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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Last story for Zendikar 3:


    -Jace sealing was a bit of a coup out, though to repeat thing if we gotten more stories would have been a decent way to end a story on a cliff hanger while Nahiri and Nissa fought and freed once Nissa freed the core.

    -I do wanna see a proper finish to Sorin vs Nahiri.

    -Hey Nahiri how do you like not being able to move as a magic tech orb is taken from you? Not fun is it?

    -So it final Nissa is out of the gatewatch fully. While she might rejoin it seems Amonkhet, War of the Spark, the Chandra break up and Gideons death has killed the "blue" side of Nissa who was willing and wanting to learn more about other people and place.

    -Oh wait no Jace trying to take over her mind in the final straw.

    -The kor core (lol) being powered by a spark of Zendikars soul is very symbolic and I like. Might also explain how it was working, by sucking up more of the world soul which was what was leading to the blight and resulting "tame-ness".

    -I do like the black-side of Nissa being her believing in her self more. While I'm annoyed she keeps being used to fill in color balances Im for more positive black aspects shown.

    -So they do have a story reason why Zendikar is recovering so fast, as it looks like Nissa returning the piece of world soul renewed the whole plane to the point Bala Ged is regrowing.

    -Not sure I like the "lesson" here. While all this could have been solved by everyone listening to each other, no one made any effort to do so besides Nissa listening to the core.

    -That said I do like the themed of guilt we saw with the walkers and it ending with how broken people can still be redeemed.

    Overall: My biggest critique is I think we could have had another 3-5 stories to flesh thing out more. A lot of moments felt rushed and fasted paced when I think they could have been slown down. The writing itself was decent, not the best we seen, but I didn't dislike it and wouldn't mind if they had the author return. I do give a nod to Greenblatt able to not only novelize the trailer but make it work with her own themes and characters, something that you only can see in this kind of multimedia franchise.

    Character: Fine for the most part with Nahiri being the best written. I do like they push all into Nahiri being an old walker like of villain and I think the adding in of the Kor empire helped flesh her out and gives her a bit more to her past actions as being an old walker and a for from that time period instilling in her a "actions justify the means for (my version) of the greater good".

    Future (semi-boarderline) speculation
    Its been brought up but we might be getting a anti-gatewatch, each of the last few sets has left us with a walker with a grudge to a main character:

    Eldraine had Oko with a life debt to Rowan and on Garruks ***** list

    Theros had bot Calix hunting down Elspeth (and Ashiok going off to phyrexia but that feels more for that storyline)

    Ikoria had Vivien going to hunt Lukka to make sure he not up to anything bad and the unknow walker*

    and now Zendikar 3 with both Nahiri and Nissa not trusting Jace and Nahiri has a long tentacle-sized history of not handling grudges well.

    To me Nissa breaking away hasn't been too much of a shock. Ive been noticing she has been slowly phased out of the marketing and replaced with Vivien and Garruk taking up the green slot of stuff. From what we know of the gatewatch history Gideon, Jace, Chandra and Liliana where the most popular walkers in in mono color (who was alive) with Nissa being picked as at the time she was the only green walker and was related to the eldrazi storyline. And since then I don't think she had reached the popularity they liked for a face of the game outside of her and Chandra possibly getting together and now thats all a mess. Just like I'm guessing they picked to bring back Elspeth around Gideon dying to replace him as a face, I got the feeling Ikoria and Eldraine did a similar thing to Vivien (who now is acting more inline with the gatewatch by using her planeswalker-ness to help) and Garruk (now cured, has the twins ground his humanity and Liliana believed dead, no major conflict wit the gatewatch). I don't think thy gonna write off Issa but I think she gonna go back to being a supporting character who we see on Zendikar and/or if we get to another plane with a land theme. I also guessing Oko is the one who was messing around on Ikoira and I think he was on Ravnica for War of the Spark so that might end with a conflict with the gatewach and/or plus Vivien and Garruk.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Wow... they are really crossing a line here... people always used altered cards, so crossover versions of cards are not a problem (as was mentioned above, Zilortha was already pushing that quite a bit, but still kind of acceptable).
    But when doing pure crossover cards without a regular version anywhere, those HAVE to be silver bordered...

    This how I feel, having different "skins" for cards imo was the perfect way to this for black border.

    That said Maro has said they are willing to "reprint" any cards in the Walking Dead lair with a actual magic art and name ect. Though I wish they had just done that to begin with.
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim Modal Transform Mechanic Hunch
    Quote from Morphling »
    They definitely had plans to make Companions a regular thing too, remember?

