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  • posted a message on Arena Jumpstart - New Kiora and more blue cards (Eurogamer preview)
    Quote from Xcric »
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    Magic is merely adapting, that's what's going on here. Is it kind of tacky? Yeah I guess so. Maybe they're doing that to create a separate experience between paper and digital so that players can stick to one versus feeling unintentionally obligated to purchase paper cards to keep up in that manner and vice versa. I don't believe Historic is a big format in paper Magic as is, say Modern.

    While MTGSally is but a blip in the Magic community, according to Rudy the Taco Man, Magic enjoyed some of its highest revenues in 2020. So whether MTGSally says so otherwise, people are liking this, minus the occasional uproar. According to The Professor and CGB, among others, there's a big sentiment of discontent by the MTG community but we all know people will participate in it.

    Freedom of choice is a ***** ain't it?

    Take what you want from it.


    this keeps getting touted. that they made so much money during 2020 that everyone must love these decisions. normally that might be true... but

    hobby spending saw a massive increase across the board, every single hobby, in 2020. we had nothing else to do. every single gaming hobby saw massive surges. i think its disingenuous for these companies to have made major decisions during that period and then to tout them as major successes based solely on sales data. regardless of what they did they were going to sell. its just the nature of hobbies during 2020. people were stuck at home and dumped a lot of money into those aspects of their lives. i think more time will really show us if these decisions were true successes or not.

    if player backlash increases, or if bubbles suddenly burst, then it becomes very obvious that it was a poor decision that was not healthy for the game. that's another thing too, just because you're making money like gangbusters doesn't necessarily mean the game is healthy. these hobbies, especially this one, is also a game. its not just collecting, its not just hoarding, but we actively play. you can sell product hand over fist, but if no one wants to play the game that will catch up to you and your business model will collapse. under normal circumstances everything would be different, but 2020 was a mess. so... we'll see. right now there's a lot of vocal backlash, but we just keep spending anyway.

    they're also decisions designed to drive hype, designed to drive you to buy packs without thinking long term, to fear missing out on new stuff or the next hot thing. they're changes to exploit you, to compel you to spend more. that's not long term sustainable - especially as the EV of a pack decreases and the cost of that pack increases (that's coming soon).

    i'm wagering this'll all run out sooner rather than later, and then we'll all be saying what the **** happened like it hasn't been obvious.

    From Hasbro reports magic has been growing (aka making more money) in a steady growth pattern for years now. And as much as you claim everyone was stuck inside and had nothing to do man of those people became a lot less finically stable and couldn't spend as much as they normally do on magic, as well as not having pre-released or other events which will drive players into buying cards. So hard to tell how the game will look as the pandemic lessens but that can be said about most thing currently.
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  • posted a message on Announcement of a Amouncement of the line up for 2022
    Quote from Draymore2019 »
    I was really hoping for Forgotten Realms 2.

    Won't happened until 2023/2024, they aren't gonna make another DnD set until they get feedback on how this one went.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    And paper makes them more money. People thinking magic is going full (or thinking they are staring too) sound as smart as the people who said we won't see Garruk again after Avacyn Restored. If anything this set shows they don't think arena is making enough money.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria United and Kamigawa Neon Dynasty - New Sets 2022?
    Our glimpse of Kamigawa with Yuriko doesn't indicate it is cyberpunk, and Neon Dynasty doesn't need to mean that. Unless she was from old timeline Kamigawa.

    I'd prefer an updated, resonant Kamigawa, but still retain that feudal theme.

    From when this was first leaked it out right called Kamigawa, "a cyberpunk Japan-inspired plane".

    They can just say (similar to real Japan) that a lot part of the plane is city/modernized but in more traditional in more rural parts and Tamiyo, Yuriko, ect are just in those areas.
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Not a huge thing but if you didn't know the Japense site for magic does condensed managas version of the storyline and the Strixhaven one came out and shows off what Wills new leg prosthetic made of ice could look like;

    I know a lot of mobility aid users in the community are really excited about seeing this and figured I'd share.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    This is everything people said when green was bad (and it's surprisingly more recent than you think, the stars aligned for Green to go from "eh" to the new blue of Eternal formats in Eldraine), and no one remembers. People remember Red being bad, so no one cares about all the recent Red cards that got banned. You can only have enough "one-time" mistakes between things like Fires of Invention and Tibalt's Trickery that maybe you should think about the color's mechanical space, but no, Red was bad before. I expect more banned Red cards, with zero fanfare about them being Red cards. The Tarrasque got more fanfare about it being a bad homage, despite being an obvious step in nerfing Green, so I don't know anymore.

    I defiantly remember the shift in green happening with Innistrad 1 and it getting fight effects to help it with removal.

    Consistency comes when something sticks, like impulsive draw in Red being treated as a waste of cardboard outside of RDW until Outpost Siege was printed two years in.

    To add on, design works around two years in the future so they often go slow since it often a few years for them to feedback from the general player base actually playing with them. They literally just started white getting draw around Eldraine and thus only really now with Innistrad 3 we start to see our feedback on that actually influence design.

    Quote from Kryptnyt »

    Flavor justification for these restrictions that only white seems to get is still kind of up in the air.

