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  • posted a message on Packaging for Dominaria and M19
    Quote from Urabrask »
    So with the planeswalker decks, Chandra and Teferi are confirmed as planeswalkers in the set, right?


    We're significantly pulling back on how often the Gatewatch will appear as planeswalker cards. It will still happen when the story calls for it, but far less often. For example, for all of 2017 and 2018, only a handful of planeswalker cards will be Gatewatch members, and that's including in Planeswalker Decks, where they'll appear slightly more often.

    So with Jaya being on board I'm thinking Chandra will only appearere as a planeswalker deck walker and Jaya will be in the main set, so the set walkers will be (IMO) Liliana, Karn, Teferi and Jaya.
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  • posted a message on Future Themes of Commander Products
    Quote from SaprazZANY »
    The question is, what planeswalkers might you base four themes around? Last time they used the opportunity to give walker cards to old characters who never had the chance. Maybe it will be similar this time - so who are the candidates?
    - Jaya Ballard (yes she will likely be in dominaria, but as a de-sparked mage)
    - Urza (seems unlikely to me but y'never know)
    - Leshrac (possibly relevant if the Raven Man = Lim-Dûl theory is proven correct)
    - Azor (new players would be familiar with him and it'd be cool to see him in walker form)

    What do y'all think?

    I'd be surprised if we didn't get Serra. I think her and Urza where the biggest ones people where hoping for the first time around.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from magac »

    Vraska's story is a bit too straightforward and too... easy. I would've expected Bolas to not fully honor his side of the deal, but now with Jarad about to kick the bucket, well, we'll see what'll happen.

    Bolas gets more out of Vraska, now his *minion*, being the guild master then he would betraying her, which is what he is going to do in anyways with his invasion.
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret & Nicol Bolas new arts for M19
    Quote from Inanimate »
    I wonder if this will be the Villain focused set that Magic: Origins was suppose to be. It would couple well with there goal of not focusing on the Gatewatch.

    You should go back and re read the OP.
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  • posted a message on Tezzeret & Nicol Bolas new arts for M19
    Quote from Velrun »

    Have they decided if the M-series will be canon?

    In M12 Gideon was Killer by Bolas. But since it’s not canon then he lives again in the next set Wink

    DotP 2012, the game not the set, had a story made from an outside company and isn't canon. Seeing the mess of the that story creative took control of the story from then on and while the canon of DotP games are somewhat in question, the stories they done on their websites are canon.

    Quote from Watchwolf »
    That definitely looks like Tezzeret on Esper, which thematically implies the possibility of an Origins set. However, that version of Tez is definitely post-mindscuplt. Also, the red lightning implies that version of Esper is post-conflux. Assuming this isn't an Origins set, I wonder what Tez is doing on modern-day Alara.

    Bolas's art is annoyingly vague. Can't really glean very much from art that was most likely just recycled from Amonkhet or Archenemy.

    The origin walkers backside showed them in the present day, while the front was them in the past.
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  • posted a message on Mini Announcment day
    Quote from 5colors »

    This proves a hunch of mine and others that the next Core set will explore the backgrounds of the Anti-Gatewatch or Rogues Gallery Yaay!

    Sorry to say this is not the case;

    Well, I guess it’s OK to say this now. The theme of M19 is not “villains.” Don’t worry though; the set still has plenty of villains in it.-Ethan Fleischer

    I am now terribly Sad.

    As long as it's enjoyable I suppose :/

    Well at least they now know we would be very interested in it and good thing they put a brake in us getting on the wrong hype train.
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  • posted a message on Mini Announcment day

    This proves a hunch of mine and others that the next Core set will explore the backgrounds of the Anti-Gatewatch or Rogues Gallery Yaay!

    Sorry to say this is not the case;

    Well, I guess it’s OK to say this now. The theme of M19 is not “villains.” Don’t worry though; the set still has plenty of villains in it.-Ethan Fleischer
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  • posted a message on Mini Announcment day
    Quote from Sniffnoy »
    Interestingly, the Chinese planeswalker decks are called "Global Series: Jiang Yanggu and Mu Yanling". I'm assuming based on the name "Global Series" if this sells well we'll later see this for other countries or regions?

    This product might be a test product to see if it sells better in China. If so, Wizards will likely design a Chinese-themed expansion in the future.

    I am sure a Chinese setting has been on the short list for years.

