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  • posted a message on MTGSalvation Eternal Masters Prediction Contest - Winner: Zephyr_Scarlet!
    Go big or go home.

    14 Crucible of Worlds
    14 Disenchant
    8 Diabolic Edict
    5 Fact or Fiction
    5 Staff of Domination

    717 Gitaxian Probe
    662 Abrupt Decay
    492 Pyroblast
    443 Thoughtseize
    330 Young Pyromancer
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch Modern Discussion
    Thanks Wizards
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  • posted a message on Current Modern Banlist Discussion (9/28/2015 update - No changes!)
    Thank you Splinter Twin. You have been a valuable partner and an amazing adversary.

    I wonder if ktkenshinx will quit Modern after this. I think he mentionned such a ban as his breaking point. (Please don't quit!)
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  • posted a message on Whole Spoiler Is Up
    At least 14/15 mythics are worth a lot.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Current Modern Banlist Discussion (7/14/2014 - 1/19/2015)
    Quote from K-Delorean »
    I can't even imagine what the Affinity player's logic was. "Hey! We have 2 Thoughtseizes in the board, favorable matchup in games 2 and 3!" Get real.
    You are welcomed to go in the Affinity thread and elaborate on your point of view if you disagree with Affinity's Game 2-3s against Ascendancy Storm. Galvanic Blast, Gut Shot, Whipflare, Dismember, Thoughtseize, Wear // Tear and Ethersworn Canonist are all cards that can give the deck problems and most of these see lots of play in Affinity's sideboard. I have faced Ascendancy Storm in the past and the difficult matches are Game 1s (especially in the dark) and some Game 2-3s where I have no interaction to cast in time.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from Raavana »
    Hey Affinity,

    Non-affinity player here looking for some advice how to increase my post-board match-ups against Affinity.

    Here's the list: tappedout.net/mtg-decks/29-08-14-mono-black-midrange/

    Yeah, I know Mono-Black isn't the most competitive list; nor is it well positioned to do well against an artifact based deck. However, I'd like to see if I could increase my odds post-board to atleast 50-50. The best idea I've got is -1 Pithing Needle, -1 Sudden Death, +2 Drown in Sorrow. I fear 5 sweepers (3 BSZ, 2 Drown in Sorrow) might be too much. Opinions? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks Affinity!

    One great mono-black answer to us is Darkblast.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    There is word going around the net of a new Jeskai Ascendancy storm deck that can consistently combo off on turn 3, and sometimes turn 2. Since the deck breaks the 'turn 4 rule' it can be a problem for the format, and I think we should discuss it just incase it becomes a thing. A few things I have gathered on it are 1) Jeskai Ascendancy is the lynchpin of the deck, which brings me to 2) the deck is more vulnerable to discard than Storm, and 3) killing their mana dorks sets them back.

    Game 1, assuming we don't know what deck our opponent is playing, can prove very difficult. The key is Galvanic Blast, but if you don't have it, you HAVE to go for your fastest kill. Got an Inkmoth Nexus and an Arcbound Ravager? Get ready to sac your board without looking back. We must win turn 3-4-5. If we DO have Galvanic Blast in hand (and the appropriate mana source in play), it becomes slightly less stressful. However, keep in mind they run several mana dorks, so it's more or less buying you one turn. Something else to keep in mind is, assuming they believe we are too fast, they can Glittering Wish for Firespout or Abrupt Decay.

    Game 2 and Game 3 are in our favor because they are more unfair than we are. We get to side out our slow threats like Etched Champion (sure, it can block a very fat Noble Hierarch on the combo turn, but literally everything in our deck can just chump it) and add strong hate like Thoughtseize, Wear // Tear. Whipflare doesn't sound too bad, but it barely misses the kill on Sylvan Caryatid and it's a Sorcery. Gut Shot is an all-star in this matchup because it plows every dork they have (bar the Caryatid) and doesn't force you to leave a red mana open. Dismember can be used as an alternative to Gut Shot if you don't have it in the sideboard.
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  • posted a message on Need help with decks to get people interested in modern.
    These are the six decks I would recommend.

    -Burn (best deck to allow players to dive into an unknown format)

    -UW Control (for those who would rather live long than kill the other fast)

    -Living End (very cool combo deck that isn't too unfun for new players like Splinter Twin or Scapeshift)

    -Kiblers Naya Midrange (one of the greatest luxuries in Modern is the mana base, this should let them enjoy 3-colored decks without proxying BGx/URW decks)

    -Merfolk (lots of players love the idea of tribal decks and this one is no slouch)

    -RG Tron (if they are Commander players, they might like the idea of a deck that Turn 3 Karns often)

    I know you said 8 decks, but these 6 are the best I can think of when restricting budget and representing deck archetypes.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Burn (1/2011 - 11/2015)
    Quote from TylerStegman »
    I would like to mention 2 things I noticed in khans.... twin now has another way to win and it avoids Rakdos charm. Altar of the Brood and affinity got 1 1/2 cards in tomb of the spirit dragon and ghostfire blade I think this officially makes shattering spree better than smash. We simply can't let them gain that kind of life. It wrecks us. And on twin, the just go off and mill us with altar. Any thoughts about those issues. I mean I doubt altar is main board or .aye not even playable in twin but it gets around our Rakdos charm and some other cards. And I think if affinity starts gaining 5+ life, we are in trouble. I was kinda sad to not see anything that really helps us but we did get a big boost out of eidolon?

