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    posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    But will Scroll Rack even be in the regular set or is it just in collector's boosters as the full art version

    Any card that has a full art is in the set proper, its the 32 legends you can only get as etched foils in the set. Full art version don't appear in regular boosters tho, so only the full art is in the collector boosters but the card in its normal frame and art will be in the set as a regular reprint.
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    posted a message on Commander Legend Spoiler Season starts on the 12th of October
    Quote from Werewolf_Rawr »
    So, was there an announcement for the delay of the Commander Legends spoilers? Sorry, if that was discussed in the earlier pages.

    Yes Spoilers start the 26th now.
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    posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story

    There's lot to agree with you up here ^^, especially the problem of pacing. In my perspective there wasn't enough to distinguish this 'MacGuffin' from the Eternal Sun which, while also part of a MacGuffin story, at least had a detailed narrative that was located both distally and proximate to the main webfiction.

    Yes this is a game about magic, and magic can do some impressive things in a story but I'm eerily reminded of the ending of the "Blue Sword" book which I disliked due the the hand-wavey way in which the plot's main crisis was solved by the heroine. There needs to be a greater emphasis on the cost, exceptionality and, most importantly, mechanics of the solution than was given.

    Why was this orb (gosh, its even an orb!) able to do what it did when it was made with an entirely different purpose in mind? Why was Nissa able to use it for this purpose and why was this trust in her gut sustainable and trustworthy as opposed to the instinct that made her release the Eldrazi in the first place? Don't tell me leylines. Show me how they work. The event would have also been a good spot to include Nissa's weird connection to Emrakul, more on Nissa's halted relationship with Chandra and the rest of the Gatewatch.

    Why did the memory of Gideon push her towards black as opposed to white and did the author do enough to present this as her interpretation of what Gideon would do? White and Green are usually Black's antagonist colours so why did her understanding of Gideon present itself in the way that it did?

    Quote from Max Rebo »
    ...huh....ok then....hmm...huh..and its over?...hmmm
    Alright I guess. If Nahiri had used the orb, would it have healed Zendikar too?? The 'just use the hyper powerful weapon and it'll all work out' seems a little...hand wavy.
    Wasn't the way I saw it ending and still don't really understand the motivations or intent of Nahiri, Jace, or Nissa.
    It just ended up being a happy ending because 'the orb wanted it to be'? weird

    To semi-repeat myself, Nahiri talked about how the core had been used in the past as a power source and a way for the Kor to shape and control the land/stone. Well this was literal, the Kor had somehow trapped a piece of zendikar soul in it and I think it drained life from the plane to semi-tame it. Nissa who magic is connected to Zendikar world soul was able to return that piece to the plane and likely the only one who could do so.

    For motivations we had:

    Nahiri feeling guilty about failing to protect zendikar and see herself as its protector is wanting to not only fix her home but force it back to the way it was before the eldrazi, even if means "lobotomizing" the plane. Zendikar is healing but she lost the home she knew (a long long time ago).

    Nissa feeling guilty about failing to protect zendikar and see herself as its protector is wanting to heal Zendikar from the damage from the eldrazi and protect the world soul as it is. She basically won. Sleeping on it I think the idea is she finally learned to listen and believe in herself and trust in her power (which was her black side coming out). I guess all of them needed to listen to her, even herself.

    Jace feeling guilty about hiding the fact Bolas is alive wants to fix his friendship with Nissa, have Nahiri as an ally and possible use the core to fight Bolas or other planar threats. He lost in every manner but is left with hope things could still be fixed as he see that Zenikdar is healing from the mistakes of him and other who let the eldrazi scar Zendikar.

    Is Nissa even still in the Gatewatch anymore? The story kind of leaves this hanging and while the new tension between her and Jace is good for character developement it is interesting that Nissa had already just rejoined the group. After all the two had accomplished together, the pacing does not demonstrate enough real conflict between the two to seriously endanger their relationship.

    No, I think she out, I think she would be an ally if something huge like Phyrexia or Bolas came that might threat Zendikar but I think Nissa isn't wanting to leave or trust in people for awhile.

