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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    Helicles, Blessed of the Pantheon 3RW
    Legendary Creature- Human
    Haste Prowess
    Whenever a creatures Heroic ability you control triggers you may draw card.
    Heroic- Whenever you cast a spell that targets this creature pick one
    • Create a 1/1 white human enchantment creature token.
    • Put a +1/+1 counter on a creature you control.

    Next: You take on what an ally color "Partner with" legendary pair from Battlebound could look like.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] Planeswalker rarity speculation
    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Quote from 5colors »
    Personally I thinking its more like transform cards that have their own slot in the booster pack and don't appear in the normal slots. And if have rare and maybe uncommon planeswalkers, that will be more for how often they appear in the planeswalker card slot and not power level.
    I really doubt there will be a divide between rarity and power level, especially since there are at least 36 walkers in this set AND you will open one every booster. Supposing they all have the same powerlevel, if you don't want to turn Standard into a superfriend grind you need all of them at a planeswalkers deck/Tibalt power level (which will probably make the entire premise of the set fail).
    Having their power level scalign with rarity (in a way similar to legendary creatures in Dominaria) makes much more sense than having all of them at the same power level.
    For example, in Dominaria you could have Baird, Steward of Argive or Danitha Capashen, Paragon as cards with pretty nice effects, but won't win you a game by themselves at uncommon, Evra, Halcyon Witness or Shalai, Voice of Plenty that are powerful and can net you a win in the right conditions at rare then Lyra Dawnbringer as the pushed one that can win a game by herself if left unchecked.
    I imagine planeswalkers will be designed in a similar way.

    well I think there will be a lot of walkers in the Sarkhan, Fireblood or Liliana, Untouched by Death design, great in certain decks while having some support in other decks so that standard or Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury or Kaya, Orzhov Usurper and be toolboxes so that standard wont turn into good-stuff super friends. But as you said 4 of these walkers are getting their first card and a few walkers might be getting their last card in this set so I think they will want to try to make as many playable or used. Some like Jace, Bolas, Teyo, Gideon, ect will be a bit more pushed since they are main characters and in 36 walkers card some will be bad but I think overall I think they will around the same power-wise.
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  • posted a message on [WAR] Planeswalker rarity speculation
    Personally I thinking its more like transform cards that have their own slot in the booster pack and don't appear in the normal slots. And if have rare and maybe uncommon planeswalkers, that will be more for how often they appear in the planeswalker card slot and not power level.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    Give how much they like to "kick the puppy" with Karn I think its more likely that he tries to use the Cylix and it doesn't work right 100% (or slightly better for canon, it as a defective copy Urza tried to make) and rips a hole(s) into another plane(s) for the Phyrexians to escape and invalid into.
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  • posted a message on MTGWAR - Possible Emblem Interaction?
    I think it would depend on how they are doing the 36 walkers and if a lot of them even make emblems.

    But if we do see a lot of emblems I think a planeswalker with ability that could get rid of an emblem would be possible. That way it still a planeswlaker thing and IMO not as feel bad since most emblems are hard to get since you normally need to ultimate a walker.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    Quote from Dom4419 »
    Any idea who's "the wanderer" he refers to that partners with Davriel?

    I'd guess the walker with the "wind sword" and hat covering their face.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance (RNA) and War of the Spark (WAR) General Discussion
    Quote from Chalsis »
    What sort of details might we expect to learn at PAX East this month?

    I'd guess the basic story details and a few preview cards. Might also get some insight on how the storyline is shaping up between the differnt media. I'd also bet a preview card or two to show what the new walkers are like.

    Since we have so many walkers and characters my new thought is maybe the web fiction will show the side storylines (Nahiri, SOrin, Ugin and Ob interacting, some more on the new walkers, some walkers without cards in the set, the legends of ravnica like krenko that don't fit in the guilds ect) while the main gatewatch storyline is with the gatewatch. We still know the end result but most of us vorthos would want to have more story and more details happen.
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR
    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Quote from leslak »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »


    Does mark even realize he may have accidentally revealed bolas lost

    This likely confirms more oaths (likely regardless) the oaths in the story’s next to always happen after the fight

    After ulamog and kozilek died gatewatch begins

    After emrakul got trapped liliana oath

    After Belzenlok death Teferi oath

    I don’t know when ajanis oath was during or after Kaladesh fight.