    Tomb of the Spirit Dragon and Ghostfire Blade will not see play in Affinity (you should check out the Affinity thread for discussion regarding Ghostfire Blade, Hardened Scales and Tomb of the Spirit Dragon), so there is no need to worry about those cards in this particular matchup. I also think Altar of the Brood will not see play in Twin because "going off" just kills you regardless of Altar's presence. Basically, it's flat out win-more. And for the record, in order to mill you, they STILL need to generate like 40 tokens which puts them in Rakdos Charm range. There is nothing to worry about.

    Burn is looking really solid and I embrace its return to Tier 1.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from Skanedog »
    Tomb of the Spirit Dragon has been spoiled for Khan.

    Land - Taps for 1, 2T: gain 1 life for each colourless creature you control.

    Probably to clunky for us but could it be used to keep Burn in check?

    Our landbase is perfect the way it is.

    Darksteel Citadel is an artifact land that synergizes extremely well with the deck.
    Blinkmoth Nexus and Inkmoth Nexus are our answers to boardwipes and decks like BGx who rely on "Destroy target nonland permanent" and "Discard a nonland card" to beat us.
    Glimmervoid is our INVALUABLE any-color mana source that doesn't require any life payment to be effective.
    Island/Mountain is for Path to Exile. If Path to Exile wasn't a thing, this would be a fourth Glimmervoid.

    While this land may appear to synergize well with a colorless creatures deck, Modern Affinity is not one of them because it does not help us achieve our goals (we are an aggro deck, life is a resource and we do not plan to play grindy matches) and it faces serious competition with the other lands in our arsenal. Our plan is to kill our opponent as soon as possible, not to stay alive as long as possible.

    Quote from Hezekai »
    Has anyone considered running Time Sieve?

    There is little to no purpose in running this card. It is very difficult to cast and its activation cost makes our deck useless (if we sacrifice 5 artifacts, we don't have many threats left for us to use the extra turn well). Leave artifact saccing to Arcbound Ravager and Shrapnel Blast.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Not a fan of the card. It only works if you have a Ravager or a non-summoning-sick Steel Overseer in play. It's complete deadweight if you don't get either of those cards and if you do, you should already have a good chance at winning the game. It's pretty much a win-more card.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from DTrain »
    Thoughts on Ensoul Artifact? It might be stretching a little, but I think there is a chance that this card could be playable.
    The biggest issue to this card is finding a spot in the deck. What do we cut?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from nlambino »
    Just been playing this deck for a few weeks and I have a few questions:

    1. When you use blinkmoth's ability to pump another blinkmoth, do you have to tap a different land for mana then use that mana and then tap blinkmoth to use its ability to pump the other blinkmoth? Or just tapping the blinkmoth pumps the other blinkmoth?

    2. Does spreading seas turn-off blinkmoth and inkmoth's ability to become a creature?

    Sorry for my questions and Thanks in advance for the replies Smile
    You must tap the Blinkmoth Nexus and use a seperate mana in order to activate the boost ability on a target Blinkmoth. You need one additionnal mana to activate Blinkmoth Nexus's booster ability.

    Blinkmoth Nexus and Inkmoth Nexus become Islands and therefor cannot become creatures.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Affinity
    Quote from Dyne »
    Round 1 (Melira Pod, Game 1 only):

    Round 2 (Mono Black Infect):
    -3 Shrapnel Blast

    +1 Dismember
    +2 Spellskite

    Round 3 (Bant Pod):
    -3 Shrapnel Blast
    -1 Memnite
    -1 Steel Overseer

    +1 Dismember
    +2 Nature's Claim
    +1 Torpor Orb
    +1 Grafdigger's Cage

    Round 4 (Affinity):
    -3 Shrapnel Blast
    -2 Etched Champion
    -1 Arcbound Ravager

    +2 Ancient Grudge
    +2 Nature's Claim
    +2 Spellskite

    Round 5 (UWR Twin):
    -3 Shrapnel Blast
    -3 Steel Overseer
    -1 Master of Etherium

    +3 Thoughtseize
    +2 Nature's Claim
    +2 Spellskite

    Round 6 (Burn):
    -3 Steel Overseer

    +2 Spellskite
    +1 Relic of Progenitus

    Round 7 (Mono Green Stompy):
    -3 Memnite

    +1 Whipflare
    +2 Spellskite

    Top 8 (Jund):
    -3 Shrapnel Blast
    -3 Memnite

    +3 Thoughtseize
    +2 Spellskite
    +1 Relic of Progenitus

    So the only card I never used all day was Illness in the Ranks, and I feel it's not all that needed against Twin.

    And the reason I would go back to Thoughtcast is that Shrapnel didn't feel as game breaking as it has in other metas, and I'm always changing my list to get a different feel for different cards.

    I will keep you updated on my list as I do testing for other events and GP Boston.
    I got a question regarding Ancient Grudge. Is it really necessary to run 2 of those alongside 2 Nature's Claim? I know it helps with the mirror, but does it really do anything else? Also, what happened to Spell Pierce? I thought it was one of our strongest sideboard tech alongside Thoughtseize.
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