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  • posted a message on Mafia Universe Championships [Season 8]
    We definitely should join. It’s a lot of fun (but a huge time investment).
    I nominate anyone who feels like joining really, we don’t have any bad players in our playerbase Grin
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  • posted a message on Should We Stay or Should We Go
    If you consider this your new home, then it is your new home and you have just as much say as anyone else here Smile
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  • posted a message on Feelgood 80's Movie Mafia - Game Over: The Power of the Dark Side
    Well played Jack. Not a soul suspected you when they came into spec chat.

    I feel for ZDS. He’s becoming a popular final mislynch Frown
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  • posted a message on Cross-community Event (MU partner community try-out) - Tarot Mafia
    Tarot Mafia is a game designed by yours truly, hosted at the CfC partner community on MU.
    It's an open role madness setup for 12 players, reviewed by Cantripmancer who thinks the setup is totally awesome.
    The goal is to have 6 MTGS players and 6 CfC players.
    It's a good opportunity to try out the MU software and get a feel for how it is to be a partner community there.

    Please sign up here!
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  • posted a message on Should We Stay or Should We Go
    Ah, CFC already has a partner community subforum I think, so that could work, yeah

    I don't necessarily want to poach a game from their queue/players, though, you know what I mean? Lol

    Well it should end up as a mix of players I guess. They’re going to be cool with that.
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  • posted a message on Should We Stay or Should We Go
    I'm pretty sure I have hosting permissions for the modbot on MU already from when I was playing turbos... I could host Marson or something over there in the invitational subforum since I'm fairly familiar with the software on both sites already (may need permission from Amy or somebody to actually host a game though, not 100 on how the invitational subforum works)

    If we go chronologically through the queue though the next two games are Osie's still in sign ups and... probably? a normal? Except Osie and Cantrip are the next two normals lol, if Rodemy is still around ( Hi! ) he could host his maybe

    I designed an open setup that is being reviewed by Cantrip (and maybe Osie) that will be hosted by Ace Marvel (CfC). I can ask him to host it on MU instead of CfC.
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    Quote from Killjoy »

    @Rhand: Now that youy're caught up: reads list?

    Can't do that without crumbing where my vest will go.
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  • posted a message on Feelgood 80's Movie Mafia - Game Over: The Power of the Dark Side
    * I still see nothing in the Ignoramus thing. He wrongly assumed he was a total newbie, talked to him as such, realized his mistake and that’s it. The town read he got out of it should have been a NAI read, but Eco admits that it’s a weak read, which is fine for early game.
    * I totally agree on his take-away from Jack’s first big post.
    * The Terraine read in #286 is a humongous fence sit, but I like how he shows his thought process
    * His recent stance on Jackrito is very strange and going from “I would still vote on a Jackrito wagon” to putting him in his town reads in the next post is the first thing I can not follow his thought process on.
    * If I understand correctly, he’s voting me out of pure paranoia, which is a pretty bad reason to vote someone.

    Reading his iso, it bugs me that he flipped his view on Jackrito. His original take-away on Jack’s post was one of the main reasons I thought he was town.
    I still feel like he’s very open in explaining his thought processes, which is very hard to do as mafia.

    @Eco: can you explain again why you think Jackrito is town and how you went from wanting to vote him to placing him there?
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    Quote from Jackrito »
    [quote from="Rhand »" url="/forums/community-forums/mafia/820307-feelgood-80s-movie-mafia-day-1-a-galaxy-very-very?comment=657"][quote from="Jackrito »" url="/forums/community-forums/mafia/820307-feelgood-80s-movie-mafia-day-1-a-galaxy-very-very?comment=601"][quote from="Killjoy »" url="/forums/community-forums/mafia/820307-feelgood-80s-movie-mafia-day-1-a-galaxy-very-very?comment=598"]
    This is true just double checked, I missed the mistake and his apology, my bad there it just puts him more down my list and more reason to pressure him. My whole read on you is not based on that one thing either, really not sure why so many people just say my reads are based off one thing only.