    I think all of this would have been clearer with more story again though, a lot of this I caught from one line here or there since thats all the author had to fit it in.
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    posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Last story for Zendikar 3:


    -Jace sealing was a bit of a coup out, though to repeat thing if we gotten more stories would have been a decent way to end a story on a cliff hanger while Nahiri and Nissa fought and freed once Nissa freed the core.

    -I do wanna see a proper finish to Sorin vs Nahiri.

    -Hey Nahiri how do you like not being able to move as a magic tech orb is taken from you? Not fun is it?

    -So it final Nissa is out of the gatewatch fully. While she might rejoin it seems Amonkhet, War of the Spark, the Chandra break up and Gideons death has killed the "blue" side of Nissa who was willing and wanting to learn more about other people and place.

    -Oh wait no Jace trying to take over her mind in the final straw.

    -The kor core (lol) being powered by a spark of Zendikars soul is very symbolic and I like. Might also explain how it was working, by sucking up more of the world soul which was what was leading to the blight and resulting "tame-ness".

    -I do like the black-side of Nissa being her believing in her self more. While I'm annoyed she keeps being used to fill in color balances Im for more positive black aspects shown.

    -So they do have a story reason why Zendikar is recovering so fast, as it looks like Nissa returning the piece of world soul renewed the whole plane to the point Bala Ged is regrowing.

    -Not sure I like the "lesson" here. While all this could have been solved by everyone listening to each other, no one made any effort to do so besides Nissa listening to the core.

    -That said I do like the themed of guilt we saw with the walkers and it ending with how broken people can still be redeemed.

    Overall: My biggest critique is I think we could have had another 3-5 stories to flesh thing out more. A lot of moments felt rushed and fasted paced when I think they could have been slown down. The writing itself was decent, not the best we seen, but I didn't dislike it and wouldn't mind if they had the author return. I do give a nod to Greenblatt able to not only novelize the trailer but make it work with her own themes and characters, something that you only can see in this kind of multimedia franchise.

    Character: Fine for the most part with Nahiri being the best written. I do like they push all into Nahiri being an old walker like of villain and I think the adding in of the Kor empire helped flesh her out and gives her a bit more to her past actions as being an old walker and a for from that time period instilling in her a "actions justify the means for (my version) of the greater good".

    Future (semi-boarderline) speculation
    Its been brought up but we might be getting a anti-gatewatch, each of the last few sets has left us with a walker with a grudge to a main character:

    Eldraine had Oko with a life debt to Rowan and on Garruks ***** list

    Theros had bot Calix hunting down Elspeth (and Ashiok going off to phyrexia but that feels more for that storyline)

    Ikoria had Vivien going to hunt Lukka to make sure he not up to anything bad and the unknow walker*

    and now Zendikar 3 with both Nahiri and Nissa not trusting Jace and Nahiri has a long tentacle-sized history of not handling grudges well.

    To me Nissa breaking away hasn't been too much of a shock. Ive been noticing she has been slowly phased out of the marketing and replaced with Vivien and Garruk taking up the green slot of stuff. From what we know of the gatewatch history Gideon, Jace, Chandra and Liliana where the most popular walkers in in mono color (who was alive) with Nissa being picked as at the time she was the only green walker and was related to the eldrazi storyline. And since then I don't think she had reached the popularity they liked for a face of the game outside of her and Chandra possibly getting together and now thats all a mess. Just like I'm guessing they picked to bring back Elspeth around Gideon dying to replace him as a face, I got the feeling Ikoria and Eldraine did a similar thing to Vivien (who now is acting more inline with the gatewatch by using her planeswalker-ness to help) and Garruk (now cured, has the twins ground his humanity and Liliana believed dead, no major conflict wit the gatewatch). I don't think thy gonna write off Issa but I think she gonna go back to being a supporting character who we see on Zendikar and/or if we get to another plane with a land theme. I also guessing Oko is the one who was messing around on Ikoira and I think he was on Ravnica for War of the Spark so that might end with a conflict with the gatewach and/or plus Vivien and Garruk.
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    posted a message on Kaldheim Modal Transform Mechanic Hunch
    Quote from Morphling »
    They definitely had plans to make Companions a regular thing too, remember?

