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  • posted a message on Share your most epic Set Booster experience from ZR! :)
    Opening whole booster box, I got 7 cards from the set, aka used toilet paper. Gigantosaurus was a rare, rest were worthless commons, uncommon. Total value about $3.

    Got 3-4 packs w 3 races, and two showcase crabs. I was lucky to pay “normal” booster box price. It was not worth a premium.
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  • posted a message on Should standard rotation be suspended?
    The concern w this is lack of testing. Often, bans happen because lack of testing from Wizards misses a powerful interaction between cards. If you “retroactively” increase standard, things that may have been “safe” due to rotation may not play well. For example if fetches suddenly were still legal in landfall.

    The one benefit “might” be a bigger card pool allowing more answers to exist.
    This is an intriguing idea, but lack of testing a real concern. Also, the fact rotation already happened means many people dumped their cards and have to rebuy creating a “surge” to get former staples like hydroid krasis
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    I don’t like secret lair as a philosophy, but usually hang, “great new art, but not for me”. However, this time is hard with mechanically unique cards. Rick really screamed at me for human EDH.

    Hate paying $60 after shipping and tax for just a handful of cards, but most of these running $30 each at retail right now.
    Hoping to offload most of the rest to friends at LGS to share pain/cost.
    Very frustrating to get a special product by “blackmail” versus “oooh, I want that”.
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  • posted a message on Expand the Reserve List to Save the Local Game Store (LGS)?
    I’ll bet LGS lost a lot of money on M21 and Jumpstart for two different reasons.
    M21 is getting so many variants w collector boosters containing borderless while set not being strong that inventory sitting on shelf.
    Jumpstart was a demanded product that LGS got almost nothing initially and restock was 5+ weeks later while Target was getting new packs every week at a lower price.

    If wizards values LGS, give them product to sell as a priority versus heavily discounted big box stores.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] The list - 296 of the cards
    The problem is the “junk” factor ruins the “extra” factor. To get a standard common as a 1/6, is like being handed a used tissue. More effort to get rid of then value. It didn’t need for every card to be $5 card. But bring back “ok” commons no longer in standard versus draft chaff. Also weird to Print 1/2 or 1/3 of card groups. Helm only means other two pieces harder to get.
    The idea is good, but would be better to cut list to 100, and make it 1/12 odds so you enjoy getting it.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Charix, the Raging Isle
    phenax, god of deception would like to introduce you to his pet. To go with it’s younger brother ruin crab.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager— @kawasakiMTG preview
    Hydra’s get about one per set, every set. After the new commander precon, they have to keep supporting. Kinda like usually 1-2 angels & dragons unless something special.
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  • posted a message on Goblin Strategist
    Instead of search, what if it was “reveal cards from your library until you reveal a goblin”.
    That would make it more random and more balanced.
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  • posted a message on Getting back to MTG - secondary market prices
    With all the special editions printed lately, prices have become a real lottery. If you get the “ultra edition borderless collectors foil....” version of X, great super valuable. However the price of many other cards are deflated as everyone chases the hot ticket. Also, with COVID limiting cardboard tournaments, less demand for many cards right now.
    Much of the value in current sets driving by the blinged out commander cards.
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  • posted a message on [CMR] Gavin is showing some commander legend cards next week!
    Quote from Outcryqq »

    So should Wizards put on hold any new product(s) until everyone has job, savings, and a good plan for their future?

    let’s not go that far. But how bout they deliver Jumpstart, which was three products earlier, to stores actually. My LGS has still only gotten 4 of the 30 boxes preordered.

    Makes it hard to trust them and put deposit down when can’t produce cardboard.
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  • posted a message on The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of the Local Game Store (LGS)
    Right now, wizards/distributors might be pushing the end of LGS too.
    My local store got 4 boxes of Jumpstart at release out of 32 ordered. Promised to get 40 week two. In last two weeks, they have gotten zero.
    Meantime, Walmart/Targets have been getting 30-50 per store.

    The question brought up, do they send to big box stores since they know they can pay, but deprive LGS of the ability to make sales Resulting in failure?

    With no tournaments, sales limited, but without product, no sales.
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  • posted a message on [2XM] AliaDeschain - Sword of Light and shadow and leonin abunas (final showcase card as well)
    Makes me want to go bargain hunting after release. A lot of solid cards on the list I didn’t want to pay “prepricing” but gladly get from the unfortunate souls who open then.

    If the top end cards don’t drop much, the bottom have to to get eTV to match up. Going to really be feast or famine on opening $15 lottery packs.
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  • posted a message on Mono white counters Need help making it sing
    Giant Killer
    Castle Ardenvale

    Are two that come to mind.
    Giant Killer offers some late game removal, and flexibility.
    Castle will be untapped almost always since you have plenty plains, and mana sink for extra creatures if need be.
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  • posted a message on When to buy Jumpstart?
    I’m hoping tomorrow/Sunday July 26 prices will drop. LGS said the expect 3x shipment they got last week or more. Prices were down last Sunday but rose all week since then as lowest of Branching Evolution, etc sold. The new goblin king may rise if he continues to bring historic goblins victories.
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  • posted a message on Misinformation on In-Store Play / Organized Play for Paper Magic at Local Game Stores (LGSs)
    A lot of it is local regulations also. My lgs just opened huge new game room. However, city/state basically say 25% Or less capacity. They are trying to do some local events to drive business but even then they have to severely limit capacity.

    They also apologized for their cases being low stock. They opened more product than normal, but without events, they are getting low trade in. Usually people jump in, buy a few but limited trade ins meaning less to sell in long run.
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