    I stand by the rest of my big post you can't just throw it away as me mis rep you.In the early game you were doing nothing but complain and you did link Axel and Lagoon together your main push on Axel appears to be because of him copying Lagoon. Lagoon himself had a big argument with you about this. Your vote on Sloth and Lagoon do not feel like scum hunting more just being forced into one and the other being LHF.

    I did not do the bolded. It's the opposite: I said they're not together from the start. You're completely misreading that argument. It's about me thinking they are NOT together and still having them both as scum leans.
    About Sloth: how do you hunt someone that isn't here? He doesn't even respond to things asked from him.
    Lagoon... make of that what you wish. I still think he's a hit.
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  • posted a message on Feelgood 80's Movie Mafia - Game Over: The Power of the Dark Side
    Ok, finally completely caught up.

    Vote: Jackrito

    @ZDS I will try to get an Eco reread in.
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    Quote from Jackrito »
    Quote from Killjoy »
    I mean, I didn't miss a post, did I?

    It looks to me like you were indifferent toward Rhand's wagon in facor of something happening, then you agreed with ZDS that he might be town for a reason, then one of your scumreads made points about them being scum (which didn't appear to affect your read on that scumread) now you're scumreading Rhand because of the points HR made plus a whole bunch more that weren't hinted at before 569, and now you're hardreading him over Igno and HR for reasons.

    Just because I'm scumreading someone I'm not going to ignore their posts because like I just said I can be wrong, it was a good point by HR one of the only ones I think he had. It bothers me how he has not done anything with it though and just stays on Ter.

    On the first point I'm indifferent because that is early in the day, and nothing has happened and it got things moving like we all were. I don't think anyone should be seriously committed to a wagon that early, this game has a lot of moving parts and people. I semi agreed with ZDS yet again this is early in the day before Rhand did anything really wrong. He was on the lower end for me sure from memory but not done enough for me to commit to a full scum read,. The 2nd part of D is the reference to me going to do something from my Notes On Rhand which I did in 569.

    I'm hard reading him over Igno and HR for compromise unless you want me to just sit on a wagon by myself end of day. HR and Igno also lack heavily in content so semi giving them both a pass for today to see if tomorrow brings better content. I can't get a execute on someone in this game by myself. So I'm going to go with the one who has the most scummy content which Rhand does compared to the other 2 and also the one who is least likely to succeed. Igno and HR are tunnels/ gut reads. Rhand is the one that comes with most damning evidence and also the one that my bigger town reads also agree with. So they are multiple factors that make them the right choice today for me.

    The bolded: go back to HR's post, look at what he wrote, look at my reaction to that and later WATCH HIM APOLOGISE FOR HIS MISTAKE.
    Seriously, what the ****?
    You based your whole read on me on a mistake and then you make a big ass post full of misreps.
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    Quote from Jackrito »
    On Rhand I find his level of play this game frusateing they is little real scum hunting. They is a lot of complaints and being over defensive though. He starts off with a early defend of Eco,to Ter which is one of the more consistent parts of his play. After that he mainly complains about nothing happening and wants others to do his work for him.

    Wants others to do my work for me? Where did you get that idea from?

    I honestly expect a lot more I'm not the best at this, but I was able to give early thoughts off little content. Which I get attacked for because he thinks I have to many scum reads so early. Which is a bit insane to me since in my mind everyone starts off null then goes up and down. I like to try and make a small town core for day one to help me narrow down a POE which I did. His critic of this feels like he wants no scum hunting and game not to move forward.

    I can’t find anything that triggers me and in you come with a list where you have suspicions on half the game. Yes, that’s suspicious.

    I see him as overly defensive to Eco when they tell him he had to do things not just complain. I found his reaction to being voted as a bit nervous, even though he calls them naked votes. It feels a bit like a failed gambit telling people to vote him but never expecting them to.

    It’s frustration you were seeing there. I was frustrated that I couldn’t get a grip.
    I did expect people to vote me. I just expected content with the votes, and there wasn’t any.

    Next we have his main and only real scum hunting which is weak imo but perhaps I'm biased because of my own Lagoon view. I feel like he was trying to hard to force a world narrative that Lagoon has TMI in his town reads on Axel me and ZDS. Which bothers me because of the whole town core thing day one I said before.

    I don’t understand at all what you’re saying here.