    Its not flavor its mechanical. White isn't support to be be drawing cards at all (minus cantrips). The reason is in theory as white is the color of effective small and cheap creatures is the only color to by itself get rid of any permanent type and having wraths, giving white draw then would get white get pretty dominate. As see what has happened with green with it being able to ramp, draw and have effective creatures they can use as creature removal. While white can't ramp it would have smaller creatures thus wouldn't need to ramp the way green would.

    Maro said design wanted to start making more effective small white creatures (Sigrid, God-Favored is a cheap creature who can be a combat trick and removal, used as an example) and are nervous about also letting other cards let you draw off them so are shifting away from Mentor of the Meek effects. That said they said effective small white creatures also will mean cantrips effects (Priest of Ancient Lore).

    Currently they are playing with white getting draw if 1) it lets an opponent also draw, 2) white can set up "rules" that if broke will let the white player draw cards (Esper Sentinel), 2.5) they said Shapers' Sanctuary effects are now white and something they said are leaning into as they already know from past cards how to balance it and 3) giving white cantrips effects to threaten cheap creatures.

    Point 2 also opens up "Ward- This creatures control draws a card" to be a white effect.

    Also there is this;


    clarknes asked:

    My wasn’t Cosmos Elixir actually made a white card? It would have made it strictly worse by limiting how many decks it can go in, but it feels like a card that could have been a cool card for white that now every color gets.


    There’s an alternate reality where we made it white where someone’s writing in asking why it couldn’t have been an artifact, so other colors could have used it.

    By the way, while it doesn’t have a white mana symbol in its mana cost, it is a tool easiest used by white.

    For what it is worth, I do think in the future this effect can be printed on a monowhite card.

    so seems like at least for Maro Survival Cache effects could be white and might work as it limits you to one card per turn and won't also gain you life and draw you cards which can be a bit win more with cards like Dawn of Hope.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria United and Kamigawa Neon Dynasty - New Sets 2022?
    Hmmm not sure now much stock I put in this as domain name stuff has been misleading before and it seems too soon to return to Dominaria. That said would also be side sets or such.

    Quote from Morphling »
    Ah, yes..more lazy re-tread sets. Got it. arms crossed

    There is a number of reasons they do return sets and just chalking up to it being lazy is well...lazy research and shows your lack of real insight.

    Quote from Simto »
    I'm worried how futuristic Cyberpunk Kamigawa will be. Kaladesh is my faviourite plane in terms of aesthetics and art design, but I think they were really pushing the "high tech aether-punk" for what I'd like to see in Magic. As long as the new Kamigawa doesn't get higher tech than that then it's cool.

    They have said Kaladesh is as high tech as they like and tried to design all the tech so that it wouldn't realistically work in the real world showing it was still a fantasy related and needed "magic" to work.
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from fleshrum »

    What on earth are you talking about here? Cancel culture is destroying magic? and that somehow connects to getting in trouble for being old? whaaaaaaat
    This post is off the chain, I love it so much.

    It's funny because the only time the closest thing to cancel culture came to Magic was because a bunch of randos only saw the art of Triumph of Ferocity out of context and assumed the game supported abuse against women. Cancel culture doesn't exist.

    Oh but Garruk got totally canceled and sent to sensitively training and thanks to the SJW we will never ever see him again after Avacyn Restored since he's a toxic male /s.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Name and Number Crunch
    Quote from Faruel »
    I was hoping for a card representing a Deva or Solar but well. They took the Dungeon & Dragon literally and created some dragons and dungeons :D. I am not mad, tho. I am not a huge fan of the mechanics so it's fine. I got my set this year with Kaldheim I suppose.

    I'd be surprised if we didn't see any angles stuff, even as a minor theme, in the Innistrad sets. It play nicely with the tribal theme Kaldheim had for them.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Dire Wolf Prowler— Adam Styborski preview
    Ah the mana sink wolf you activate instead of casting a spell to let your werewolves transform.
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  • posted a message on Speculation for both/either Innistrad set
    Quote from Creedmoor »
    I mean it's gotta be Nahiri and Sorin, Right? I can't take their love hate relationship tease any longer! Haha

    That be gross since Nahiri and Sorin had a daughter/father relationship before hand and Sorin said he sees Nahiri as a child...
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Barbarian Class— Rocketbeans.tv preview
    Introducing the new enchantment subtype, Class. Like level up, you pay a certain cost to unlock new effects. Unlike level up, the previous effects don't go away. Supposedly we're getting twelve of these, seven of which at rare, to represent the twelve D&D classes.

    The artificer packs up their tool box and looks sad into the distance.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Gretchen Titchwillow— Spelltable preview
    Thrasios is still better because it has partner, so he can be whatever color identity you want

    This so much... Don't get me wrong Gretchen is a powerhouse, but Partner is such a busted mechanic that Gretchen doesn't even compare.

    Commander legends really show it isn't, just depends on the cards paired up. Thrasios and maybe Tymna and Kodama are the only really problem ones as they are combos enablers who gain access to others colors and a partners to synergize with.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Mothership 07/02— Minsc, Beloved Ranger, 5 Classes, and You Meet in a Tavern
    Quote from Cragplate »
    this will replace saga

    I really don't see how as they have different card design space and flavor. Also I doubt we will see classes after this set.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Minimus Containment— Skybilz preview
    You can also put it on a token you don't mind getting rid of later for mini ramp.
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