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  • posted a message on The [Un]Official "Buy or Sell?" Thread!
    Quote from KnickM »

    If you can get $400 for your Sol Ring, I would go for it. While it's true they'll never reprint the Invention, the price has just gone up significantly. What're you going to do, hold on to it forever?.

    Thank you for that. And to enlighten further, I have (I believe) all the mana rocks. Sol ring, Chrome Mox, Mox Opal, Mana Vault and Lotus petal. My other thoughts were I could have them graded to further the aid of sale (or increase collection value) and or I could put them in a custom acrylic coffin display with the five. Do you believe its more difficult to sell the mana rocks as a set, or more enticing to a collector?

    Also have aeither vial, which has quadrupled from when I purchased it. As far as holding forever, I remember when a mox was $20 =/ =/ but I was also a tween and poor. lol
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  • posted a message on The [Un]Official "Buy or Sell?" Thread!
    Thinking of selling Kaladesh inventions Sol Ring for near $400 but also thinking they'll never reprint that again.

    Also thinking of selling Diamond Valley. Its play value is nice, but for its current price I could pick up many other good singles (or invest the money elsewhere)
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  • posted a message on Debate Forum alums: Where do you debate?
    I am enjoying 'not' being ticked off during the workday

    One can only hope that debate and arguments don't flood to other areas of this forum after this change.
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  • posted a message on Playing with Proxies - How do you feel about it?
    If someone proxied check lands because they already own 8+ copies and its silly to continue buying more, I don't really mind.

    But we've ousted people from our play group who had countless proxies of $100+ cards and could never prove they actually owned any of them. The bulk of us don't mind playing with actual value so it shouldn't have been hard to prove they at least owned some of those cards.

    Magic marker cradle in every other deck pffft GTFO

    At the card store, I really don't like seeing this. Its an insult to those who buy cards from the case. Especially in legacy. I recon card stores may tolerate it simply because expensive format costs could limit customer involvement at the store.
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  • posted a message on Harsh Mentor
    Quote from MTGS_User8233 »
    How is something an artifact, a creature or a land outside the battlefield?

    You are right, that this part of the sentence is redundant. However it increases clarity.

    Virtually everyone I play with would be claiming it triggers from Unearth, Scavenge, Dredge... and now especially Emblam. Leading to yet another phone lookup, every other weekend. Rofl =S
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  • posted a message on US Missile Strike on Syria
    Quote from knto »
    As far as whether chemical weapins were used or not, its hardly even relevant. 80 people died vs the 200 the US coalition killed the week before. But even if we entertain the Idea that it is relevant how the people were killed, even the previous attack could not be shown as being the work of Assad, In fact the UN investigation showed that it was likely an attack from one of the other dozens of froups fighting for power in the region after weeks of investigation .
    War and conflict is inevitable. Its the standard. Peace on earth is a pipe dream, so how we conduct ourselves in that conflict is the only remaining measure of decency. It is relevant how they were killed, and who. Perhaps Sarin is more humane than tomahawk missiles - but wiping out women, children and the elderly in the process is unacceptable. That's what Sarin does.

    As far as your overall post, I fully agree. But don't forget that Americans weigh the economy and the current administrations competency based on the price of gas. When gas hits $4/g at the pump, the sky starts falling. While most believe "war and conflict is bad" and protest against it, they sure panic and complain when they feel it at the pump. They can't have it both ways.
    I wonder how high it could go before you see fights and riots at the gas station. $8? $10 maybe?

    Global oil is a big game indeed; so big most of us can't fully wrap our heads around every facet of the oil economy. Its worth noting that in the last decade we've drastically reduced our imports from OPEC, but we're still in the global oil game.
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  • posted a message on Limited Resources
    From my experience, Limited Resources is four frustrated players sitting on two lands and hoping to draw an appropriate color of removal over the next ten agonizing turns, and one guy who thinks its fair and justified. Playing magic actually requires the ability to play cards.
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  • posted a message on Cavern of Souls (at Mythic)
    Both Cavern of Souls and Snapcaster are insane. Its part of why they are so expensive to begin with.