    The whole buddy buddy thing over axel copying Lagoon readlist but no buddy would do that anyway is weird and a contradiction since he sees them as buddies but not at the same time.

    Buddying =/= calling people buddies.

    I'm not sure why Ter is so low in his readlist,since he never talks about them. Sloth turns into one of his main side pushs but is null in his early read list so feels a bit forced. I also feel like he has Lagoon so low for petty reasons and being forced onto voting him because of their conflict rather then actual belief Lagoon is scum. His constant linking with Axel is also strange.

    I am not linking with Axel. Are you even reading my posts?

    He tries to fix sone of this in his 429 to Eco which tbh feels like a big pocket attempt and trying to nudge Eco to vote with him on me to a degree. The whole last part about ego scum read them being paranoia and the back down on Vaimes feels like appeasement rather then his own beliefs because he knows how much danger he is in .

    What so I’m pocketing Eco by taking back my town lean on him? How does that work?

    We also have a whole thing at one point when Sloth and Eco are leading wagons that he would vote Sloth because he thinks Eco wagon is unpure which is pointed at Axel and lagon at the time. My main issue here is his reason for Sloth over Eco should be because he sees Eco as town like his readlist shows, the other reason used here feels like he forgot his townread and just trying to force the Lagoon Axel narrative again.

    Terraine was on that Eco wagon too.
    I didn’t “forget” my Eco read. But you’re making it stronger than it was. I gave a list full of leans. I wasn’t sold on anything.

    Overall he is missing a wider picture and seems too focused on Lagoon and Axel not because he scum reads them but more he is forced to. This is also not townie because he is not compromisein on a execute . He is just trying to force a agenda while appeasing others and lacking consistency in reads out of those 2. He clearly sees me as bad but never fully pushs it but keeps, it more as a backup option. He knows others feel the same and can use it to save himself. His recent push on Sloth feels in a similar Vein not scum hunting more having escape plans. A push on Ter and Axel has never really happened off him either. He just mentions Axel a lot and like said before not sure why Ter low.

    Yes I was forced by Lagoon to keep talking about Lagoon and Axel. And I do scumread Lagoon. Why are you assuming I’m not? Axel… I don’t know. Definitely not with Lagoon.
    Not compromising on an execute you say? Your last bit was about me compromising on Sloth.
    I’m keeping my eye on Ter, but she’s definitely not someone I want to lynch toDay. Sloth hasn’t posted anything but fluff. He can die.

    I also find how he light defends Igno and HR early and giving them free passes compared to Sloth weird also but I know that is my biased coming through lol.

    Igno and HR were null early game. When I see someone push something that is NAI, I will say so.

    So like I said before he is the right choice,today because lack of scum hunting more self pres options and a lack of consistency at times.

    What you wrote here consists for the largest part of you misreading my posts and misrepresenting my thoughts.
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  • posted a message on Feelgood 80's Movie Mafia - Game Over: The Power of the Dark Side
    Quote from Jackrito »

    Atm though my reads are not that different. I'm semi doubling down on my Eco town read even though it goes aganist what I said eariler about voting there. I thought about it and can't really explain right now, but I don't see their work this game as scum like espically their giant post on everyone. Slso hen two big egos clash like them and Ter in my exp it os normally town also. People who strongly scummy ad me early and push it non stop are normally town also. I know my play can annoy people and will scumread me for it. So I have no intrest in voting them today.

    I also changed my mind on Sloth and think they are town for dumb reasons. He is annoying me this game sure with being so little impact. I think this is more likely to come from his town play though. As scum I would expect him to try more out of respect to team. Only tine I saw him as scum he was the driving force of his team. I don't think he is the type to low effort when in a small team. You all know him better though do could be wrong.

    I'm also accepting that I'm likely wrong on High roller, and will vote elsewhere later. Multiple people have told me now this is NAI.

    This leaves me with Igno Axel Rhand and Grape. When free later I intend to look at them in more detail. I'm not saying all are scum but I don't see any as town right now.

    Sloth’s low impact can easily mean his team is not in trouble and he doesn’t need to be a driving force. It’s a weak townclear, but I do get where it comes from.
    Your HR read doesn’t make him town. It makes him NAI. Why isn’t he not in the list of “people you don’t see as town”?

