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  • posted a message on People do not want to play with me
    I haven't read the suggestions in this thread, but here is mine:

    Do not under any circumstances slack in your actual game. Ever.

    What you can do, however, is to create some weaker decks. I am thinking about theme decks (like ninjas, slivers, merfolk, zombies or even meta-themes like someone was making a Game of Thrones deck).

    You could also specify certain rules to handicap yourself vs your friends. Make the best deck you can from a certain shard or series.

    This will allow you to keep practicing, and also become a better deck builder.
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  • posted a message on Non stop shuffling of hand.
    Just bring along your music. If people shuffle, ask them to stop because it's messing with your head.

    If they don't have the courtesy to help you both achieve a "good game" by stop being obnoxious, simply plug in your headphones. Neither are against rules, so you might as well fight fire with fire, if talk is unheard of.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] "What Deck Should I Play?"
    I would look into Soul Sisters. If you want to, there's also Affinity, which (aside from the Mox Opals) is pretty cheap. The Moxes are pretty key, but you can make a budget version that works - Im sure of it.
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  • posted a message on #NoShamanNoDie Or: How i learned to stop worrying and kill the elf
    Hm, Rest in Peace pretty much nullifies him also Smile
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  • posted a message on Esper Combo/Control
    I know this thread is probably dead - But since you put some effort into it, I thought i'd share this new card from M14 as a possible contender to this strategy:

    It might be too slow - But it has some nice synergy with the Lingering Souls + Blood Artist thing going on.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] GW Hatebears
    Quote from HorseshoeCrab
    I know it wasn't in my list because I was going for a Death and Taxes/Hatebears hybrid. Leonin Arbiter and Knight are NOT friends. Knight is certainly a great card, but you have to decide whether you want to run search hate or Knight.

    I can see it goes directly against the search hate, which the deck partly gets it's name from. I'm also seeing that people are steering towards a more aggro oriented route though.

    I guess the only way is to test him out. He has some very good answers/hate with the right manabase.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] GW Hatebears
    I'm late to this thread, and couldnt find an explanation. Why are we not running KotReliquary and a land toolbox?
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  • posted a message on Am I allowed to...
    Demiron I think you should definately start with Pauper. Standard is equally as expensive as Modern if you want to play for more than 3 months, and more expensive after that probably.

    In Pauper you can create some hefty decks for 5 dollars, and once you start building your collection you can use those decks in other formats too. Pauper is a format that only allows "common" cards, but it's as vast and strategic as any of the other formats.

    You can build some pretty decent Modern decks online too, because 99% of the cards are much cheaper online. There IS a budget thread somewhere with Modern decks for like 5$, but I simply cannot find it. Maybe someone else can help Smile

    Edit, here it is!
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  • posted a message on Temper on MTGO compared to in-person?
    I play Modern online, and I am currently packing my highly original UWR Geist of St. Win (right).

    It was round 1, and feeling a bit cocky I started with a lightning bolt to his face (this was in just for fun). The chat is quickly filled up with "Aaaah red, such a hard color to play." and other ironic messages like that.. I decide to write him a reply, but it takes me about 10-20 seconds, in which he to type "Ah, you're such a slow thinker also" and leaves the game. It was a long time I took to type a message, but I wanted to confront him without being rude.

    I think people's patience is very thin online, for some reason. Probably due to something about anonymity.

    My new style, which has worked well for me when not playing tournaments, is to just leave if people get rude. There are so many players to play, why should I ever stay and play with the rude ones.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Dark Geist
    This looks very interesting. I am always in the zone when we get so much efficiency. I feel that the deck might need a bit of focus though, but I will try and put something like this together tonight. Thanks for a fun direction.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] B/W Smallpox Control
    Quote from Mkushrom
    I'm sorry guys I'm having no time to write due to my exams Frown I'll prepare a full report of my new list when I finish Wink

    Also, the main problem about Swords is Abrupt Decay. Playing a cmc3 artifact that can be destroyed so easily, even during combat, makes me feel that they aren't good enough. That's why I'm trying Batterskull (awesome against many agro-midrange decks) and Blood Baron (GG against Jund, Junk, GW...). Swords are also useless with Suppression Field and Stony Silence since Batterskull at least comes into play as a creature.

    The thing is I doubt people board SS just for a piece of equipment. I havent had much trouble using them at all. It's very nice.

    I also never really meet Abrupt Decay, i guess the swords are meta dependant.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] B/W Smallpox Control
    Quote from Solesticio
    I like that list a lot. Elspeth is a clever addition and makes swords much better. Isn't SoWaP better than FoF?

    SoWaP might actually be better, I haven't tried it. It dodges more removal, that's for sure, but we also empty both ours and their hands.

    I am a big fan of having them discard though, even though the untapping of lands is less relevant than blue control decks.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] B/W Smallpox Control
    I finall got around to iterate on this great deck.

    Here's a new build:

    I really like the swords package. The plan is to run with 3, and then sideboard out two for steelshaper's gift, so you essentially have 3 of the one you need.

    I plan for the long run, and this is not a mid range deck I feel. The swords allow me to finish the game, without relying on big angry beaters that die easily. Elspeth, Lingering Souls, Bloodghast, Bob, Mutavault and Kitchen finks are all great for carrying swords. They are indeed dead draws if I have no creatures on board, but that is rare.
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  • posted a message on [Budget] Are there any good mono-colored decks for less than 300 dollars?
    Well I guess Faeries run Vendillion Clique, Merfolk most certainly does not. I guess they can, but you can make either of the two decks without.
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  • posted a message on [Budget] Are there any good mono-colored decks for less than 300 dollars?
    I would definately look into Merfolk. With the Aether Vial being reprinted, I excpect it to drop. Same with Cryptic Command

    Vedalken Shackles doesn't look like it's going to drop with MM reprint, but Mutavault will most definately, being in a core set (M14).

    Merfolk isn't a strict control deck, it's more of a tempo deck where you apply the beats early on, while protecting them later.

    Otherwise I would look into Fairies. You can make a great deck for a low price (same kind of style as Merfolk, but flying and more EoT based).
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