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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine story and plane
    Quote from Lectrys »
    After finding that there's a High King and he goes missing, who else is getting a strong Fisher King vibe from him? I have a bad feeling that, when he comes back or is found, he's injured and Eldraine becomes physically worse off because of this.

    Alternately (or possibly this is the cause of his injury?), the High King may have gone missing because he decided to hunt a Questing Beast.

    Would very much be in theme. The set name is focused on the throne so might be just needing a ruler in the throne in general.

    Who else also thinks that the Kenrith twins' stint in Kylem will figure into the plot? I can easily imagine them hearing the bad news about their father in Kylem, and I find it plausible that the High King went missing partially because his children were not there to watch over him and/or prevent him from following up on his own stupid ideas.

    As quoted above the twins where made for this set originally so might just be them walking in general.

    I wonder if the King knows the two are walkers. Its been interesting see how since the gatewatch formed planeswalkers are becoming more common knowledge.
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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine story and plane
    Some stuff from Maro;

    logical-strix asked: You revealed that the marketing art character is a planeswalker we've seen before whose home plane is Eldraine. Is that Kasmina in the red hood? Did she change her hair color?

    A: It’s Rowan. She and Will are from Eldraine.

    achillesandtortoise asked: were Will & Rowan originally created for Battlebond or Eldraine?

    A: They were first created for Throne of Eldraine. Then Battlebond was looking for planeswalkers with partner and we were like, “we have twin planeswalkers”.

    thoalmighty asked: It’s great that we get to see the Kenrith’s home plane, but it admittedly feels odd seeing Rowan but not Will. Are you able to tell us whether Will is in the set or where he is if he is not?

    A: Will’s in the set.

    mirronx asked: Hey, is Will a Planeswalker in the set? Lots of people seem to think he is going to be a Creature instead, conformation would be nice.

    A: Will is still a planeswalker. He hasn’t gotten demoted or anything. : )

    gabecampos89 asked: Is the third planeswalker from Throne of Eldraine (which looks amazing btw), someone we know or a new character?

    A:There is a planeswalker in Throne of Eldraine that is a brand new character:

    trevorstrnad asked: will eldrain have 3 sets (like the recent guilds of ravnica "block")? would be kinda sad if a new plane will only be featured in one set

    A: Eldraine is just featured in one set. Baseball (the codename of the next set) will be on a different plane.

    So the planeswalkers will be Rowan, Will and someone new.

    Another fun fact for Eldraine;
    hoardeofcats asked: Birthday trivia! I've missed the last few years of these but finally remembered this time. I love faeries, and am excited for Throne of Eldraine; can you say yet what's one distinct thing about Eldraine faeries that differs from those of Lorwyn-Shadowmoor/Dominaria/Ravnica/etc.?

    The color mix is a little different than previous Faerie-centric sets.

    Happy Birthday!

    My thinking (from my own thoughts when making a fan set with the same flavor):
    W- Fairy Godmother types who bless the good and punish the bad. Might replace angles as well as be "big" fairies that are human sized.
    U- mix of trickster sprits and wise fairy tropes (maybe a tinker bell that gives everything flying). As the Faerie type is based in blue I think this where we will still see most of them.
    B/R- I think we'd maybe see a few as emotion driven and/or dark fairy godmother. Maybe a few G ones for nature fairies BUT mtg faeries are very tied to having flying would be hard to fit a lot mono-green flyers. Similar to spirits on Innistrad, I could see them in all five colors but centers in WU for this world (and play with the flying theme in M20). Whats everyone else thoughts?
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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine story and plane
    Amazon description for Wilder Quest appeared;

    “The exciting new story of Magic’s latest release, Throne of Eldraine. The young warrior-mage twins Rowan and Will Kenrith quest for their missing father, the High King. Rowan and Will’s powers are strong, but the world of Eldraine is a dangerous place! A thrilling mashup of Arthurian legend and Grimm’s fairy tales seen through the unique lens of Magic: The Gathering, here you will find magic, monsters, and mystery true to both traditions.”

    So looks like Princess Rowan and Prince Will are the kids of the king Arthur equivalent of Eldraine who is missing. Since he's gone it might mean Will or Rowan are up for the crown.