    And again the gatewatch ruim magic once again.
    I m considering on just ignoring completely the story. Gosh can we skip this gatewatch thing and have stories of walkers converging instead of being part of a group. Like we had after conflui. We see how elspeth lost everything, then she goes out on helping someone else, fail. Then we move to Innistrad, another walker tale (liliana and Garruk), then we go to zendikar, ***** happens eldrazi happens (big hype) we see Gideon and Jace, then we go to RTR following Jace and Gideon on their efforts to find help for zendikar. Then we see Elspeth again, being a champion, making the impossible, being betrayed. Then we see Sarkhan following the voices of his head.
    Then maro, development team, other people on Wizards thinks we need powerrangers. And everything since that has been awful (some storylines where good-ok but the majority has been a pain in the butt, even ones in planes that had good development)

    Plz stop with the gatewatch.

    Move into planeswalkers plots coverging.

    Like: make a plane where Dack Fayden is helping another planeswalker to overthrow a powerful mage that reings over the plane. They discover said mage was a agent for a planeswalker. Then we move Narset meeting with Teferi and asking for his teachings about time manipulation, something goes badly in the plane maybe tarkir and they have to fix things and learn more about what happened with sarkhan. We follow Nissa as she goes to Lorwin to investigate the aurora and what happened to the plane, we learn that a planeswalker is trying to dethrone the fae queen and that is the same Pw from the first story , and idk I m writhing this while I m finishing my biological necessities and I don’t work with this. :p

    Not to mention that we already had 1 moment when Bolas utterly defeated the Jacestice league and... The worst that happened was Gideon losing his weapon... Big deal, since he got a better one right away.

    Yes because Bolas would rather had them stay alive. Liliana since she was one demon away from falling into his claws and the other 4 for what seems to be spark harvesting, though Jace only escape thanks to Ugin and Nissa and Chandra where almost killed until the other members got a lucky in hit and let them escape.

    Interconnected plots had the benefit of focusing on a smaller number of characters to develop, putting quality over quantity, while the current power rangers put quantity over quality.
    On the other hand, the 3 sets per block + novels also gave more time for character and plot development, while the current single sets only give 3 months at best for the plot articles, which is not very suitable for character development if you have to jump away in the next set.

    And yet the gatewatch arc has had more character development and plot advancement for the storyline since the characters where made in Lorwyn.
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  • posted a message on {WAR} Anyone think some of the Planeswalkers that have been printed for Commander will show up to the party?
    They already have and it looks like a lot of the side-set walkers where put in those sets as set up for War. I think the commander 2018 and Battlebound pair might have been made after War was finalized so too late to put them in. We are also gonna see more walkers in the story who aren't getting a card so more could also show up just cardless.

    Quote from AtraxianShade »
    Aminatou is so stupidly overpowered in the lore (because the designer had some kind of creepy idea about children being cosmic forces of nature of things like that) that the less they use her, the better.

    Would love to see a little more of Estrid, tho.

    Lol where do you get you idea bud, they are a hoot.

    EDIT: Re-read Luhrs article and ya still a hoot. She says that as a joke and has nothing to do with Aminatou powers.
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark: Foil Planeswalker in Every Prerelease Pack
    My guess that I'm almost for sure on;

    W-Teyo, Gideon
    U- Tamiyo, Jace
    B- Ob, Liliana
    R- Jaya, Chandra
    G- Yanggu, Vivien
    C- Karn, Ugin
    WU- Teferi, Dovin
    WB- Sorin, Kaya
    UB-Ashiok, Davriel
    UR- Ral, Saheeli
    BR- Tibalt, Angrath
    BG- Vraska
    RG- Domri, Arlinn
    RW- Nahiri
    GW- Ajani
    GU- Kiora, Nissa

    Teyo- I think he will show up as mono-white since thier is a rough balance of two walkers per color pair and with Elspeth in the underworld, Ajani playing around in GW, a new mono white walker is due.

    Tamiyo - She was UWG since they didn't want two mono blue walker in the same block and here thats clearly a differnt story (and they said they made sure all her abilities where U that crossed over with W or G)

    Davriel- Sanderson (who wrote the novella) said he thought of Davriel as mostly BU (leaning more B) with a touch of W and if made into a card he play around with stealing spells from your opponents as well as personal reading I put Davriel in UB.

    Tibalt-A lot of people from wizards seem to see Tibalt as RB and him leading the Rakdos devils and color balance makes me think he will be getting B added to his colors.

    Ajani-While Ajani could be mono white his art with a group of selenyas seems to put in GW.

    For color pie balace I think Nissa will reappear in GU and since it might show regaining her new world out look she had before the Hours on Amonkhet.

    Walkers I'm more unsure on;

    Samut- Because of Arlinn and Domri being less flexible I'm not sure if Samut will appear in RG or RGW (since her thing is being a speedster I think she will stay in GR but I could be see the speedster abilities in RW as well)

    New walker 1- looks a lot like a WU walker but the art has been trickery in the past. I think she will have some U in her.

