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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes

    a unique etb effect on a creature for those of us that consider ghostly prison to be too strong and an instant speed restock for only permanents

    edit: and a fine split card for CUbers that like flexibility and pump spells

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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes

    We finally got our mystic snake
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance for Peasant Cubes

    No thoughts on the Simic split card? A much needed flexible removal spell for Simic with the ability to cycle for 1! or a bad ponder with an expensive aura attached to it that usually reads “enchanted creature with cmc 5 or greater gets -2/-2.”

    I’m not sure, but will probably try it for a bit.
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  • posted a message on Guilds of Ravnica for Peasant Cubes (Common/Uncommons only)
    I love the cratermaker except that it can ruin the ramp and reanimator players eldrazi fatty plans, that I'm not so keen on.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    No need to apologise! And take your time, you're doing Gods work here.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    I put in Vampire Sovereign for Indulgent Tormentor and much prefer it as a way for slower decks to catch up and faster decks to close the door. I'm also trying out Vampire Neonate over Disowned Ancestor for a WB life gain deck I'm trying as well as a fine 1 drop from control decks as I was very impressed with it in M19 draft.

    No love for Meteor Golem? I've seen it appear in ramp and reanimator and has now allowed me to try tinker along with Accomplished Automaton in my artifact based control deck.

    Also had good experiences with Satyr Enchanter

    Edit: Actually I see you were just covering Blue and Black there? Sorry for jumping the gun
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    Yo, what happened to the lists? Also, I don't think I've previously said thanks for this effort, so thanks!
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  • posted a message on Magic Core 2019 for Peasant Cubes
    Quote from Ulka »
    I used goblin General
    The card that I haven't seen too much talk on that excites me a bit is Draconic Disciple. The mana fixing for any color seems really nice even if in a guild slot as my drafters always seem to have one of them try for a 4-5 color deck. Making a dragon is just gravy on top of a good fixer and means it can also slot into a RG ramp deck.

    I will be testing it as part of my GUR ramp archetype (over scab-clan giant), it's like the gruul version of spring to mind which I have in simic for my other guild card for the archetype (I have two guild cards for each of my 2 and 3 colour themes (some of which overlap))
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  • posted a message on Magic Core 2019 for Peasant Cubes
    I'm also hyped for two power, two toughness, easier to cast enchantress! Just wish he was actually an enchantress as well...
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  • posted a message on Intro deck planeswalkers
    Just a thought, obviously we are never going to go planeswalkers in peasant... However, WotC have recently started making simple elegant low-powered planeswalkers that are cheap to acquire and could easily exist amongst peasant power level, the intro deck planeswalkers:

    I get that it breaks the rule of peasant/pauper, but I'm not so sure it really breaks the spirit (at least for me). Usually, I don't like planeswalkers in limited, but that's because it's normally such a large power mismatch between my draft commons and a mythic card advantage engine, but these don't look so bad as finishers for control and ramp decks for example.

    Has anyone tried anything like this before? Have any thoughts?
    I guess if you like planeswalkers, and miss them from your environment, this could be one way include them.
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  • posted a message on Cards you Wish Were Rareshifted Down.
    Quirion Dryad! Pleeeaaseeee WotC. It's one of my favourite cards, and fits right into the tempo and +1/+1 counter themes I have in green.
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  • posted a message on Draft the Above Person's Cube!
    Cool thanks. The draft AI might priority URb cards because I've been testing my spells matters and combo stuff recently (which is probably what you'd ideally be tutoring for)... Not exactly sure how that works.

    As for unusual stuff, yea I wanted to do go a bit off the beaten path from what I've seen around (and I prefer synergy cubes to good stuff). I like the cartouches a lot, they fit in a lot of places. Quillspike is on the cutting block, as the -1/-1 jund theme turned to just a counters jund theme, and I don't want to combo it with the -1/-1 mana dork.

    Why do you prefer 2 packs of 20? Don't you see less cards that way? Doesn't signalling matter less? I agree on dual lands being unfortunate, but they seem like a necessary evil. You can run trilands but that can turn your cube into a 4-5 color nonsense. I have a bunch of rainbow lands to help find some guaranteed fixing (as well as some artifact fixing), and I used the bounce lands as the dual of choice because they can do other interesting things, like help combo decks etc.

    P1P1 looking at some fatties and reanimator cards but I see a Slice and Dice as the only red card and removal spell (other than a redcap and mana leak) and I want to sweep stuff, so I take that. You break rarity for dual mana lands, kinda of cool.
    I move into UR control taking some removal and a bunch of dual/rainbow lands.

    P2P1 Mostly aggro cards.. I can take a save alliance as a third sweeper or Sentinel as a finisher to splash for. I take sentinel, thinking alliance might wheel. It does wheel but I take imperial recruiter instead because I just picked up a clone.;jsessionid=4415E9E86E3D7197B08A19FFDF88746C

    I think the deck ended up pretty good.