    Theory time : Will is the older twin and is staying behind at court to try and play “game of thrones” while Rowan travels out to look for their father. Feels in color for both as well to do these jobs.
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  • posted a message on [C19] Mire of Misery -oh lets just say maro said they are starting to give black these types of cards
    Quote from NZB2323 »
    Liliana of the veil’s ultimate can destroy anything, depending on what pile the opponent picks.

    This was what I was thinking, black can force player to pick between things to sack so having it limited to enchants and creatures seems fine, in color and doesn't undermine black weakness since a player can get around this with a creature or by not having an enchantment.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Planeswalker deck cards (Rowan)
    Eh really nothing to say. Rowan looks like she's red again but walker decks have changed characters colors for game play so Rowan could be red and another color even.

    Quote from Mockingbird »
    I'm curious if a new Will Kenrith will show up as well.

    Maro has said Rowan, Will and someone new are the walkers for the set, with Rowan and the new character getting the walker decks.
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  • posted a message on [C19] Tectonic Hellion
    I like that this punishes the player with the most lands which feel a bit more fair for land destruction.
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  • posted a message on [C19] Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and a new scarecrow.
    Quote from Manite »
    As I said in another topic, I'm not really impressed with Gerrard's new card. It's better than Gerrard Capashen, to be sure, but I kinda hoped he'd do something more aggro-oriented, like give all your attacking creatures double strike, or even give you an extra combat phase. Shoot, give him Battle Cry as a nod to Gerrard's Battle Cry! I just don't get why he was chosen for a one-shot limited reanimation trigger. Gerrard didn't bring anyone back from the dead by sacrificing himself to destroy Yawgmoth, heck Yawgmoth was the one reanimating dead people just beforehand. I'm sorry, but this Gerrard is still disappointing. Design really should have known better. Here's hoping next year gets a RW deck with a much better Gerrard as the face card.

    Scaretiller, now that's a pretty decent card. Goes great with cycling lands, fetchlands, lands with sac effects such as Command Beacon and Sanctum of Eternity, and land sac effects such as Aggressive Mining and Destructive Digger.

    Gerrard is a flavor win for sure, although the red is kinda misplaced as he's one of the most mono-white characters ever in Magic's stories.
    Flavor win? How? Who came back to life when Gerrard sacrificed himself to destroy Yawgmoth? What artifacts were rebuilt?

    And Gerrard has red in him, too. He initially abandoned the crew after one of his close friends, Rofellos, died, and he gave in to his emotions more than once, like when he attacked Greven all out or when he submitted to Yawgmoth in return for reuniting with Hanna (which of course turned out to be a lie). Gerrard is one of the most RW characters ever in Magic's stories.

    The flavor is him sacrificing himself to save the creatures and artifacts from the edge of death. The artifact is the weatherlight and legacy weapon.

    I like how Gerrard and Feather play into the Boros space (aggro and pump spells) but done in way that opens up a bunch of options for the colors. Wrath deck does sound like a fun deck, though for red/white ill stick to my feather deck.
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  • posted a message on Comander 2019 preview schedule
    Someone else pointed out Leadership Vacuum doesn't target. Gets around hex proof and protection.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from Kman »
    Actually The Dark had Frankenstein's Monster. Innistrad wasnt nearly as blatant as this, not even close.

    As Eldraine? We got in Innistrad dracula, Frankenstein, the fly, the invisible man, the exorcist, van helsing, dr jekyyl and mr hyde off the top off my head, all as original as flaxen intruder.

    Also the story of Rapunzel features a maiden locked in a tower by -monster- is found in a lot of stories, similar to how Dracula is the go to gothic vampire but is certainly not the only one. A lot of fairy tale tropes people think of are popularized by one or two stories even if tons of others use the trope i.e. there are Wicked Stepmothers who enslave their stepchild (often a young maiden) found in (or versions of) Hansel and Gretel, the Little men in the woods, snow white, the juniper tree but the story everyone links the trope to is the versions of Cinderella.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    Quote from Mishotem »
    My speculation for the set is that the timeline is concurrent with GRN/RNA/WAR. Not too significant, but it might explain the sudden change of focus and the lack of Gatewatch.