    I don't think Wizards will release an entire Chinese themed set globally. The low sales numbers of the Kamigawa block are too deep of a wound for this to happen. But of course they want a piece of the huge potential Chinese market and apparently have decided they need products that are more accesible to chinese customers. I think this deck is an attempt to create a gateway drug to Magic for Chinese players that might not have the same evocative connection to Magic's fantasy themes as an average Western customer.

    The low sales of Kamigawa means we won't see Kamigawa again doesn't mean we won't see worlds with similar inspiration, we just had Tarkir for example. Maro has even said they would do another Japanese inspired world again someday (its an more of when then an if), just not Kamigawa.
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  • posted a message on Valetine Mini-Announacements: New Planes
    Quote from Etherium Sage »
    Quote from Flisch »
    With all those planes of Planechase unused, do they really need to create all these one-shot planes? Fot this 2HG plane, there was already a perfect place: Kolbahan and its astral arena, perfect place for a big sport,complete with spectator stands... did they really need to create another plane with this Kylem and Valor's Reach?! Meh... Eyebrow

    Your question was probably meant to be rhetorical, but the truth is that, yes, they actually might have had to, due to potential copyright and trademark or other issues involving the naming of a product. Same happened with Mongseng/Tarkir (Mongseng is or contains a slur in some language) and Arkhos/Theors (IIRC Arkhos was unavailable due to the name already being registered by someone else).

    Even so, the Astral Arena seems a bit out of theme for what they want to do with Kylem. It's a tad more sinister and too otherworldy.

    The real problem is Planechase introducing a bunch of planes, that due to time and budget constraints can't all get proper names and as thus are forever locked out from being a focus for a future set. As much as I love planechase, I think it would've been better to only stick to known planes, or at least to keep the new planes to a minimum, so that they each can get the proper treatment.

    Nothing is more grating than having this really cool concept of a plane you know will never happen. Like it's just out of reach. :/

    Meanwhile, Esper still doesn't have a Planechase plane card, because reasons.

    Besides that, they did basically push themselves into a corner where the Planechase planes are concerned by being so specific about them. I think sticking to pre-established planes would have been a much better idea, as there's not really a shortage of locations on those to choose from.

    Vryn made it through okay.

    I really like having creative elements added into side products. Helps fill out the multiverse as well as set up for future storylines.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    From the io9.gizmodo article we also know Chandra will be in the story somewhere.

    I'd be surprised if Josu doesn't appear somewhere in the story.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Returns
    More I think on it Liliana works so well here. She can somewhat be an avatar for the older players. She hasn't been to Dominaria in a long time but dose have knowledge of it during her past and will be exploring what has changed since she has been away.

    Quote from TearingEons »
    As for the walkers this set, I do hope that the old walkers do get cards since this is Dominaria and they have more ties to its history than the new walkers. Who knows, maybe WotC will just give us five or six walkers since this is one of the more crucial sets. Gideon and Liliana are fine with two cards, so that would leave three or four more for walkers. It is unusual, but this set needs to stick the landing, and SOI showed that they are willing to up the walker count, so I don't see why Wotc wouldn't pull out the stops.

    I think thats defiantly a development issues, but I could see 4 walkers, Liliana or Gideon (I don't think we see both of them getting new card right after Amonkhet and them wanting to open the card slots to other walkers), Karn, Jaya and maybe re-sparked Teferi or someone we've yet to see. Walkers are pretty blanked in standard color wise with red and black being slightly lower (Liliana and Jaya) so hard to tell who could get a card.
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  • posted a message on An Informal Breakdown of Gideon's Unending Hubris
    Quote from kolayhe »
    Quote from 5colors »
    I'm disappointed, was hoping for something a little more insightful after your Tezzeret article. Honesty this seems more of you just venting of why you hate Gideon, which is sad because you had a great set up to talk about Gideon being suicidal and his actions of self sacrifice are his secret hope to die. Also you might wanna re-read the lore some stuff you brought up either didn't happen, you just read a summary/looked at the cards or feel like your bending what happen to further your point.

    Gideon is defiantly my least favorite character of the gatewatch and I agree the most bland, so I'm not saying your wrong, just I feel there was more to the character and after how you look through Tezzeret figured you give the same kind of insight.

