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  • posted a message on Kaldheim teaser trailer (not the offical one that’s one January 7th)
    They said its gonna on the 26th with the New York Game Awards.

    Quote from Max Rebo »
    Hate to necro this BUT.... are we actually going to get a Kaldheim Trailer?
    Is the teaser it?

    Looks like it. I think they spent all the budget on that horrible metal band they had at the Kaldheim party

    Don't assume or it makes an ass...
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    New story;

    So Vorinclex inflected Tibalt with a "seed" and wanted Tibalt to cause a distraction for him, which Tibalt planned to do anyways.

    Tibalt is on his way into being completed.
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Quote from Caranthir »
    It seems that Tibalt somehow imprisons the real Valki, as seen on his classic version and partially also on his showcase Valki side (note the person chained to a pillar in tbe background). As well as in this card and its flavor: https://mythicspoiler.com/khm/cards/glacialdetentionpillar.html

    As said its seems to be a fun nod at the mythology.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Runeforged Champion and the other four Runes— TCGPlayer previews
    Could also find a lot of room with making a rune for each evergreen mechanic and color shift ones while still staying at this lowest power for other cards to work with/abuse.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Runeforged Champion and the other four Runes— TCGPlayer previews
    The fact they cantrip and work in auras, equipment and somewhat vehicles for WR is nifty but yeah otherwise lack luster. Hopefully we see more of this explored in returns/core sets/ect.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Starnheim Courser— Nizzahon Magic preview
    Love these cost reduction cards, better than ramping in a few ways. Might be the way to go more for "white ramp".
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  • posted a message on [KHM] "Icecage" Pillar— UMotivo preview
    I mean they even tried doing land tapping in red for a bit, it didn't catch on since often your just averaging out instead of gaining advantage.

    I like this card for Jorn there needs to be a bit more rewards for untapping all your stuff.

    Nice nod to the mythology too since Loki ends up trapped (though i think trapped in a pillar of ice is more pleasant than bound by your sons guts and having snake drip venom on you).
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Birgi, God of Boasts and Harnfell, Horn of Plenty— Metalorgie preview
    Once again I'm more into the normal art. Which do you all prefer?

    Same, this style is hit or miss for me and it bugs me a bit how different a lot of the promo art looks vs the normal art. I feel legendary stuff should be recognizable between art. Also add in Cynthia Sheppard is the art director and we share the same love of colors and looks so the normal art is already amazing for a lot of the cards.

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  • posted a message on [KHM] Colossal Plow— Alliestrasza preview
    I do really like this for white ramp and the Kykar vehicle deck I wanna make kept getting some fun toys.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Kaldheim Story Articles and Discussion
    I really like Niko refreshing. Similar with Will and Rowan, sometimes it nice to have a characters who just wanna do good.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Ascendant Spirit— Raphael Levy preview
    Quote from Cranky »
    WotC: White can't do XYZ, that would be a color-pie break.

    White: Please sir, something, anything!

    WotC: Our hands are tied.

    Blue: *laughs in Ascendant Spirit*

    Red: *laughs in Tibalt's Trickery*

    Black: *laughs in Feed the Swarm*

    Green: *laughs in literally every green card printed these days*

    White: But sir... *points to other colors*


    Did you miss Warden of the First Tree? Pretty sure any color can get this ability.

    And what green cards are breaking the color pie? And like real breaks not just pushed cards.
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Planeswalker guide is up and the vorthos cast did an episode on the realms (and from someone on twitter I think there are a few more parts to come out at some point. Again not a summary per say just my thoughts/what i find cool);

    We focus on the other nine realms featured this time around;

    -RW Axgard is home of the dwarves. Dwarves don't hold gold as valuable (as they have access to a lot) instead liking iron better but do like gold for how it looks.

    -Dwarves are warrior artisan and are divided by the color into how they make their art. R dwarfs are more impulsive and passionate creators and more known for weapons while W dwarves are more meticulous (similar to the W dwarfs on Kaladesh) and more known more for the magic items.

    -Dwarfs reach adulthood in their 100's.

    -Its foretold that a cosmic giant named Goldeater will one day soon bring destruction of the dwarf city.

    -RG Gnottvold is the realm of the trolls. Lots of untamed wilds with a second mtg nod to Stone Henge. Giants also have been known to live here it seems.

    -Trolls come in two colors. Hagi are the R trolls that are basically goblins on this world minus all much of the comedic elements. Torga are the G trolls who are huge and unlike the Hagi are more in touch with nature and can have shamans. They often just sleep (often together in familiar units) for long period of time often having moss and plants and such grow over them until they seem to be part of the land. If woken up early they will rampage from days to weeks until they get sleepy again. I can relate.

    -RB Immersturm is the realm of demons and is hell basically. The sky and water is on fire and volcanos are all over. Only life is demons and fire elemental elementals. When a non-demons is killed their blood is magically poured into a volcano which births new demons. The elf gods originally had magic items to trap the ways in and out of Immersturm to keep demons out but those items are now lost with the new gods. Instead they use rune magic to ward the demons but those wards aren't 100% perfect.

