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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    Deadline is in 1,5 hours from now. If no majority is reached, the Day will end in no lynch.
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    Votecount 1.8

    CropCircles42 (4): ZeDorkSlipeur, Prophylaxis, Ampharos, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry
    ZeDorkSlipeur (3): Highroller, Silvercrys3467, CropCircles42
    Vaimes (1): cayvie
    Cayvie (1): Grapefruit21
    Prophylaxis (1): xX_WakeMeUp1337_Xx
    TheRealStinkyJoeTerry (1): Vaimes

    Not voting: Axelrod

    Deadline is today, 7pm GMT+1; 6 hours, 40 minutes from this post.
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    A 36 hour extension has been granted.
    The New deadline is Sunday, September 20, 7PM, GMT+1
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    Quote from cayvie »
    sup nerds

    As of that post, Cayvie replaced Jackrito Smile
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    About the votecounter: both missed votes have the same issue. Please don’t use line breaks in between a vote and an unvote. A space does work. Or simply don’t unvote Smile
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    Please let me know in your private Discord channels if you prefer to (not) get a deadline extension due to the multiple replacements.
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    xX_Wakemeup1337_Xx replaces Dkingsland. Please don’t discuss the circumstances of replacements.

    Jackrito requested replacement.
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    Votecount 1.6

    CropCircles42 - 2 (ZeDorkSlipeur, Jackrito)
    ZeDorkSlipeur - 2 (Highroller, Silvercrys3467)
    Jackrito - 2 (Grapefruit21, Vaimes)
    Vaimes - 1 (Prophylaxis)
    Grapefruit21 - 1 (dkingsland967)
    dkingsland967 - 1 (CropCircles42)
    Not Voting - 3 (Ampharos, Axelrod, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry)

    The votecount is created with Eco's vote counter. If your vote isn't counted, please revote.

    Day 1 Deadline is September 19, 7:00 AM GMT+1

    Dkingsland967 has requested replacement.
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    As of this post, Ampharos replaces Rodemy. Please don’t discuss the circumstances of replacements.
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    mod notice
    Please bold your vl/a’s and / or notify me on discord in your private channel.
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    Votecount 1.3

    ZeDorkSlipeur (3): Rodemy, CropCircles42, Highroller
    Prophylaxis (2): Dkingsland967, Silvercrys3467
    CropCircles42 (2): ZeDorkSlipeur, Prophylaxis
    dkingsland (1): Grapefruit21
    Axelrod (1): Vaimes
    Highroller (1): Jackrito

    Not voting: Axelrod, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    votecount 1.1

    ZeDorkSlipeur (3): silvercrys3467, Rodemy, Dkingsland967
    TheRealStinkyJoeTerry (1): Grapefruit21
    Vaimes (1): Prophylaxis
    Grapefruit21 (1): ZeDorkSlipeur

    Not voting: Jackrito, Vaimes, Axelrod, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry, Highroller, CropCircles42

    Please let me know if I made any mistakes!
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day
    The seven dwarves are still crying when Kip and Chip jump down from a tree branch onto Snow White’s casket to bid her a final respect. Wet from the dwarves’ tears, the casket proves too slippery for Kip. The chipmunk slides off the casket and hits the forest floor with a soft thud. Not being able to control his emotions, Chip bursts out in inappropriate laughter. All heads turn his way. “That must be the culprit!”, one of the dwarves yells. “Can’t be, too small”, another one says. “You’re small too. That doesn’t mean anything!” a third voice cries out. And so the bickering begins.

    Votecount 1.0
    Not voting: silvercrys3467, ZeDorkSlipeur, Rodemy, Prophylaxis, Jackrito, Vaimes, Dkingsland967, Grapefruit21, Axelrod, TheRealStinkyJoeTerry, Highroller, CropCircles42

    You may now post.
    Deadline is 10 days from now, September 19, 7:00 AM GMT+1
    Day 1 Deadline
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day

    This game will work using Discord.
    Join the discord channel here and you will be assigned your role.
    If your discord username is different than your username here, then please let me know.

    Game will start when all players have their roles.

    Votecount 1.0
    Votecount 1.1
    Votecount 1.2
    Votecount 1.3
    Votecount 1.4
    Votecount 1.5
    Votecount 1.6
    Votecount 1.7
    Votecount 1.8
    Votecount 1.9
    Votecount 1.10
    Final Day 1 Votecount

    Votecount 2.1
    Votecount 2.2

    Votecount 3.1
    Final Day 3 Votecount
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  • posted a message on Snow White Mafia - Day 5 - A sad day

    Snow White Mafia

    A 12-player Mafia game created by Rhand
    Reviewed by Ecophagy and osieorb18
    Co-hosted by Bur

    Kip and Chip happened to sit on the roof of the dwarves’ cottage when an old hag knocks on the door and Snow White opens.

    Old Hag: All alone, my pet?
    Snow White: Why yes, yes I am, but...
    Old Hag: The, the little men are not here?
    Snow White: No, they're not.
    Old Hag: Uh. Mmmm. Makin' pies?
    Snow White: Yes, gooseberry pie.
    Old Hag: It's apple pies that make the men folks' mouths water. Pies made from apples like these (holding out the red apple)
    Snow White: Oh, they do look delicious.
    Old Hag: Yes. But wait till you taste one, dearie. (laughter) Like to try one, hmm? Go on. Go on. Have a bite.

