few more combat related tricks that could pair along with the recent turn to a more creature based meta. for ignoring the color pie what would Phantom Warrior" target="blank"> Phantom Warrior have to say about some form of blue aggro-like tricks. Along similar lines I also believe that unblockability would also booster the effects of combat related triggers as well such as many of the "ninja" effects or the more common Ophidian placed on so many blue creatures.

    The only thing I was intending with my earlier statement is that if the game is being shifted to a more creature heavy environment than why can't blue as well?

    M10 shows signs of this through the new blue lord Merfolk Sovereign which show cases a possible expansion of unblockabilty to a blue tribe. However unless we get more than 2 additional creatures I fail to see how a new lord will effect the format in ways "I" would like to see.

    Gathered this is all my opinion, just like everyone else whom posts hear are stating.
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  • posted a message on Full Goblin Chieftain and Djinn of Wishes art
    I do have to agree that the flavor text shows a better side of goblins and I am very much for this.
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  • posted a message on M10 Blue
    Quote from Shaharazad
    On that same note: Perhaps it would be interesting if we had strong mono-blue aggro. Wink

    Here! Here!

    Seeing as blue doesn't seem to normally get good aggro creature I doubt this highly.

    But I would love a chance for Blue to get a few aggro tricks for a change...

    ...well I can dream a little I suppose.
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  • posted a message on [M10]It's Blue time !
    Well with one half of the blue table down we can see what we are working with, and we can only hope that the second half has something truly appealing.
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  • posted a message on Tribal.. again?
    I don't want to see Tribal again so soon.

    Now don't get me wrong aside from the art I loved Lorwyn, the tribalness of it all, just kinda felt right after the nostalgia of Timesprial, that being said the same tribes being supported over and over again would get old really fast, I mean I am so glad Fae are rotating out soon.

    That being said, I would more tribal support to lesser unknown tribes, when Lor came out I was finnally able to reasonably put together my Treefolk deck which I had been planing for years. I am tired of seeing green get elfs and red get goblins and so on and so forth. So my hope is with further tribal development we get some of the lesser yet still entertaining tribes back....I'm still kind of praying for foxes.

    As for Zendikar, I believe I may be speaking with a fair amount of standard with me, we are waiting for some fresh air to come from Zendikar, and hopefully wizards "unexplored" theme doesn't let us all down.
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  • posted a message on [M10] Cemetery Reaper
    From the darkness and inky mist arises the unholy army of the marching dead, brought forth by the darkest of minds to devour and consume the feeble shreds of cardboard on the other side of the table.

    On another note its good to see more tribal support, I loved the mechanical feel of Lorwyn, but hated the tribes they choose, well except for Treefolk, but hopefully M10 gives us some new tribal tools. This card lends credence to this theory.
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  • posted a message on MonoBlack Discard
    Great ideas guys, and don't worry, your not the only one that forgot about the Shortfang, here is an updated list.

    I understand that Hymn and Duress are single shot discard spells, but our meta is often switched between 1v1 and multiplayer, that being the case I believe they are the way to go. As with the other updates the deck at least looks cheaper, and a bit more effective. So if you guys have any other comments please let me hear them.

    As far as removal goes, I understand that the Capsule and Soul Reap aren't the best, but in testing with my group, the seem to be a bit more than average, and work out as normally in our heavy casual environment people normally have an army of tokens thus I need a better sacrifice target. Chainer's Edict however may fill the need rather well as the use of Delirium Skeins" target="blank">Delirium Skeins wouldn't mean my removal is gone, I believe I'll give it some testing.
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  • posted a message on MonoBlack Discard
    I designed this deck when I got bored in class, and wondered if my math class felt like a discard spell, as my professor's voice reminded me of getting thoughts ripped out of my head.

    I don't really have any money to spend on the cards, so no Thoughtseize suggestions, and the rest of the cards need to be fairly budget.

    Other thoughts, I have been thinking of using Mutilate over Damnation as a way to save some money. Next I'm wondering if Soul Reap and the Capsule are the best choice for spot removal, or if are really even needed. I have been wondering if I should replace the Capsule with Necrogen Spellbomb. Finally I've wondered if I should use The Rack as our meta involves a lot of multiplayer games I'd hate to have to name one target.
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  • posted a message on [Duels] Playable Decks *100% COMPLETE*
    Just faced Tezzeret down a few more times, and he pulled out a few more cards.

    [CARD]2x Fountain of youth
    2xOnyx Goblet [/CARD]

    The rest was still the cards we've seen so far.
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  • posted a message on 10 cent box R/G Aggro deck
    Keldon Maurders looks like it might fit your deck, and be a powerful addition in any R/G aggro build.
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  • posted a message on [Duels] Playable Decks *100% COMPLETE*
    Also, for the people who were wondering earlier about Tezzeret's decklist, we can probably compile it from playing it a bunch of times
    From what I've seen in Tezzeret's Deck I've had to face a combination of these cards, in addition to your earlier list.

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  • posted a message on [Duels] Playable Decks *100% COMPLETE*
    Seeing as you can't unlock it from playing Campaign...(Really irritating to me)

    The only way I can think of, is the pain stacking way of playing against Tezzeret over and over again, until you've figured out the deck, and thats not a way to confirm it...

    Now that I think about it, I'm sure there are other ways of finding it out, but that one seems like the most fun to me.
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  • posted a message on [M10] Demonic Tutor?
    It is for a demonic tutor.

    Sadly it was the Judge Promo Demonic Tutor.

    It wont be coming back, its just to strong for our current standard to handle.
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  • posted a message on [MPR] Next Player Rewards Speculation
    I doubt Path to Exile just because of the recent gateway promo. I do however think that Cruel Ultamatium would make for a good textless spell.
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  • posted a message on Lightning Rats B/R Burn/Discard Deck
    Looks like a bunch of potent Burn/Discard spells, I like it.

    I would suggest Incinerate over Barbed Lightning, it fits the curve a bit more, and has a better cost to fit the deck in my opinion.

    As for some more discard, I would suggest Raven's Crime if you ever find yourself with extra lands.

    On a third note, I'd say maybe throw in some Volcanic Fallout it can clear away a lot of creature so your Lighting can strike in for a kill swing, as well as count as additional burn, and uncounterable to boot.

    Good luck with the deck, and I hope I've helped.
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