    Appreciate the criticisms. Next up I was gonna dive into Liliana, so I'll bare all this in mind. It's difficult to judge just how much tongue-in-cheek people like to read regarding specific characters. I just found it incredibly difficult with Gideon because his character feels like its been written with a specific goal in mind, damned be the road that gets him there. It's not a very "natural" progression of character, and feels quite forced with the writing and situations they've put him in, alongside the weird decisions he's made. It very much feels like flash situations are written in for him to make decisions, but the writers haven't considered the long game - if they had they'd have noticed that they're putting him in basically the same situation over and over again and not having his character actually learn, ever. There's an awful lot of plot convenience being used.

    I shall write very differently going forward.

    Thats a fair point, I just saying if your going to include the negatives of who they writing the character also put in the development that have tried to put in, up to you if you think development is any good.

    For example you touch on how Gideon in the Karpman drama triangle, the Rescuer is trying to look for victims in order to avoid their own issues. Well that what Gideon is indeed doing, avoid his depression and guilt over killing his friends and his failures on Zendikar. In Hour of Devestion (the story) we finally learn that Gideon has also been hoping at some level that he could be killed all those times he jump out in front of others. Also how is he going to cope now he lost the two biggest "victim characters" of the gatewatch, Chandra and Jace who have found a new understanding of themselves and no long weight as much by their past trauma.

    Now I'm not saying Gideon is now my favorite white planeswalker but at least it feel creative has a planned arc that somewhat fits his past actions and has somewhere more to go then being the paragon of the group, even if that means he's still the (imo) most boring white aligned walker.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    A lot of people seem to dislike the ending with the emperor, but I thought it was fine for what it was. It sets up a return to Ixalan nicely, though I'm unsure of how they're going to justify merfolk on Torrezon. I'm now leaning more towards the belief that the ending was decided from the start, because I can't imagine how the merfolk or vampires taking Orazca could really set up a future block on Torrezon rather than Ixalan. Even if it was truly able to be changed, the variable part of the story was much shorter than I expected, so it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway. That means that they really didn't need to dedicate that much time to writing four endings, since each was only 20% of the story. I would be a little more lenient in my criticism of the story knowing that they had to write four full articles for each possible outcome, but since that clearly isn't the case, they've lost their primary excuse for the less than well-written parts of the story and the inconsistencies across different mediums. On the bright side, it's incredibly reassuring to know that they're getting an actual writer to do Dominaria's story, and hopefully they continue to have professional authors to write future storylines.

    From the story credits they had only Alison Luhrs and Kelly Digges writing all 13 (12 to them) Ixalan stories, which also might explain the gap between what happened on the cards and art book and the story. Only some much they can write before being burned out as well as what other jobs they do at wizards.
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  • posted a message on Mini Announcment day
    Quote from Hawk7915 »
    Quote from Tekkactus »
    Quote from Etherium Sage »
    [quote from="Ryperior74 »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/the-rumor-mill/789387-mini-announcment-day?comment=6"]Serra, Lord Windgrace, Leshrac, the Leviathan Planeswalker Bolas killed, Kenan Sahrmal (Shandalar oldwalker), Dyfed

    Lots of oldwalkers to choose from.

    Announcing Commander 2018, featuring fan favorites Ramaz, Vronos, Baltrice, and Sifa Grent!

    Wow that optimism though. More accurate is:

    "Announcing Commander 2018! Protect yourself using Ajani, trick opponents with Jace Beleren, cause chaos as Tibalt, or summon a dinosaur army as Huatli!"

    Yeah, I sure wish they use would use the commander decks to give cards to characters who haven't gotten cards yet, when are we gonna get our Taigam card, Ludevic card or Feldon card? Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Returns
    No to exploring a plane with such a deep lore and history through the lenses of characters that have zero connection (emotional or otherwise) to the places visited. Just the thought of Liliana going around places I wished to see again for over a decade acting snarky, dismissive and know-it-all, not giving a single damn about what are those places she visits and what has transpired there, makes my eyes roll.

    You do realize Liliana is from Dominaria right?

    You said it yourself, I think its too soon to cry out that the gatewatch is stealing all the spotlight in this set, all we have is the hook, Gideon and Liliana go to kill her last demon and explore the plane. From the end of todays story we do know Gideon is on the rebuilt weatherlight with Jaya so the more reasonable guess is that Gideon and Liliana end up crossing paths with the old characters and they all become a party of sorts.
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