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  • posted a message on CCC&G Pro Tour Information & Discussion Thread
    Quote from Solesticio
    When are going to update points with the March DCC points? Or it already happened?

    Was just getting to that Wink

    luminum can destroyed the competition in DCC March and has an invite to the Pro Tour!

    Balefire edged out on top in the March MCC and also earns an invite!

    Scores updated with these contests.
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  • posted a message on Official CCC&G Trophy Request Thread
    I think I deserve about 10 trophies as compensation for my cancellation.
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  • posted a message on CCC&G Pro Tour Information & Discussion Thread
    Leaderboard updated (fixed KK's double listing finally! :p)

    Gerrard's Mom has earned a qualification! Congrats.
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  • posted a message on CCC&G Pro Tour Information & Discussion Thread
    -Leaderboard has been updated.
    - Judge points have been added.
    - Updated to ATTWN I. Socrates has earned an invite to the Pro Tour!
    - Google Doc added to post #3 for full details.
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  • posted a message on CCC&G Pro Tour Information & Discussion Thread
    Check out post #2 for the up to date leaderboard guys. Smile
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  • posted a message on CCC&G Pro Tour Information & Discussion Thread
    With victory in MCC February, Tesco(black)lotus is the next qualifier for the Pro Tour!
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  • posted a message on CCC&G Pro Tour Information & Discussion Thread
    This post now contains a link to the Google Doc with comprehensive Pro Point scores.

    Pro Tour Points Full Leaderboard

    Updated as of 12/09/2012
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  • posted a message on CCC&G Pro Tour Information & Discussion Thread
    The Custom Card Contests & Games Pro Tour Circuit

    Hello all! This is the official thread for any general CCC&G Pro Tour discussion, as well as the place to find all the latest updates and official standings.

    How the Circuit works:

    Each year there will be two seasons of Premier Events:

    Season One starts in December and runs through May of the following year, feeding the Summer Pro Tour, which will take place in the month of June.

    Season Two starts in June, concurrently with the Summer Pro Tour, and runs through November of the same year. Season Two will feed the Winter Pro Tour, which runs concurrently with the start of Season One.

    The Pro Tours will be multi-format from week to week, as they are intended to be a well-rounded test of card design skill.

    Each Pro Tour will be invite-only, and will be a continuous submission format. This means that instead of players being eliminated, they will accrue points each round and be able to submit entries each round. Finally, the top two scorers from this process will enter a final duel in order to determine the Pro Tour Champion!

    As of now, the exact judging process for the Pro Tour has not been decided. As we get closer to the Summer Pro Tour 2012, we will solidify this process.

    Each Pro Tour will have 24 slots available. There are three ways to get one:

    1. Win a Monthly Qualifier Event! MQs are your well-loved monthly card design contests:

    Monthly Qualifier Events
    - Monthly Card Contest
    - Card Creation League
    - Daily Card Contest
    - Club Flamingo Monthly Games

    A win in any of these games will earn you a slot for the next Pro Tour. To see which games award Pro Points and invites, simply look for the [MQ] tag in the thread title.

    2. Be a champion! If you make the finals (the top 2) of a Pro Tour, you will be automatically qualified to enter the next one.

    3. Get Pro Points! We anticipate that some slots normally allocated to the monthlies will be doubled up. That is to say, some people will win more than one event. In this case, that leaves an open slot. After all of the MQ winners are slotted in, if there are additional slots, we will fill those from the top of the Pro Point list.

    If there is a tie for the 24th invite (for example if the players are on the same points), then all tied players will receive an invite. This may result in individual Pro Tour events having slightly more participants, but as the competition is not elimination-based, this should not cause significant problems.

    Placing well in the MQs will earn you Pro Points which count towards the Player of the Year title, as well as for slots in the PTs themselves. In general, the point breakdown will be the following:

    Monthly Qualifier Prize Breakdown
    Winner: 10 Pro Points + PT invite
    Finalist: 8 Pro Points
    Top 4: 4 Pro Points
    Top 8/Final Round Participants: 2 Pro Points

    Pro Tour Prize Breakdown
    Winner: 25 Pro Points + PT invite + Trophy
    Finalist: 20 Pro Points + PT invite
    Top 4: 15 Pro Points
    Top 8: 10 Pro Points
    9-12: 5 Pro Points
    13+: 2 Pro Points

    These point totals are subject to change. However, we will be using this point breakdown for the moment.