    Cavern has virtually no drawbacks; 1 mana of any color for creature type, creature can't be countered. Its a land, so it can't be countered, and its harder to spot remove than creatures & enchantments. It inherently has no casting cost. Its never useless, as it can be used for (1)

    Snapcaster recurses at instant speed, puts a 2/1 onto the table at instant speed, can be abused with dozens of bounce effects, hypothetically allows you to run 8 copies of any spell in the deck, or diversify yourself and run less copies of everything else. You're rarely sad to top deck it. In the worst of times, he's got you. If he can't snap the answer, he can often snap a brainstorm or ponder that gets you an answer.

    They are exactly what you'd expect from a mythic rare; not like Quicksilver Gargantuan. >_>
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  • posted a message on America, The Polarized Society
    Wow. If we are debating whether or not people who want "genocide, forced sterilization" should be called racist, then the thread is over. Nobody is contesting that. Nobody suggested that, without a lot of word twisting, debate traps and paragraph manipulation. That's a gross inflation using extremes degenerate to useful discussion. Inside the US, I don't see anyone "dealing" with that, unless your incapable of ignoring a fraction of a fraction of the population that most people write off as crazy. Maybe if you were fighting ISIS, or lived in the Congo...
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  • posted a message on America, The Polarized Society
    He is debating his interpretation of Mad Mats argument, and what he feels the underlying argument is really about.

    Personally I thought the focus was about everyday racism and a polarized society. To Tiax's point, carrying a polite and pleasant demeanor, but still holding reservations. And then, whether or not you should call people out for there reservations.

    Statements keep getting made that seem like extremes. There's no real point in debating extremes. I would argue that everyday racism affects peoples lives more than extremists. IE, not hiring someone because of their race, not subletting to another race, not wanting to live across from other races, or not leaving a tip because of someones race. You're not debating about whether or not a neo-nazi should be called out for being racist. That would be unproductive.
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  • posted a message on Muslim Ban and SEE YOU IN COURT
    Quote from Smells_Better »
    "Legalized discrimination against Muslim" way to spin that one. I know some people don't like to admit it but there is a group of people in this world who have declared war on our culture. What harm can come from temporarily freezing immigration until we have a better system of seeing who is and isn't coming in our country? The presidents job is to protect the rights and well being of the AMERICAN people and if suspending an aliens entry is key to doing so, then he has every right to. As far as being unconstitutional, the Supreme Court will decide that. Unfortunately there are laws stating that he can and laws stating that he can't.

    Take a step back. Look at the CDC's website for information regarding annual death tolls in America. Over 2.6 million people died in America last year alone. If we lost 100 people to terrorist attacks, its a drop in the bucket.

    You'd save more lives focusing on gun violence (~33K) drunk driving (~10K) or heroin (~30K) This implies the travel ban is pretty much pointless. Its laughable, and actions like this makes people hate America more.
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  • posted a message on America, The Polarized Society
    Quote from Lithl »
    Then it seems to me the discussion you should be participating in is why there is correlation between race and income levels instead of race and crime.

    I'm not sure if quantity is a weighing factor. It affects national averages, but moot towards whether or not you're safe in a particular area, of whether or not racism plays into how safe you feel.

    Low income white neighborhoods in CLE, surrounding suburbs don't see a lot of gun activity. Most are not traffickers; they're users. Heroin, prostitution, petty theft, the occasional domestic violence call. Nothing you need a vest for, despite open carry laws and ccw. Do consider though, I'm also white, and I'm sure that plays a factor in the ability to move around freely and safely in those environments. I can't speak for experience for other races and whether or not they would be safe in those areas, but having experienced it in reverse I can only assume its the same

    I assume that its the same or similar, because I've experienced first hand what it is to be a white boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've been surrounded before, asked to leave establishments because I was white, ejected from another despite being there with black friends, threatened, harassed while parked at intersections for being in the wrong neighborhood and more. At that time, at that age I did not know better, I didn't know the area as well; I was ignorant. On some occasions, we were simply lost coming back from an event on the west side, as we don't know it well enough

    Ironically, one of my friends (note that being black is relevant) made this same mistake, when he settled into a hillbilly biker bar packed with Harley's outside.... And when the police responded, everyone in the bar blamed him, even the bartender. I said the same thing. What were you thinking man? If you wanna find a white racist, then a dive biker bar full of old ass harley riders with long hair, tats, leather vests and club patches is the first place you'd look. Jesus dude

    Wrong as it may be either way, its real. Ignoring it, pretending otherwise as to not seem racist could cause you serious harm. We make the best decisions we can every day, using what we've learned and know.
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  • posted a message on America, The Polarized Society
    Quote from Lithl »
    You seem to be implying that race is not actually an indicator of whether you should feel afraid. That the local housing market (or more generally, income levels) is a better indicator of probability of crime. Is that accurate?

