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    Full games:

    [Basic #71] Unseen University Mafia (Raging Levine) Perfect Mafia Win - Mafia
    [Normal] Famous Historical Figures Mafia (The Cold Monarch) Town Win - Town Tracker
    [Specialty] The Legend of Lucian Mafia (Iso) Mafia Win - Town avenger
    [League] Chime Mafia (Guardman) Town Win - Town Cop
    [Normal/League] WWE Mafia (Void) Town Win - Town Watcher
    [Specialty] The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Mafia (DRey) Mafia Win - Town Jailer
    [Mini] Dr. Polyotpicon's Transcendental Orchestra Mafia (Cantripmancer) Town & Cult Win - Town vanilla
    [Normal/League] Apocalypse Mafia (Toastboy) Town win - Town Gravedigger

    Win: 6 (5 Town - 1 Mafia)
    Loss: 2 (2 Town)

    Replaced into:

    [Basic #70] Innistrad Mafia (DRey & Prophylaxis) Mafia Win - Town weak doctor
    [Basic #74] MTG Salvation Mafia (Tanarin) Mafia Win - Town vanilla
    [Mini] Vanilla Mafia 2 (creampuffeater) Mafia Win - Town vanilla
    [Basic #77] Porn Star Mafia (Seppel) Town Win - Town vanilla
    [Mini] Empire of Astarte Mafia (The Most Curious Thing) Mafia & Survivors Win - Mafia
    [Mini] Futurama (EtR) - Mafia Win - Town vanilla

    Win: 2 (1 Town - 1 Mafia)
    Loss: 4 (4 Town)


    Win as town: 6
    Loss as town: 6
    Win as mafia: 2
    Loss as mafia: 0


    [Mini] Drury Lane Mafia (Sir Karn) - flipped
    [Basic #81] The Walking Dead Mafia (AsianInvasion) - alive
    [Basic #82] Hayate The Combat Butler (Pikachugundam) - replacement / alive
    [Mini] Pleasantville Mafia (Arnnaria) - replacement / flipped
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