    In addition, there will be bonus Pro Points available for those who host a Premier Event, or who judge in the MCC. These are 4 points for organizing, and 2 points for judging in the MCC.

    Pro Points will be recorded in three ways:
    1) Seasonal Pro Points: This list is relevant for Pro Tour Invites, and contains points earned in the six month season feeding a Pro Tour i.e. Dec-May / Jun-Nov.
    2) Annual Pro Points: This list is used to detemine PotY i.e. Dec-Nov + that year's Pro Tours.
    3) Lifetime Pro Points: A list of all Pro Points ever earned.

    At first this may appear a little complicated; however, all it means is that you can check each list to see how you are doing in the invite race, the PotY race, and in total. It does not affect the number of points awarded in any way.

    Pro Points will also count toward the Player of the Year title. At the end of December, the player with the most pro points for the year will win the title! There's a little bit of a strange breakdown here, but it goes like this:
    For 2012, the POY will be decided by the following:
    All MQ events starting from December 2011 through November 2012
    2012 Summer PT
    2012 Winter PT
    Yes, that means that the Monthly events for December 2012 will count for 2013's POY. Weird, but it makes sense given how the seasons break down.

    From now on, the standard trophies that will be awarded in CCC&G will be the following.
    Summer Pro Tour Champion
    Winter Pro Tour Champion
    Player of the Year
    Card Maker of the Year

    The Pro Tour Champion trophies are just that — trophies for winning the PTs. POY is determined by the pro point leader, as detailed above. Card Maker of the Year will be as it is now, with a nomination period followed by public voting in December.

    To facilitate the CCC+G Pro Tour Circuit, we have established a Pro Tour Committee to manage the Invitationals and MQs, keep player records and statistics, and work with the community to make the CCC+G Pro Tour the best thing possible.
    With one exception, each member of the committee will be serving as the overseer for one of the MQs, broken down as follows:

    Megiddo will oversee all of the Club Flamingo Monthly Qualifying games. Megiddo is also the committee chairman.
    Moss_Elemental will oversee the MCC.
    Gerrard's Mom will oversee the CCL.
    MDenham and void_nothing will work together to oversee the DCC.
    Prophylaxis will serve as the Pro Tour Statistician and maintain this thread with updated pro points and qualifications.

    If you have a question, comment, or issue with a MQ, these are the people to talk to. However, we recommend first talking with the organizer of the current game in question (with the exception of the DCC, where you may go directly to MDenham or void_nothing). If you are unable to resolve your issue satisfactorily, feel free to then move up the chain to the appropriate committee member. You can, of course, always post in this thread, but we recommend against that, at least initially.

    Issues with the pro tour in general can be sent to Megiddo or posted in this thread.
    The Point of All This
    We want to make CCC+G as fun as possible for everybody. Because of this it is important that we get regular feedback about how the circuit is running. This is the thread to do so, so if you have any comments, suggestions, or queries, please post them here rather than individual contest threads.

    —The Pro Tour Committee
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  • posted a message on PROPOSAL: The Custom Card Contests and Games Pro Tour Circuit
    Speaking of procedures,

    This will be the official account for all things related to the CCC&G Pro Tour. As of now nobody but Megiddo has access, but access will be expanded to those who need it as the time comes.

    MirrorEntity expressed concern about compiling scores; this account is meant to alleviate that concern. If you are running a monthly game, when that game concludes you are responsible for sending a PM to this account with the relevant final results of that game. That would be the final scores of the MCC final round, the top 8 DCC players for that month in order, etc.

    A little bit of work for everybody will make the process that more efficient in total.

    Because it appears that we are going to be implementing the Pro Tour, based on the votes, I would ask that people start doing this with February's games.

    Please format the PM's title as such: "MCC February 2012 Final Results" so that whoever is accessing the account at the time doesn't need to struggle.

    Eventually we'll set up an official discussion thread for the Pro Tour, but that comes later.
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