    Snow White falls to the floor, the image of her hand extended as the bitten apple rolls on the floor. She faints into a sleeping death, locked in a deep sleep only the kiss of love can break. The old hag is jubilant with cackling laughter as lightning flashes: "Now I'll be fairest in the land."

    Quickly the chipmunks rush to the mines to warn the seven dwarves. The dwarves run to the cottage, followed by all the animals of the forest. Arriving at the cottage, they discover the seemingly lifeless body of Snow White.
    Weeping, the dwarves pick up their friend’s body and put her in a glass casket in the forest.
    The dwarves and their animal friends swear they will not rest until they find the ones responsible for this.

    Welcome to Snow White mafia, a medium-complexity MINI for 12 players.

    3. Rodemy r. Ampharos
    4. Prophylaxis
    11. Highroller

    In a coma:
    2. ZeDorkSlipeur, Turtle, Town Vanilla - Lunched Day 1
    7. Dkingsland967 r. xX_WakeMeUp1337_Xx, Dopey, Town Vanilla - Didn't wake up Night 1
    12. CropCircles42, The Queen, Mafia Rolecop - Yeeted Day 2
    10. TheRealStinkyJoeTerry, White Horse, Town Targeted Angel - Died Night 2
    5. Jackrito r. Cayvie r. Sir Chris - The Mirror on the Wall, Mafia targeted Mirror - Yeeted Day 3
    6. Vaimes, Bashful, Town Vanilla - Succumbed to poison Day 3
    9. Axelrod, Prince Charming, town Jack of all Trades - Fainted Night 3
    1. silvercrys3467, Sneezy, Town Vanilla - Executed Day 4
    8. Grapefruit21, Happy, Town Neighborizer - Stopped laughing Night 4

    Regular game rules (Adapted from rules by Shadowlancerx who adapted them from Silvercrys'):
    Boring Stuff:
    0: I am the game host, which means I am the final arbiter of role interactions and game rule infringements. I will never lie or intentionally mislead you. If you have a problem with a ruling I make please shelve it until post game. To the best of my and my reviewer(s)’ knowledge this is not a b@stard game.

    1: Mafia is a game, we’re here to have fun. Please be respectful of your fellow players. Sometimes emotions run high and we get caught up in the moment. That is not an excuse for flaming or poor sportsmanship. I will be very strict on this front; regardless of whether you initiate or retaliate.

    2: When generating (or faking, as applicable) reads, please do not use angleshooting or out of game knowledge to the best of your ability. This means do not use the timing, reasons, or order of substitutions and modkills to influence others, do not use the timing or phrasing of role PMs to influence others, do not make alignment bets with out of game consequences, do not speculate on reason for replacement, and do not use “trust tells” or similar. This list is not exhaustive.

    3: If you have a question about your role or a rules interaction, please use your Discord channel. I will not answer questions posed to me in the game thread other than questions about vote counts or deadlines. If you raise a question that needs addressing to the entire game (regarding a special rule or similar) I will anonymize your question and announce the answer.

    4: Do not talk about this game outside of this thread and discord links or PMs given to you in your role PM or approved by me. Please ensure I am copied on PMs sent to other players. This is a modkillable offense.

    5: No funny business. Do not use invisible text, cryptography, tiny writing, hidden messages, acronym/alphabet claims, or similar. This is a modkillable offense.

    6: Do not directly quote your role PM or any private communications (Discord, etc.) when posting in the main game thread. This includes mason chats and scum chats. Please paraphrase - if you are in doubt, ask me before posting! This is a modkillable offense.

    7: Do not edit, delete, or thank posts. Even if it’s an accidental double post. This is a modkillable offense.

    8: Please post content at least once every 48 hours. Content is, of course, subjective, but “Posting to avoid prod,” “catching up,” or similar short not-really-game-related posts are obviously not content. If you need to be absent for an extended period of time please post “V/LA until [Date]” in bold on its own line in the thread so that I and the other players know when you’ll be back. You do not need to explain your reasons for being absent in thread. If you will be gone for more than four or five days you should consider requesting replacement.

    9: Do not publicly accuse others of rule breaking/cheating. If you believe someone has broken one or more of these rules, message me directly.

    10: You are responsible for following all forum and subforum rules and guidelines. Forum-wide rules are available here, and our subforum specific Mafia rules are in the Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules thread (spoilered here for convenience):
    -Game Limit-
    Players may participate in only three games at any given time. An exception to this rule can be made by moderators in need of a replacement for a game, if no other replacement can be found.

    If you no longer wish to participate in a game for any reason, contact the moderator. Do NOT attempt to force the moderator to modkill you.

    -Current Game Discussion-
    A player in an ongoing game may not discuss that game with any other player in that game, or in public forums. Also, it is a good idea to ask permission before discussing the game with anyone outside the game, because they can no longer replace into the game once any meaningful discussion takes place.