    Source for this?
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Quote from Max Rebo »
    Nissa is going full EcoTerrorist again... re-retcon from the original ... and now add angy, hateful, any means necessary, Black.. she's getting vicious

    Your thinking of Vivien? Nissa never been an "EcoTerrorist".
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  • posted a message on Rules committee narrow minded?
    Price is also relative, until Feather came around most cards people used with her where .25 bulk and skull briar got a boost from the keyword counter deck.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    -Yup im glad Akiri survived as well

    -I feel like we could have gotta a story from Nissa tracking Nahiri as well

    -I like how Akiri was not wanting to help Jace after Nahiri

    -In a sad way Akiri is very right that the Zendikar Nahiri is no more and we are seeing more of Nahiri white villain side in that she can't not let that go

    -I see Nahiri following into a similar hate that she had with Sorin with Jace.

    -Yup so Nahiri want to have a rebirth of the kor empire and from Jace noted wants to turn Zendikar into a Ravnica like city-plane.

    -Yup Nahiri isn't gonna be a ally anytime soon

    -Jace for being the "smart one" your really really dumb

    -And now we are seeing how Nissa's old walker level powers she can have on Zendikar and likely any plane that likes her, though so far it seems all but Kaladesh dislike her funny enough.

    -Considering the story moments we gotten so far it looks likely next week will end with Jace being sealed on Zendikar. While I'm not sure wizards would put Jace on a bus for a long time, it might be their way of not having Jace helping out any of the gatewatch in the future similar how none of the avengers seem able to assemble in a solo superhero movie. They already had to put in Jace looking for the other and failing to find them as why none of them are helping with Zendikar.

    Quote from Mullerornis »
    New story today.

    when they faced Nicol Bolas again.

    Please don't, War of the Spark is already pretty pointless.

    I'm pretty similar, I know they didn't out right kill in as they did want to have the option to bring him back but I'd rather that be in several (10+) years when we have finished up the current protagonists arcs and/or moved on to the next group of protagonists.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Full set reveal
    Quote from kirin4969 »
    But then they create stuff like mutate and don’t take responsibility for that.

    Take responsibility in what way? or did you mean companion which Maro talked about in his state of design article.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legend Spoiler Season starts on the 12th of October
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Spoiler Season is Eternal.
    Spoiler Season is Always.

    Can't let you catch breath, spoil, spoil, spoil, consume, consume, consume!!!!!! Sweat

    And I'm sure between now and then we'll have 2-5 Secret Lairs spoiled that they can't ship until March of next year.

    Amazing with a plague, protesting, an election year and you really needed to come to a magic forum to look for a reason to ***** huh?
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  • posted a message on Stixhaven : Harry Potter :: Ikoria : Godzilla
    Quote from DJK3654 »
    I would like a world themed around the source material HP is derived from, such as a school of wizards, English themed, with various "houses" or "dorms" etc. Although frankly this is a concept that seems more appropriate for a region of a world (such as Minamo on Kamigawa) that it is to carry an entire plane. I imagine the school is a prominent location of the plane at large, but not the whole world itself.

    Quote from Blogatog »

    "It may he a bit early to ask, but is Strixhaven the name of the whole plane or just the school?"

    It’s the name of the school.

    Maro has said its on a new plane, that said for Maro as the lead designer he uses new plane as in a plane that never been the focus of a (non-core) standard legal set so it might be Vyrn or Kylem as well.

    If it was Kylem might also follow up on Will and Rowan.

    Quote from user-11102155 »
    i personally dont care much about HP and I absolutly dont care if it will be like godzilla or not.

    i just hope this set just wont be a bunch of wizards and their pet owls. i would like if the schools are just based on the 1 color and that they have different creature types like:

    blue = wizards
    green = druids
    red = shamans
    white = clerics
    black = warlocks

    if they can do that, i accept the 5 school thing. you can distinguish them by the creature type and therefor also by what kind of spells they use.

    Without knowing if this is a top down or bottom up set yet I think this sounds like the most likely flavor and it would play very well with Party and the minor tribal stuff we have in Zendikar 3.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Looking at war of the spark I think the planeswalker break down might mimic the legendary partners as there is a similar amount;

    5 mythic
    10-15 rare
    25-20 uncommon

    so per color;
    1 mythic
    2-3 rares
    5-4 uncommon

    which seems reasonable for drafting and such. Most of my character picks are mute-colored so not sure how many will appear, at this point only likely ones I'm hoping for are the Bolas-gods pre-Bolas.
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  • posted a message on Stixhaven : Harry Potter :: Ikoria : Godzilla
    IIRC the godzilla thing was a last minute idea from Toho, not something Wizards are actively looking to do with other sets. So while the possibility is there I don't think its something to count on.

