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  • posted a message on Gather Specimens /Containment Priest
    My opponent casts Exhume. In response, I cast Containment Priest. In response to that, my opponent casts Gather Specimens. Does the creature from my graveyard enter under his control or does it get exiled?
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  • posted a message on Assassin's Trophy
    Quote from Vannatar »
    Assassin's Trophy may end up being the best card in the set because of eternal format playability, as older formats just don't play many basics - and likely never will. The "destroy a land" aspect won't really matter for Standard though because they get an untapped land immediately.

    This most interesting comparison/competitor for slots is likely Abrupt Decay.

    Two mana is too expensive for a removal spell in Legacy. Nobody plays Abrupt Decay anymore either.

    The mana cost compression in Legacy has become ridiculously absurd. The consensus best deck in that format (Death's Shadow) has zero cards in the maindeck that cost more than 1 mana to cast.
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  • posted a message on Meddling mage ability
    Quote from justpayload »
    What? Who told you this, they're clearly cheating, abilities go on the stack, you can choose which one to happen first, then the other will resolve, nothing gets forgotten, it just goes in the order you choose

    Meddling Mage doesn't have a trigger. His opponent is trying to pull an old trick. Since you have to choose a card for Meddling Mage before Champion of the Parish triggers at all, his opponent is trying to use that to claim that since he's handling the Champion trigger, he must have "forgotten" to name a card for Mage since that effect is already done with, and thus gets to name nothing.

    This is the same type of thing as when you play something like Mystical Tutor and when your opponent says OK you put it in your graveyard and pick up your library to search, only to have your opponent stop you and say that since putting the card in the graveyard is the last step, the fact that you put it there means you must have decided to search for nothing.
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  • posted a message on Can a creature die during announcement of a spell?
    I have the Haakon, Stromgald Scourge and Nameless Inversion combo. With Nameless Inversion as the only tribal card in graveyards, my opponent has a 6/7 Tarmogoyf. I want to destroy the Tarmogoyf by casting Nameless Inversion from my graveyard three times. My opponent says I can't do this, because when I announce it for the third time, Tarmogoyf will die as an 11/0, forcing me to target my own Haakon as the only other creature. Does Tarmogoyf actually become an 11/0 and die when I announce Nameless Inversion, but before I can target it? I know the ruling about how a 2/3 Tarmogoyf doesn't die to Lightning Bolt if there's no instants in the graveyard yet, which also prevents me from killing it with just two Nameless Inversion castings. Does the P/T switch work differently if I'm casting it for the third time out of a graveyard?
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  • posted a message on Zndrsplt and Frenetic efreet
    You can let one frenetic efreet activation resolve, at which point the efreet will either be dead or phased out. You can then kill either the Zndrsplt or the maniac and he can't respond with more flips at that point because the efreet isn't around anymore.
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  • posted a message on Sarkhan, Fireblood question
    I'm pretty sure the answer to this question is yes but I'd like to be sure before I actually try building a deck: Can Sarkhan, Fireblood's second ability cast Nameless Inversion or is it limited to only casting creature spells?
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  • posted a message on GPVegas Ajani & Nicol Bolas
    Bolas checks most of the boxes for Standard playability. People won't play Grixis JUST to play this, but it definitely goes in there if it's a decent deck anyways. It's immune to Glorybringer and trades with it at parity which is massive. The major strike against it is that Chandra still kills it.
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  • posted a message on Goblin Welder question
    If you use Goblin Welder to swap Platinum Emperion for Phyrexian Processor, can you pay any life for the Processor?
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  • posted a message on Is it legal to loop to a certain outcome?
    I've always wondered exactly how strict the rules on this are. For example, is Frenetic Efreet + Chance Encounter not a playable combo due to the rules technically stating you can't shortcut "I'll put 100 trillion flips on the stack, and assume I win at least 10 of them" due to that not being certain while it is also considered slow play to propose resolving the flips one at a time until you win 10?
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  • posted a message on Question about "loses all abilities"
    This is from this week on Cranial Insertion:

    Q: Merfolk Trickster makes creatures lose all abilities. How does that work with */* creatures like Majestic Myriarch?

    A: If Merfolk Trickster is used on Majestic Myriarch, it wipes out the ability that normally defines the Myriarch's power and toughness. Without any ability to define its power and toughness, those */* stats are left to default to 0. Until now, all effects that caused a creature to lose all abilities also happened to set their power and toughness to a specific value, so this wouldn't matter, but this time we don't have that luxury—without some other effect boosting the Myriarch's toughness, it won't survive.

    Why does this work differently than, say, Changeling? If you remove the Changeling ability the creature still has all creature types because Changeling applied in an earlier layer. But the CDA on Tarmogoyf or Majestic Myriarch are also applied in an earlier layer than the ability removing effect, why does it go back and reset the power and toughness after the ability is removed?
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  • posted a message on Blessed Light Snacktime
    The sad thing is, The Scarab God means this is Constructed playable.
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  • posted a message on Hostage Taker additional cost
    If the card under Hostage Taker is something that has sacrifice a creature as an additional cost, can you sacrifice Hostage Taker to cast it?
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  • posted a message on Teferi's Protection + Paradox Haze
    Will Teferi's Protection remove a Paradox Haze I've attached to myself? Teferi's Protection grants protection before it phases your permanents out, and the rules for protection say that "auras can't be attached to that player." Does this cause the aura to unattach immediately and then phase out unattached before state based actions can kill it, (meaning it will die when it phases back in) or is the unattaching part of the same SBA such that it's still attached to me when it phases out?
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  • posted a message on Commander replacement effect order
    Does the replacement effect that lets a commander's owner put it into the command zone if it would leave the battlefield apply before or after other effects? Normally the controller of something chooses the order of replacement effects. Like, if my opponent unearths their commander and I take control of it, can I eliminate it permanently at end of turn by applying the commander effect first, and then since it's still not going to exile, apply the unearth effect and send it to exile forever?
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  • posted a message on Mechanized Production + Mirrorweave
    One player has Mechanized Production and more than eight creatures in play, but only four of them are Production copies of the enchanted creature. In an attempt to win the game, during his upkeep he puts the Production trigger on the stack and then casts Mirrorweave on one of the copies not enchanted with Mechanized Production. If an opponent destroys the creature enchanted with Production in response, does he still win? The ability refers to the "enchanted artifact" which there isn't one, does Production look back in time to see what it was attached to before it was destroyed?
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