    -Demons are the worst aspects and tropes of Viking, blood lust tyrants who love knowing more than killing and causing pain. B demons want to conqueror and spread fear while R demons want to burn everything down. Looks like they got the horned helmet trope used for their horns as well.

    - WU Istfell is the realm of the spirts of the dead who didn't die in an honorable battle, as well as monster and animals living a pale refection of life. Its found at the bottom of the world tree and look up you can see the roots. The light from Starheim and the cosmos barley streams in and is even more filtered by fog. Sprits are pretty much the same as they are in life but passionless (all WU and no R) and even Egon needs to use is magic to get them to take action.

    -The Hall of the gods is also in Istfell after Valki tricked Toralf into sending it there in a story thats very similar to Útgarða-Loki and his tricks on Loki and Thor. They haven't bothered to organized enough to move it back to the realm it was in before (noted not one of the 10 in this set).

    - UB Karfell the cold realm of the draugr (zombies). Once a wealthy kingdom its turned into a land of snow and undeath. A few human tribes still live in the Skybreen mountains.

    -The draugr where born when Narfi betrayed his people and had Egon turn them into undead. They retain a range of memories from thier live often the nobel are more intelligent while the warriors and servants are less so (I'm guessing the U and B split).

    -UG Littjara home of the shapeshifters. Made of many forests and lakes it can shift and change similar to the shapeshifters. Only a lake made by the elven gods is the only constant and its where shape shifts go to die.

    -Shapeshifters wear elaborate wooden masks and cloak to cover their true forms. They can appear as most anything, most notable into a cosmic aura that lets them travel the cosmos but they often prefer to be in animal forms. The G shapeshifters like land animals (often bears) and the U shapeshifters like water animals. While seen as tricksters and villains in stories many shapeshifters live in peaceful curiosity with the other races, with them unaware who the shapeshifters really is. Nothing else is much know about what drives them apart from curiosity. They tend to only live in Littjara for a short time during thier childhood and near the end to dye. Said to be born from an unknown race who the elven gods help flee a tyrannical ruler.

    -BG Skemfar is the elven realm. Its a shadowy seemly untouched natural land. The surviving seven elven gods are imprisoned in/as Jaspera trees which the elves worship. Each tree has a different magical properity which is based on the god who was imprisoned but only two are listed. There are also tunnels that where made from Koma traveling through the realm.

    -G elves are wood elves, B are shadow elves. Said to be born when Halvar used an axe (odd Godsend like) that could split anything and cut the elves into the the two groups that only have recently stopped warning and united under Harold. Harold got a vision after eating a fruit from a Jaspera tree and sleeping under one and the guide said if he is killed it likely the two elf factions will go back to warring with each other.

    - WB Starnheim home of the honorable dead and the Valkyries. Like a yule tree Starnheim lights up the rest of Kaldheim as a dog sun on the very top of the world tree. The honored dead get to feast and tell sagas of their lives. What seems to be a black lake is actually the blood of the first Valkyrie and the honored dead will float to the docks on longships. At the docks is twelve long ships for the Skoti who will one day be judge and may or may not be allowed to Starnheim themselves.

    - Valkyries are being who judge the dead and who are worthy to enter Starnheim. They don't not obey the gods, born before them and will judge the gods when the day comes for the gods to die. W Valkyries are shepherds who value the heroic and brave and the B are reapers who punish cowards. Shepherds and reapers travel in pairs and both must agree on a mortal to let them into Starnheim. They tend to just watch and judge but have been known to join to help out a in a noble battle or rarely slaughter a whole town of who they judge as cowards.

    -The Prismatic Path is the rainbow path the Valkyries use to lead the worthy to Starnheim.

    - UR Surtland is the land of the giants. Land of frost and snow and volcanic mountains and even the wild life grows to giant sizes.

    -U giants are frost giants who are intelligent and study magics and mystery. The R giants are fire giants who are strong brutish nomadic who love conflict. They often fights as frost giants hold all the best lands, magic and resources. Frost giants can be friendly towards humans like the omen speakers they trade knowelge with. Fire giants often will raid frost giants and other realms when they can. Kaldar is the king of fire giants and have a rivalry with Alrund who might have been a frost giant???

    Dang this world building is dense, I wish we got art book for this world :/

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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Chapter 2 of the main story;

    Tyver is fun, I do like him being a heroic version of a cocky jerk and love the idea he's been planes walking with out knowing it. Odd he isn't as eager to kill the gods as his bro.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Shepherd of the Cosmos - Preview from @luisingularity
    Tiny/uncommon Sun Titan is really nice.
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  • posted a message on KHM- Kaldheim story and flavor
    Quote from Caranthir »
    Frankly, there are three gods that do not have cards yet. Birgi, who was in a story. Reidane, who is confirmed to have a miniature. And Cosima.

    As well as R, W and U each not yet having a rare god in what seems to be a cycle....
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