    Source for this?
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    posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    -Yup im glad Akiri survived as well

    -I feel like we could have gotta a story from Nissa tracking Nahiri as well

    -I like how Akiri was not wanting to help Jace after Nahiri

    -In a sad way Akiri is very right that the Zendikar Nahiri is no more and we are seeing more of Nahiri white villain side in that she can't not let that go

    -I see Nahiri following into a similar hate that she had with Sorin with Jace.

    -Yup so Nahiri want to have a rebirth of the kor empire and from Jace noted wants to turn Zendikar into a Ravnica like city-plane.

    -Yup Nahiri isn't gonna be a ally anytime soon

    -Jace for being the "smart one" your really really dumb

    -And now we are seeing how Nissa's old walker level powers she can have on Zendikar and likely any plane that likes her, though so far it seems all but Kaladesh dislike her funny enough.

    -Considering the story moments we gotten so far it looks likely next week will end with Jace being sealed on Zendikar. While I'm not sure wizards would put Jace on a bus for a long time, it might be their way of not having Jace helping out any of the gatewatch in the future similar how none of the avengers seem able to assemble in a solo superhero movie. They already had to put in Jace looking for the other and failing to find them as why none of them are helping with Zendikar.

    Quote from Mullerornis »
    New story today.

    when they faced Nicol Bolas again.

    Please don't, War of the Spark is already pretty pointless.

    I'm pretty similar, I know they didn't out right kill in as they did want to have the option to bring him back but I'd rather that be in several (10+) years when we have finished up the current protagonists arcs and/or moved on to the next group of protagonists.
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    posted a message on Strixhaven : Harry Potter :: Ikoria : Godzilla
    IIRC the godzilla thing was a last minute idea from Toho, not something Wizards are actively looking to do with other sets. So while the possibility is there I don't think its something to count on.

    Plus magical schools aren't a Harry Potter thing, they have been around for years in fantasy. While I would bet some Harry Potter tropes touched on, I think people who hear magic school and can only think of Harry Potter need to read more.
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    posted a message on Commander Legend Spoiler Season starts on the 12th of October
    Hype is on, I was looking forward to this set since it was announced and I want to see more spoilers already Grin
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    posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    New story, a novelisation of the trailer.

    Basically, I do like how the author was able to add (what I believe) her own characters and set up motivation work with the trailer so they don't contradict each other too much.

    I do wonder now though if Nahiri purposely killed Zareth since there was friction with them already.

    Jace and Nissa where making their way up correct? Hopefully they can catch Akiri, falling from a huge high like that would be a awful death with the waiting for death.
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    posted a message on Will Partner be the End of EDH / Commander?
    Quote from DirkGently »
    I have already stated my opinion and i won't repeat. To me those Tana you mentioned are just experiment that people put together and disbanded after 2 months. But whatever.
    Partner With is a mechanic i don't particularly like too, because i really dislike the idea of having two generals, but from a design point of view is surely better than partner by a lot. Cool concept (both from flavor and mechanics) like Haldan+Pako can't be done with partner.

    We will see when these new partners will come out. To me that terrible Baron Sengir is already enough.
    My prediction is that a lot of them will be completely irrelevant and will be ignored, while a couple of them will be liked because they are broken.
    On EDHREC everyone will buy the new partners just for the sake of hipsterism, trying to find the most hipster combination. After 3 months, no one will care about them at all.
    Partner won't be the end of commander, it will just be a waste of 40 legendary card slot.
    Feel free to mock me if my prediction will be wrong.
    EDHrec only keeps 2 years of data and Tana was printed 4 years ago so...

    You're free to like partner with more, but personally I think it's more fun to allow for more discovery and personalization.

    This kinda where I am at. I have a goal to try and build a deck for each color and color combo, but not gonna force a deck/color combo unless I have a commander(s) or deck idea that I like or they have a character I really like. Not to sound hipster but I don't like certain "common" deck types and I look forward to partner to maybe giving me some more options or at least (with Hal and Alena) give me some room in a deck theme I'm not found of to find a style of game I like.

    Currently WU and mono-colored are the hardest ones for me to find decks I like, with commander legends having partner I'm really looking forward to maybe finding two partners that work together to make a deck for those colors I like.
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