    I pretty sure this the case. The Kenrith were not in War so them (and any other walker) will need a reason to why they didn't show up. Or we might get new walkers who where apart of the war just not seen by us.
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  • posted a message on Comander 2019 preview schedule
    Quote from Xcric »
    when there's so many different websites, channels, and feeds getting previews that you need to publish an article to track them all, its time to rethink how you ******* preview things.

    sweet ******* jesus. no one is going to go to all that ***** to see some damn spoilers. they're going to just go somewhere that shows them all at once.

    their spoiler strategy sucks so much dick and is beyond obnoxious now.

    IMO giving out spoilers a nice way to thank the content creators and it introduces me to people in the community I wouldn't have heard of otherwise. Plus its always fun to see what ways they present their card. Get over yourself.
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  • posted a message on New Judge Promo's Announced
    And I just bought a Yuriko :/

    Wonder if it will have her mask in this one.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from 5colors »
    Arthur Conquering Rome

    You know i'm italian and i don't know what you are talking about.

    Just reference the ask Maro got that is the much needed obscure lore everyone here is I guess upset won't be referenced.

    Quote from mikeyG »
    Quote from 5colors »

    Also how is Innistrad any better when it literally made cards based on the fly, invisible man, dracula, ect?

    The tropes referred to were inherently broad to begin with and not just direct expies (such as the references to the number 13, references to broad horror tropes like fear of the dark, claustrophobia, alchemy, cannibalism, angry townsfolk with pitchforks and torches etc). Or the tropes referenced have themselves been replicated multiple times in different works over the past few centuries so the references are to a thread of referential works (Delver of Secrets, for example, is not a reference only to The Fly but also the earlier The Metamorphosis). That means when there is a direct one-to-one reference, such as the references to Frankenstein, it feels earned more than derivative because it's supported by a suite of references that aren't as specific.

    I could argue we already have a number of that in the art already. I see True loves kiss, Evil step mother enslaving a stepdaughter, witch cooking kids in pies and living in the woods, magical swords and twins/brother/sister lost in the woods are all found on many stories. The hag offering an apple referring Snow white which in term is often thought of linked with other stories of temptation of women with fruit such as Eve and Persephone who are then curse after eating the offered treat.

    This feels balanced and not lazy because there are many layers of reference so even the occasional Captain Ersatz doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Innistrad was a setting made up almost entirely of references, but because so many of them have no single, specific reference point (and instead refer to very general concepts) the overall setting doesn't at all feel derivative. It's that balance I was referring to earlier. I hope Eldraine has that balance (or has some other way to make the Captain Ersatz conga line we've been shown so far make sense).

    I think its simply Inninstrad just lesser know with the source material as a story and the themes where more known as it being a genre instead of a mythology. And a number of thing you talking about horror tropes being broad and not having a single source are also true for many fairy tales tropes I listed above. As I said above a number of stuff we have seen has gone with way with Eldraine.
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  • posted a message on Speculation for Return to Theros
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    how can we get monstrosity adapt is essential the fixed version of it?

    Adapt isn't a fix version it was made into a +1/+1 counter matter to feel more simic and I think it was even made more narrow for that reason.

    We normally only get 3 mechanics now so unless we have more than one set on Theros (which I think we will) hard to tell since so many of the ones from the old block work. I could see Heroic, Devotion and Monstrosity back. Heroic for flavor and they mentioned during Journey into Nyx that the mechanic had more design space in the vein of Sage of Hours. While Devotion might not in due to flavor, it was very popular, powerful and its very tied to the Gods card designs. Monstrosity I think has the best chance since its flavorful and was popular with a fair amount of design space.

    Enchantment creatures would also be a shoe in.

    Constellation is a maybe since Maro mentioned Constellation limits design space, though it might work as a sub for devotion.

    Bestow is maybe since development is scared of it.

    No Inspired or Tribute.

    I could see Sagas similar to curses on Amonkhet, a few (a cycle or two) but not a full on mechanic. Just something flavorful and would be a way to play up enchantments.
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  • posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Maro didn't say they wouldn't more use obscure Arthur stuff just it wasn't super deep to a wider audience since most don't even know the the somewhat known green knight, let alone the really obscure stuff like Arthur Conquering Rome or The Reign of Uther. As SilverWolf_27 somewhat pointed out they do obscure stuff just not as often and normally at higher rarities such as the serpopard in Amonkhet and hecatoncheires in Theros.

    Also how is Innistrad any better when it literally made cards based on the fly, invisible man, dracula, ect?
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