    It is very accurate. Poverty and crime are directly related. That's not to say every poor neighborhood is bad. You can also be murdered in an upscale neighborhood. But one is rarely present without the other.
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  • posted a message on America, The Polarized Society
    I'm gonna support Mad Mat. Here's my take.

    You'd be a damn fool to ignore all of your previous experiences, ignore all surrounding circumstances and make terrible decisions for the sake of "not coming across as racist"

    Our kid is on a traveling baseball team. We've been to nearly every park in a 50 mile radius. One park in particular is in a largely black township. The first thing that struck me was all the warning signs about protecting or hiding your property. When you park it becomes obvious why: groups of youths in the parking lot checking for unlocked cars (doing nuffin.)

    Now under some peoples thinking, the fact that your in a black neighborhood is irrelevant. You could be in any park, with any race of youths in the lot checking for unlocked cars. But experience tells you, you've been to the other 40 parks many times over many years and you know there is a direct correlation here. We as the better part of society simply don't say or imply anything out loud because "That's racist". But if you think your car and your belongings are safe, you'd be an idiot.

    My wife and I own rental property in a diverse group of neighborhoods. Housing is a topic that gets a lot of attention in the race debate. In accordance with the law, we'd never turn down an application based on race. But its a very fair statement we have experience with different ethnics in different neighborhoods on this topic. I'll talk about low income housing since that is where the largest disparities can be seen. In black neighborhoods its constant break-ins, violent crimes related to drug trafficking and a constant police presence. In white neighborhoods they take their disability money, sell their prescriptions and solicit themselves to buy heroin from blacks who traffic it. Hispanics somehow live in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

    In regarding to soliciting (often for heroin) black people rob those who respond or show up. Show up at the girls house, and a black man jumps out of the bathroom and robs you at gunpoint. Now again you could say that ANY race is capable of doing this. That's hypothetically true. But do other races do it? No. Then notice more than half of the ads literally say "No black men", "NO AA" or "No black men under 30" Are the girls racist, or have they learned through experience that they get robbed, they get their ass beat, they get pimped?

    Now make choices about where you want to buy properties, and what subsets of behavior are you willing to deal with. Are you ready to spend $7K or more to repair a damaged property like I have? Risk having a property condemned because it was used as a meth lab? (note: labs are more common among whites) Tenants move out because of heavy police presence and break ins? If you had collective information would you ignore it completely for the sake of not seeming 'racist' ?

    According to city data, the town we live in is 95.6% white alone. The black people we do have, carry some very unlikable behavior. For example, they will walk out in front of your car at Walmart, hoping you'll hit them so they can sue. This is factual. You need to be aware of it when you shop there. They also jay walk across 5 lane roads. You need to have some sense of "racism" or you might hit someone. Everyone simply tolerates it, because nobody wants to "be racist".

    I think what Mad Mat is saying, is that we can't toss collected experience and knowledge out the window because we might be seen as racist. And in some cases, doing so is downright stupid. I mean, its nice to live in the Ivory tower, looking down and proclaiming "All of humanity should live like this, never making negative assumptions or judging each other." Its easy to post from a nice college campus how things should "theoretically" be in the world outside. But this is the real world. The one we actually live in. Go live it - get your hands dirty. Go see. Looking at numbers and percentages online doesn't teach you anything about how it is

    I hold the door for absolutely anyone. I'm polite in person - to everyone. But I'd never park a Lexus on MLK overnight. I can attest from personal experience that if you are white, you're not welcome on MLK to begin with. I'd never buy property on Fulton & Clark. And damn straight I'm on the lookout at Walmart.

    What I won't agree with, is any statement that you shouldn't feel safe if a muslim or black person moved in across the street. If you ALREADY live in a nice neighborhood, the reason they move in is to ALSO live in a nice neighborhood just like you. Neighborhoods can go down hill and they often do as they age. But there's just as many low income white neighborhoods. And if your neighborhood begins to slide, you have the freedom to move out.
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  • posted a message on US Election Day and results thread 2016
    Perhaps consider renaming this thread to accurately reflect what it has become; the daily rant thread.
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