    Quote from ignoramus »

    My reason for changing my mind on Axel was because of a read someone else made - apparently if Axel starts to give out some good analysis about mid-D1 he's much more likely to be town. I'm still not so sure on this read someone else made, because he seems to be pretty experienced so this may ops till be in his woof-range, but I'm willing to sheep the read someone made on him.

    As for Eco, I'm gonna be really hypocritical but the assumptions he's made wrt to me are worse than mine by quite a margin. Those kid gloves are kinda Fry because of how he went along with that string of posts he made, similar to how many woofs would go "okayI asked about this now my work here is done."

    It’s strange that you say “someone” here. Doesn’t it matter to you who makes a meta read for you to believe the meta read?

    Quote from Ecophagy »

    Quote from Rhand »
    Quote from TerRaine »
    Goo literally asked him to

    Huh he did.
    I guess Vaimes / Eco is never a thing now.
    I can’t parse this. Creating a whole world view around someone asking him to ignore certain facts is un-Eco. For both alignments. It’s too compliant.

    I wasn't exactly building a whole world around it, it's more that I was trying to make a read list with self-awareness that as the focual point of the game lots of people are wrong and it's natural to want to scum read them. I'd have made a list like that anwyay at some point, but gooLagoon asking me to motivated me to stop worrying that my reads are crap and just churn it out. I was trying to be objective, not ignore facts.

    There's also a more prosaic reason for voting you - no-one is interested in TerRaine or Jack wagons, so I might as well vote the read I have which other people might care about. If that changes, my vote most likely would as well.

    I would argue that looking into why people vote you is objective, but fair I guess.

    Quote from ZeDorkSlipeur »
    • Looking back at Rhand's reads, the only thing justifying his scumlean on Axel is "Axel just agreeing with Vaimes’ readslist without adding any input feels like buddying". On the other hand he dedicates an entire paragraph to Goo. So his scumlean on Axel is not merely weaker than the one on Goo, it's so much weaker it doesn't make sense to have them on the same level and to let such a fuss happen about it. (I stand by my previous observation that it would be more coherent for scum-Rhand to avoid this situation, but this still needs clarifying.)

    Also I still question his town-read on Eco. "Eco has thought processes that are easy to follow and make a lot of sense" is obviously a controversial opinion.

    I had no strong reads when I made that list.
    Goo was lower on my scum leans than Axel for a reason. But Axel’s post was scummy enough not to put him in the nulls and Goo wasn’t scummy enough to make him a category lower than leans.
    The fuss about it: I have no idea how to avoid that. Goo kept pusing on it. And after all that, apparently you still think it worth asking for clarification, so you want even more fuss about it?

    You question my town read on Eco? Where is your question?

    Quote from Grapefruit21 »
    Quote from Ecophagy »
    @Grapefruit: Since you're living inside my head can you talk to me with Rhand. Do you see what I see or is it entirely paranoia?

    I don't think it's entirely paranoia but I think it's something so idiosyncratic to your slot to be almost useless to the broader game even if we're town reading you. Yes he could be trying to pocket you by aligning his reads with yours, while not attempting to save you. That is a possibility but it implies he's scum and not with the people pushing you which requires both the belief that you're town and Ter is town and then needs to be willing to read him on his actions in that world.

    I'm at you being town and I feel better about Ter after your interactions with her today but I'm not ready to then make reads based on what scum would be doing in that world.

    There is also the problem of what's Rhand's plan in that world. Yes it tracks but pocketing you while letting you die isn't exactly a great utility to him. And he could set up pushes on your town wagon without trying to get you on his side (because who looks at dead villagers posts after all?).

    Aren’t you voting me because you agree with Eco’s view?

    Quote from Axelrod »
    Working all day today and tomorrow. Which isn't leaving a lot of time for this.

    I had an idea that the next thing I was going to micro-over-analyze was Vaimes and Rhand and this argument of whether Rhand can scumlean two people who he also thinks aren't scumbuddies, but that is probably going to have to wait.

    This is the second time you say you’re going to talk about me but you don’t. Are you avoiding confrontation with me?