    Plus magical schools aren't a Harry Potter thing, they have been around for years in fantasy. While I would bet some Harry Potter tropes touched on, I think people who hear magic school and can only think of Harry Potter need to read more.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legend Spoiler Season starts on the 12th of October
    Hype is on, I was looking forward to this set since it was announced and I want to see more spoilers already Grin
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Quote from ChrisBP7 »
    The hedrons are not necessarily connected to the Eldrazi only. If I remember correctly, Nahiri had the knowledge of how to create them even before meeting Ugin and Sorin. Ugin learned the lithomancy necessary for it from her and added the draconic symbols to specifically use them as a network for Eldrazi imprisonment, but this implies that hedrons themselves were a thing even before the Eldrazi. Probably used in much lesser capacity by the lithomancy-proficient Kor empire and not used as a Zendikar-spanning network, but still. I don't think there is a direct problem with the worldbuilding here.
    While all of this is possible. That is only if they choose to further retcon established lore. The word Hedron came from Ugin when they were building the prisons.
    One by one, she pulled carefully crafted stone shapes out of the earth—hedrons, Ugin had called them, and the name had stuck.

    Also the story is clearly referencing the plane spanning network of hedrons integrated into the leylines.
    The lace of leylines and the hedrons that channeled them might have been touching his skin, he sensed them so keenly.

    I'm fine with them saying "the Kor always used strange cryptic patterns in their stone/art work. I am not fine with them saying "The hedrons were built to trap the Eldrazi, the eldrazi came after the fall of the Kor empire. The kor empire had Hedrons."

    A little of both tbh. It looks like it was a over sight in the continuity. That said 1) from the article they said the empire was in decline around when the eldrazi where sealed and 1.5) said the last skycaves was taken down by elrazi tentacle when the eldrazi where lured there and 2) Nahiri took 40 year to make all the hedrons and they where likely popping up all over as she was finishing them. So all these together there is a time, pre-eldrazi where you had the Kor empire having hedrons. Yes its bending over backwards some but those elements and the vague timeline means this story could fit, even if they didn't much plan to do so.

    Quote from soramaro »
    This week's side story was kind of eh. Obuun is so far removed from what is happening on Zendikar right now that I found it hard to care (yes I know that he's technically still alive). We didn't really learn anything about the Kor Empire either other than they do typical empire things, forcing people to assimilate and whatnot.
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    On Nahiri and kor nationalism, her Arena quotes pretty much confirm she wants to restore the kor empire.
    I still wish that aspect would show up in the actual story as well, but I'm going to stop *****ing... for now.

    I'm guessing since he's the legend for the commander deck?

    But this what they promised, side/filler/slice of life stories that would focus more on the legendary characters who lived on each plane. I believed Draydens Ravnica 3 short stories where what they sited for what they where going for. Personally I'm not into them but outside of Drana and the walkers idc really bout Zendikar but I do look forward to them for world building for kaldheim and strixhaven and for Innistrad which does have legends I really like.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    Judging by Zareth's comment in the previous story as well as the whole kor supremacy subtext it'd probably be a repeat of the kor empire.

    Which was what Zendikar was before the eldrazi and where Nahiri likely grew up, which would be the Zendikar she knew.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising- Lore and Story
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    I also think its kind of strange that the core is constantly described as star-like in terms of brilliance, yet Nahiri makes a sedron emit "dark energy". Like the story almost had it with the white villainy but decided to screw with it for some reason.

    I think its to show the connection to the lithomancy blight but your right that a white and sterile feel is more closer to white villainy (though maybe it was trying to separate them from the Ulamog waste look.

    Quote from soramaro »
    They should've come up with a better reason for why Nahiri needed a party to go with her. Yeah, here and there it's mentioned that they help each other along the way, but it really seems like Nahiri could've done all this by herself.

    This one thing I think having more stories might have helped. I feel like this story could be two separate stories (one with them getting to the core and one of them escaping) and could have more time with the "party going through the dungeon" (and add to the Adventure world feel) to show why the skycave wasn't something Nahiri could solo.
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