    Unless explicitly authorized by the game moderator in their opening rules section, cryptoclaims are forbidden.

    -Out-of-game Promises-
    Players may not use out-of-game promises (example: I swear on my grandmother's life, I bet you my entire collection of magic cards, etc.) in an effort to influence other players.

    -Multiple Players On One Account-
    "Hydra" accounts - multiple people playing and posting as one player with shared access to the "gimmick" account, are not allowed unless they have prior approval from the specific game Moderator. Please do not do this on your own.

    -Traitor/Alignment Switching Roles-
    Game moderators are strongly encouraged to be extraordinarily careful if they seek to include a traitor role in their designs. These roles are notorious for causing games to implode, for creating fairness concerns, and for the challenge they pose to the town's behavioral analysis. (See Discussion in Council Thread, Post 3351, onwards.)
    Please note that bold red text is permitted by non-moderators in this subforum for town/scum lists, game host actions, and similar. Just don’t use it excessively.
    TL;DR: Be excellent to each other, post something substantial every 48 hours, ask me questions in private when possible, don’t edit or delete posts unless your role explicitly allows it, no funny business involving cryptography, etc. and... have fun, that’s the whole point.

    All day phases will have a deadline equal to 10 days, scaling down as the number of players in the game decreases. I strongly encourage you to plan on attempting to secure a lynch threshold 24 hours before the actual deadline. This is not a rule, but a measure you as players can take to prevent unwanted no lynches that often cause the game to stagnate.

    Night phases will last for as close to 48 hours as I can manage, but the deadline for night actions will be 47 hours so I can open the thread promptly when Day begins.

    I will post the deadline and approximate time remaining until the deadline at start of day and when I post official vote counts. I will PM players with unsubmitted night actions 24 hours before the action deadline as a reminder.

    Players will be lynched once a simple majority of votes for that player is achieved (i.e. Majority lynch).
    There will likely be some amount of time (twilight) between the final lynch vote and the lynch scene. Players may post during twilight.
    If a majority lynch is not achieved by the deadline, no lynch will occur.

    Order of Operations:
    The short version is, stuff works the way you probably expect it to work. If you have a question about a specific interaction, PM me and I will explain in general terms how it would resolve.

    Other Role Stuff:
    • You cannot self-target unless your role PM specifies otherwise.
    • [Active] abilities must be manually activated each time you wish to use them (i.e. you need to PM me, preferably with the intended activation in bold). These abilities can be tracked, roleblocked, and redirected unless otherwise specified.
    • [Passive] abilities are always active and cannot be tracked, roleblocked or redirected.
    • Active abilities with a limited number of shots will expend a shot when activated even if they fail to resolve. Passive abilities with a limited number of shots will automatically expend shots when used.
    • Killing a player does not prevent them from using night actions or being targeted by other night actions.
    • The Mafia Factional Night Kill is an [Active] ability and can be tracked, roleblocked, redirected, etc.
    • There is a limit of one night action per player per night. The Mafia Factional Night Kill does not count towards this limit.

    I might be using Ecophagy’s vote counter to total your votes.
    Therefor, I ask that the following voting rules still be adhered to.

    Creating vote counts will be trivial for me (and you!) with this tool, however it places some restrictions on the ways you can vote.

    The current voting rules are:
    • Make sure your votes are bolded. Please keep nicknames reasonable.
    • Unvotes must stand alone (instead of using "unvote: player X", simply use “unvote”).
    • A player cannot vote and then afterwards unvote in the same post (the program looks for unvotes before votes).
    • Do not use extraneous punctuation in your vote. A single “:” after the word “vote” is permissible but not required.
    • You must have a space between the word "vote" and the name of the player you wish to vote. If you use a colon, the space must appear after the colon. Ex.: [b]Vote shadowlancerx[/b] or [b]Vote: shadowlancerx[/b]
    • You cannot use italics or colors when voting unless you make the bold tags the innermost tags. Ex: [color=blue][b]Vote: shadowlancerx[/b][/color]
    • I do encourage you to color your votes though!
    • Do not put extra spaces between your vote and the bold tags. This kills the vote.
    • If your vote was not counted, simply vote again. “Incorrect” vote counts will not be altered unless I determine they were uncounted due to an error in the program.
    • If you accidentally break quote tags that contain someone else's vote, your vote will be changed by the machine and you will need to revote.
    In general, if you vote using the player’s full name and only type “[b]vote playername[/b]” your vote will be counted.

    You can generate your own vote counts by downloading the tool here. Note that the “nicknames” field is a comma delineated list that will work incorrectly if you use spaces after the commas.

    Victory Conditions:
    A faction (Town/Mafia) will win when all threats to their team are eliminated, or if nothing can prevent that from happening.

    Game-specific rules and some highlights from the regular rules:
    • You will need to join my Discord channel for this game
    • The mafia factional kill can be used alongside another action
    • Mafia has day chat
    • Mafia has fake claims
    • If you get redirected, you will be told you are redirected but not to whom unless your ability would give information about that player.
    • Day phases last 10 days and Night phases last 48 hours. Deadline for sending in night actions is 47 hours. I might shorten the phase lengths when the game progresses.
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