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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Zen tribal speculation
    I'd kill some one in front of their momma for a freakin Bear lord.

    I've actually thought of this one, and wondered if Bears would ever get any sort of Tribal Unification.

    But what exactly would a creature bring to a table whose entire tribe's unity is being 2/2 for 1G?
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  • posted a message on new omnibus books
    As much of a story lover as I am, I am kinda saddened by the whole concept of Ominibus, but that is just because I spent 3 years hunting down The Shattered Alliance... but that is just me being bitter.
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  • posted a message on Jones Soda Elspeth
    I'm taking it on the note of Elspeth being a more humaniod then Cat based individual, whether that has anything to do with anything I doubt but its my excuse.

    Seeing as Chandra had different art I doubt it really means anything, I just think that the Elspeth art had a better chance of making a better product then Ajani.
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  • posted a message on [Planechase] PlaneDecks/16 Plane Names
    Well as much as it bugs me that they are not actual planes, but mere locations I find that the concept of walking to this specific location better then merely walking to Mirrodin or Ravnica.
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  • posted a message on [Zen] Convertible Turtle - Not Fake?
    Looking at the card, I like it, its useful and something that feels rather blue, the main problem I have with this card is the name. If this creature does exist, and is named Convertible Turtle, I will eat every copy I happen to open in some form of statement for this horrible name.
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  • posted a message on Possible Gideon PW card in ZEN
    As for the whole Worldwake thing

    It was a trademark obtained by Wizards along side Rise of the Eldrazi and Garruk vs Liliana. It has been speculated as the next set after Zendikar, but as far as I've heard I don't believe its been confirmed yet.
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  • posted a message on A rant. Not Foamy style, though I wish it could be...
    Now I have dealt personally with both PZ and The Boss, a few times before, and from what I've encountered I've had a few problems with The Boss's style of doing things, needless to say, he still tends to get the job done.

    I've checked PZ zombies list, and he's prices are reasonable in my opinion, and I've never really had a problem working with him, but it never hurts as a few have said to have a few more cards that could be used to interest people looking through your list.
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  • posted a message on 38Bears.dec
    I actually run a bear tribal deck, that is a bit frightening, well at least my play group always gets a kick out of it.

    Gathered I don't use nearly as many bears as you do, but the deck is still entertaining to me. I'm just wondering how many people have tried this, good luck either way, if you want I'll post my list later.

    On another note the Petroglyphs have been very useful and I run 4x in my deck(Don't laugh it works)
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  • posted a message on Jones' Planeswalker Sodas
    Living in Nebraska all my life, and I've been drinking Jones Soda for who knows how long. So if it reaches out here I can't imagine why larger regions have never heard of it.
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  • posted a message on The Ultimate Draw-Go Deck
    I think King T might be on the right trail, but I think we could alter a few other things, I mean we have no restrictions after after all. Grin

    I mean with no restrictions, why simply use Basic land? Next I would use a few more powerful counter spells then Remand or Mana Leak. Plus Mana Draining a large spell they may get through plus an Academy would fuel a Banefire for more than enough to destroy an opponent. Next if I had to design a deck myself I don't know why, but I would build something for Tezzeret, I guess I just have a soft spot for him.

    Now its not entirely Draw-Go nor do I think its as much controlish as King's style, but I think it would be fun, and given the money that would be the path along I would take for a deck.
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  • posted a message on Beauty and the Beasts
    I have a similar deck that I've been planning in mono green.

    For any form or Beast Tribal I would make room for Krosan Warchief in order to bring down the cost of some of the upper level beast and defend them when they are two close to death.

    Another card I have found that works wonders in this build is Garruk Wildspeaker He grants extra mana, and even produces beasts, then finishes by casting Overrun on all of your creatures before you send them into the red zone.
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  • posted a message on BL/W Knights with splash of Blue
    Quote from (K)NightMare*Bak
    Skulking Knight is annoying... but it does just keep coming back and wasting there stuff if i can do it right..

    This may be the case but, its 3 mana for each card they spend on it. Now I'm not sure what your play group is like, but that is a bit unacceptable with mine. Which is why I would recommend the Cavalier as White looks to be more of a threat as M10 draws near.

    Next I wonder is one copy of the Ethersworn Adjudicator" target="blank">Ethersworn Adjudicator really worth the blue splash? I would either suggest either adding more copies or just removing it in general.
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  • posted a message on BL/W Knights with splash of Blue
    I question the use of Skulking Knight" target="blank">Skulking Knight as I have had troubles with it before. The sacrifice clause just keeps getting in the way.

    I would recomend in its place Stillmoon Cavalier" target="blank">Stillmoon Cavalier its a powerful knight and could serve as additional air defense.

    Also Cloud Key and Kulrath Knight seem to be a bit lack luster in regards to the rest of the build. I would remove them and possibly add Dark Ritual or Glorious Anthem to speed out your knights and give them an additional boost.

    Next I'm not sure the land balance seems all that right, I would suggest you remove the non-swamp, non-plains land, and replace them with a play set of some form of duel land that taps for white/blue, and another for black/blue. You could use Adarkar Wastes or Underground River from core sets past, or you could use something like the new M10 duals Glacial Fortress or Drowned Catacomb.

    I hope these helps you out.
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  • posted a message on M10 Analysis
    Quote from WhiteWerewolf
    um, to be fair....garruk has seen reprint 3 times at the moment.
    1, lloryn
    2, duel of the planeswalker
    3, m10

    jace on the other hand...
    1, lloryn
    2, jace vs chandra
    3, book promo card (yes there is another jace card out that that didn't get much advertisement. take a look, its out there)
    4, m10

    I know its still a few months away but Garruk is getting his own Duel deck, which will put both of them at 4 reprints a piece, so this comparrison really isn't all that valid.
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  • posted a message on M10 Blue
    Quote from beanman1000
    So lets disregard the entire color wheel and everything magic is based on and turn it into yugioh?

    Please excuse me if I am not exactly jumping for joy at the suggestion of completely destroying the game.

    That was not even remotely what I was suggesting. I have played a fair amount of Yugioh, and from what I remember it turns into a free for all brawl that had very little to do with creature attributes or types.

    I believe that Blue could merely use a few more combat related tricks that could pair along with the recent turn to a more creature based meta. for ignoring the color pie what would Phantom Warrior" target="blank"> Phantom Warrior have to say about some form of blue aggro-like tricks. Along similar lines I also believe that unblockability would also booster the effects of combat related triggers as well such as many of the "ninja" effects or the more common Ophidian placed on so many blue creatures.

    The only thing I was intending with my earlier statement is that if the game is being shifted to a more creature heavy environment than why can't blue as well?

    M10 shows signs of this through the new blue lord Merfolk Sovereign which show cases a possible expansion of unblockabilty to a blue tribe. However unless we get more than 2 additional creatures I fail to see how a new lord will effect the format in ways "I" would like to see.

    Gathered this is all my opinion, just like everyone else whom posts hear are stating.
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