    HR has a very wide scope in #490. That’s very different from his tunnel in the game that just finished.
    @HR do you have a game where you were mafia that you can link?

    Quote from TerRaine »
    I don't have major tells against him. I have paranoia.

    Thing is I know he's a good player as either alignment. As of now he seems to be coasting and hedgy.

    If he's town, he's not really adding much to our roster and I just don't see much drive to kick it into gear. The info from his flip gives us more than his play has been

    If he's scum, we don't really WANT him to kick it into gear.

    It would be one thing if he wasn't present (See: Sloth) but he is and there's just not much there to work with.

    Also I wasn't a fan of the whole...

    Rhand: Hey wagon me!

    Goo/Me/someone else?: Ok.

    Rhand: ....well....not like that!

    In the end...either we hit scum or we misyeet and have a flip and have a wagon to examine and starting point

    He's the few. We the many.

    But I'm happier I think with Axel

    This post is all kinds of terrible. She doesn’t scumread me here, she wants an info lynch.

    Quote from Ecophagy »
    I know you and I are trying this "being less antagonistic towards each other" thing but I really hate that your second top vote is because 1) he might be scum and that would be scary late game and 2) iNfORmaTioN. Yes, yes, I'm oversimplifying, but it stinks as a reason to vote because toMorrow you can shrug your shoulders and say "well too bad".

    Eco sees it too. That’s good.

    Quote from Grapefruit21 »
    Quote from Ecophagy »

    My main point is Rhand would benefit from being right about me AND get a headstart on attacking people voting me so it looks more organic (maybe that's why he started with least-likely-to-succeed-D1-target gooLagoon???). It's a good point that that makes it difficult to fit a scum team into the space around peopel trying to kill me, but I guess we can't work that out anyway without some bodies.

    Vote: Rhand
    the more I think about this the more I think it's actually a decent reason to scum read Rhand. And the PoE narrowness isn't as bad as I thought. It's just like Ter and Eco are town and Axel looks a lot better.

    Oh here is that vote. I’m not the only one townreading Eco though. Why would this apply to me and not anyone else that calls Eco town?

    Sloth has popped in several times now and still hasn’t explained his vote. @Sloth explain your vote?

    Quote from Axelrod »
    Okay, this post.
    Quote from Rhand »
    Quote from gooLagoon »
    Other general, scattered thoughts [mostly from this page]--

    Maintaining my TerRaine townread. Based off memory alone, she's one of the few trying to squeeze content out of this gif-infested thread.

    Highroller/Ecophagy/Rhand team? A little less sure on Rhand, because no one has really been attacked for the naked vote there.

    I neither like nor believe Highroller's vote on TerRaine. Lots of charged and overly-dramatic language, which makes me doubt that Highroller doesn't know Ecophagy's alignment.

    I think Jackrito is town. His early rambly wall feels genuine, and he's already sticking his neck out more than he did in his last scumgame. That Ecophagy was calling people out for liking Jackrito makes me even more sure he's town. Small nitpick, but I could see a world where scum!Jackrito is buddying me due to my claim, but other slots' reactions to Jackrito makes me doubt that world.

    I don't think I have any stronger opinions elsewhere. I'd like to see more serious reads/votes/content from Slothful and Grapefruit. Axelrod gets a minor pass from me because I never know how to townread his Day 1 play.

    This post keeps bugging me. Not just that word “townread”, which following his explanation should still be “read”; it seems like he knows Axel is town and is looking for a reason to start townreading him.
    But also that Jackrito read. That Jackrito post had way too much suspicion in it for the content that was in thread at that point. I don’t understand how you can arrive to a town clear there.
    Same for ZDS and Axel to a degree, but Vaimes goes for a town clear here, which is very premature.

    Axel just agreeing with Vaimes’ readslist without adding any input feels like buddying. Axel/Vaimes not a thing probably because just quoting a buddy’s readslist and saying “I agree” seems like something mafia doesn’t do.

    I think Eco and KJ are town. Eco has thought processes that are easy to follow and make a lot of sense.
    And KJ is doing his usual thing where he questions everything.

    Quote from gooLagoon »
    Quote from Killjoy »
    This appears to be it.