    New walker 2- Again unsure maybe GW? BG?

    Huatli- I think Huatli will depend on what the other two walkers do, she could go WR or WG since both color pairs are lacking.

    Sarkhan- I think he will show up in R or RGB, we already have 2-3 walkers in the other color combos but only thing about Sarkhan is certain in R.

    Narset- Since we have Teferi and Dovin (and the other two version and planeswalker deck ones) I don't think they would put another UW walker in. Hopefully UWR since her story in the Dragons timeline show that she still had a bit of a R side to her.
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  • posted a message on Brand new world after Core 2020 confirmed
    Quote from Raptorchan »
    Quote from chosenone919 »
    I think it has been hinted a few times, that the next plot after the Eldrazi and Bolas will be the Phyrexians, so I really think we will see them back soon. There might be a Set or two, that just set it up, so maybe a new Plane makes sense. I expect to see the surviving Planeswalkers to go different ways and maybe the next year from Rotation is showing sone connections to the Phyrexians and then reuniting them after that. I don't expect them to be as big as the Bolas plot, but Karn seems to be a big player in that story. I think it is a pretty good bet to see a Return to Theros, as most players would like to see Elspeth back and if Gideon dies (which seems really strange for me to see him die before we get to visit Theros with him, but maybe they will bring him to Theros, when he dies, that he can go the underworld?) it seems a good fit to get Elspeth as the mono White main character, that fits really good in a Phyrexian plot line. I really would love to see Dack and Ashiok back too. But I would be suprised if Theros was not at least one set in the 2019/2020 season. With the new set structure I can also see two plots being made together, so we will jump from one to the other after 1-2 sets and maybe mix at some point and most likely it will be dependend on what characters will die, but I don't expect one of their faces to die except for maybe Gideon. Personally I like to see favourite characters more frequently, but that doesn't mean we need more than one version per character in Standard and some rotation would be nice (e.g. see Tamiyo for two years instead of Jace as the blue PW or Elspeth instead of Gideon etc.).

    I have a strong feeling about Teyo Verada replacing Gideon if (when) he dies. They have very similar abilities of protection magic (and Gideon's hieromancy is mostly ignored anyway), also Teyo is most likely white-aligned and much less masculine than Gideon which seems like a slam dunk for Wizards.
    Would like to be wrong though.

    ROFL yeah cuz muscles are evil and we know Jace will die cuz of his abs.

    I swear some of y'all are channeling giant spider with the reach you pulling.
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  • posted a message on 36 planeswalkers in war of the spark officially confirmed also stained glass art in better view
    Quote from doc.brown »
    it's a shame we don't get the stained glass arts on the actual cards. it would have been fantastic!
    This has been said, but bears repeating. They really missed an opportunity on that one. If they had just made these the prerelease foils, people would have loved it.

    They where made after the set had been finished for the trailer.
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark: Foil Planeswalker in Every Prerelease Pack
    Quote from RedGauntlet »
    How many walkers amoung these will be playable i wonder

    I'm gonna guess we gonna see a lot of Sarkhan, Fireblood or Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury like walker cards, more niche and powerful or certain for the right deck or more utility or tool boxing than just an all around power houses.
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark: Foil Planeswalker in Every Prerelease Pack
    Quote from Metallix87 »
    Quote from Xcric »
    why are we all assuming its 36 planeswalkers and not... 5? one for each color? or 10, one for each guild?

    also i'm less interested in the planeswalkers being here, and more interested to see the planeswalker interactions/hate thats printed here

    This has already been discussed numerous times. The trailer included art for 36 Planeswalkers. MaRo confirmed they're all art for cards in the set. He's then teased via Blogatog both 30+ Planeswalkers and the potential for Uncommon Planeswalkers.

    Those specific art pieces are going to be in the set?

    Yes and no, the stain glass was a filter they put on art that will be used for the cards.
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR
    Now he's in a limbo because they retconned Liliana into some sort of tragic heroine and you can't bring Garruk back without showing that Liliana was actually a big, chaotic evil bitch without any good or anti-heroic intention.

    I think you hit the biggest reason tbh, they put Liliana on a antihero/semi-redemption arc and its worth more to wait for her be more of a heroic character so that when Garruk returns he can use as a ugly reminder of who she was. It also put some tense to the gatewatch to see if they want to risk helping Liliana (through guilt or true friendship) or not. Garruk is like Ajani sized, thats pretty intimidating.
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