    Is he scum because you're townreading Ter and he's voting him? And I wouldn't be surprised if the overly dramatic language is just how he talks. He's made one post that fits that description so far.

    You think he's chainsawing Eco?
    A little of A, a little of B.

    I think he's scum because his view of her play feels incredibly warped, and I don't like how uber-protective of Ecophagy he is. It does not look like it's coming from an early Day 1 villager.

    Even though I have stronger scumreads on him and Ecophagy, I'd like to tease out Rhand's alignment. I don't really buy the "boo hoo I don't know what to do" song and dance from him. He can do literally anything to throw people in a tizzy and get content going. Right now he can comment on Jackrito's wall, Highroller's vote and defense + TerRaine's response, ZDS' general mannerisms, my claim and reads, and so on.

    I did do things to get content going. I made people talk about me. With lack of other reads, getting people to talk about myself is the best way to get reads on them.
    And I can tell you I don’t like your approach. You’re taking the easy route here, throwing me into your suspicions without taking a real stance. But while you say I am not your strongest read, you are not voting the ones that are.

    I’m also having problems with Terraine because her whole worldview is more or less mine reversed. And her reaction to me is bad in a similar way as Vaimes’ is.

    I’m running out of time, my train is going to arrive soon.

    Quick worldview:
    Town lean


    Lean mafia

    Vaimes / Axel probably not together

    vote: gooLagoon

    Starting from the top, I don't see the issue Rhand sees with the use of the term "townread" which he feels should just be "read." Especially given the context, which is that Vaimes (apparently) scum-reads me a lot on D1, but I have always been town. It makes sense, under those circumstances to say that he doesn't know how to "townread" me, because that - specifically - is what he hasn't been able to do correctly. There hasn't been a situation where I have been scum for him to contrast it with. This is a small thing, but Rhand is just making it a much bigger issue than it ever should be. Incidentally, it would also be kind of clumsy for scum-Vaimes to suggest I was Town in this way. Why would he even want to do that?

    I already said that I liked Jackrito's post also, though I didn't go any further than that. What I liked was an early effort to give a bunch of reads on a bunch of people. This - I feel - comes from a Town mentality more often than a scum one. Obviously not that scum can't and don't do it, but just "more often." Besides that, I felt like these were more than just a bunch of weak surface or "gut" reads. Like there was some actual thought that went into them (regardless of whether I agree or disagree). It's nothing huge, and certainly did not make Jack "clear", but it was a decent post. So I take issue with people who seemed to think it was scummy. Rhand's view in particular here - that he didn't like it because it had "too much suspicion" in it for that point in the game, makes no sense to me.

    Now, Rhand's larger point was that he didn't like the fact that Vaimes was town-reading Jackrito over it. It was more an attack on Vaimes. And while, like I said, I certainly wouldn't have "cleared" Jack on that post alone, I don't really care that Vaimes expressed a stronger opinion about it.

    Then he suggests that I might have been "buddying" Vaimes with my post where I just quoted his read-list and agreed with it. That, of course, would make me the scum (for buddying) but this is where he also says he doesn't think we would be scum together for that post (because it would be strange for one scum to simply quote his buddy's read-list and agree with it). And given that he ends the post with a Vote for Vaimes, it is a little odd he has this take in here also.

    You might imagine that I disagree with the statement "Eco has thought processes that are easy to follow and make a lot of sense." I am wondering if Rhand actually followed that whole exchange with Igno. and if he thought that Eco was doing there what Eco said that he was doing.

    I would agree with the statement that KJ is "doing his usual thing" where he questions everything. But I would disagree that that is a reason to town-read him. It's a stupidly easy "meta" to mimic as scum.

    Finally, there was that whole "I have no clue" can someone do something, like start a wagon on me....Which promptly led to a wagon on himself. And to which he responded "A bunch of naked votes aren't going to help." Rhand was still saying he didn't have anything to talk about several posts later. In this post he seems to defend himself though, and suggest that he actually got what he wanted. And that he "made people talk about me." Not sure I'm buying that as a defense of yourself. I don't feel like you actually used or tried to use that wagon you generated on yourself to much purpose.

    And the final argument against Vaimes here - that Vaimes is taking the "easy" route by throwing Rhand into his pool of suspicion without "taking a real stance," just seems silly. I felt like Vaimes was "taking a stance." And I thought it was perfectly fine for where we were in the game. You don't need a whole lot of reason to vote someone on D1.

    So, that was this post.

    Finally, Axel’s reaction.
    How is this not something you post immediately when you see my post and think these things?
    I have a big issue with your big issue: you’re defending Vaimes for expressing opinions that are stronger than they should be while attacking me for expressing opinions that are stronger than they should be. My push on Vaimes was harder than my opinion on Vaimes yes. Soft pushes don’t lead anywhere. My reads on Eco and KJ weren’t very solid, they were town leans, not town clears.
    This whole post shows that you have decided to use different scales for what is ok for Vaimes and what is ok for me.
    On Vaimes, you say:
    * Jack’s post was decent but not clearing, but it’s ok for Vaimes to clear Jack over it.
    * It’s ok for Vaimes to vote his 3rd strongest scumread

    On me you say:
    * It’s not ok to make the “townread” issue bigger than it should be
    * It’s not ok to townlean KJ because he’s in his normal meta

    I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias or if you’re mafia adding to the anti-Rhand sentiment in thread, but you went into this with the decision you were going to paint a scummy picture.

    Quote from Jackrito »
    The more the day goes it looks more likely we end up on Rhand today. He is clearly the main person most of us agree on.
    Still don't like Highroller thought his catch up was bad apart from the one point on Rhand. But like I said before leaving that battle for another day.

    Doesn't it bother you that there is little to no pushback on my wagon? How often have you seen unopposed Day 1 wagons land on town?

    That "point" HR made was refuted. Did you really miss that?

    Quote from Killjoy »

    Rhand starts off the game fluffing, like the rest of us do, though that's unusual for him I think... enough so that it's worth commenting on but not enough to assign as alignment telling. I still dislike that he decided to complain and flail instead of trying to do anything. I'm specifically against the fact that the one thing he DOES do to drum up content (asking us to vote him) he doesn't even analyze. I can't see Rhand asking us to vote him without a plan to analyze afterward.

    I believe that he didn't grasp the subtle context of 'townread vs. read' regardless of alignment. The timing of it might be suspect as he was under pressure to have reads, but for now I'm gonna throw that in the NAI category

    His reads list in 346 doesn't mention any of his nulls, nor Grape, nor Terraine. He later says that Grape is a 'total gut read' when Grape asks him. I get that he was rushing, but wouldn't he logically have said that after he said me and Eco were town in his list?I guess that's not super telling, given I don't actually know how much of a rush he was in.

    Then he tunnels on Vaimes for a while, which is NAI.

    I kinda like his take on Sloth though, that despite his postcount, he is low content. I also had this though.

    However, 429 is a weird post. He's interacting with someone he believes to be town, but the post goes from "my reads aren't strong, you might be paranoid" to a series of accusatory questions that I'm not sure are asked of a townread generally. Also of note here, I don't think scum!Rhand makes this post to scum!Eco. The progression from just answering Eco to "maybe you're paranoid" to "why you do scummy things" don't make sense in that context, nor from a logical progression perspective.

    Yeh you're right, fluffing doesn't come natural to me. It was a very weird game start for me, which is why I couldn't get a grip.
    With the "vote me" thing I wasn't expecting a bunch of naked votes to pop up. I was counting on actual reasons for me to look into. I got those later, not in the moment the wagon popped up.

    I was in a big rush to get that post with the readslist finished.

    429 was my townread of Eco wavering. I'm back to townreading him, but I had doubts at that point.

    This is taking too much of my time. I’ve spent 3 hours now on reading / typing and I'm still 2 pages behind.
    BBL. Need a big break.

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  • posted a message on Feelgood 80's Movie Mafia - Game Over: The Power of the Dark Side
    Quote from Killjoy »
    Quote from Rhand »
    Looks like I’m in claim range.
    I am Robocop, town gifter. I hand out a BP vest.
    Do you have a read on Jack?

    Actually can I get a full post about who's scum and why? You only have a quick worldview before.

    I still have to catch up, will do so today.
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