    Edit: Just realised that the slice and dice went missing. Maybe I misclicked my first pick! I'd cut one of the creatures for it, probably the labyrinth
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  • posted a message on Draft the Above Person's Cube!
    First picked Gary and figured either mono b was an archetype or I could flicker it a bunch. I didn't force it and took some other picks after (like path and some red sweepers for control maybe) but then saw some other BB cost card and just got there in the end. I'm not sure the aggro one drops belong but I didn't have anything else to include.

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  • posted a message on Criticize my Cube (Evaluate Everything, version bacchus2.0)
    Thanks for the great feedback Jefago! To address your points:
    20 archetypes (not counting Hondens which is literally 5 cards) seems quite a lot to support. Some of them might have overlaps, but I'm still skeptical that all of these are going to be feasible.
    I agree regarding the number of archetypes, though minor testing at the moment says they are feasible, I am also sceptical. Most of them are just natural consequences of certain 2 colour decks slowing down and splashing a third colour (e.g. Jund counters matters), however, others have whole new directions for themselves (e.g. Walls) and I'll be keeping my eye on those for sure.
    Fixing seems fine in terms of the proportion of the cube. Maybe slightly on the high side, but you are planning to support 3-color archetypes, so it's probably fine. If I were you, I'd play the gainlands instead of the just-ETB-tapped-duals, they are slightly better.
    I don't want to play the gain lands because I feel like aggro suffers enough in peasant cube, but that's my impression. And yes, lands is a place that can be trimmed to add more playables to the cube, I'm just trying my preference for high fixing environments first.
    You have a lot of guild cards. The problem is that these are much less flexible than single-colored cards obviously. At 360, most cubes run 3-4 guild slots, so at 450, I don't think I'd run more than 5.
    Regarding guild cards, at least 2 cards for each guild are hybrid, so each only has 5 true multicolor cards as you recommend.
    Your black removal is quite expensive. I don't know if that was a deliberate decision - You have all the regular "best" red burn and white exile spells, but no Doom Blade, Murder, Tragic Slip etc.
    You're right, I'm trying to be a bit cute with my black removal (and my red removal, not all the best is there), and have added doomblade over ulcerate, added dismember to a new phyrexian mana section and made white removal a bit clunkier (cutting StP in process) to balance the colours out.
    Overall curves look fine at first glance, but I'd consider adding more red 1-drops.
    Added more 1 drops to red and lowerd its curve on your recommendations, Frenzied Goblin over Goblin Heelcutter, and the new ixalan 1 drop Rigging Runner over another spare 4 drop.
    Shefet Dunes seems much worse than the other monocolored lands. As far as I can see, it's the only desert, so it can only sac itself once for a measly +1/+1 at sorcery speed. I guess that synergizes with token / swarm, but I'd still rather have something like Forbidding Watchtower in my list.
    I'm really not a fan of forbidding watchtower and like that shefet dunes comes into play untapped and can push in extra damage for aggressive decks, so I'm giving it a trial run.
    In WU blink I like Mistmeadow Witch and Cloudblazer, and would probably also play Deputy of Acquittals over some of the cards in your guild section.
    I added Nephalia Smuggler over Mistmeadow Witch to free up space in azorius for other themes (Farm // Market is a secret sweet card for reanimator control). It's likely the cards you were thinking of cutting were the hybrid cards, and they can't be replaced by multicolor cards.
    In your UB guild section I see only one card that goes in your UB archetype specifically... Is that on purpose?
    Dimir had Call of the Nightwing and Soul Manipulation as well as Inkfathom Infiltrator for the invasion tempo deck, but I've changed out the first two for Mask of Riddles and Recoil to up the power level a bit.
    GW: Did you omit Behemoth Sledge for power level reasons? If not, it is definitely missing.
    For GW I have an enchantment theme, so I don't want to waste a permanent pump effect on a none enchantment, hence no Sledge.
    I drafted a RG aggro deck.
    Thanks for drafting, sweet deck.

    Look forward to any more thoughts you or anyone else has.
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  • posted a message on Criticize my Cube (Evaluate Everything, version bacchus2.0)
    Decided to dive down the rabbit hole and figured I should post here before I start collecting... It's my first attempt at a peasant cube, but don't be gentle:;jsessionid=04B55B8EA93184746B9B84CEA477618F

    It's important to note that I've restricted the cards I'll put in the cube to those that are in a modern frame (both for aesthetic reasons and because I play with a lot of new players, so reminder text is useful, and old cards often have archaic/unintuitive rules) and those that have actually been printed at common or uncommon in a draft environment (so no baleful strix or curse of predation).

    I also didn't want to necessarily make this a cube of all the best peasant cards for their slots (this forum and other places has already done a pretty good job of that!), but instead support a lot of themes that I think will make a fun/unique/explorable draft environment. So I'm happy to lower the power of the cube to increase diversity/feasibility of other cards. Along with good stuff midrange and control, the supported themes are:

    WU - Blink/EtB Value
    UB - Ninjas/Evasion Matters
    BR - Proliferate Aggro
    RG - Energy/Bloodrush Aggro
    GW - Enchantment Pants
    WB - Death by a Thousand Cuts
    BG - -1/-1 Counters Matters
    GU - Flash Tempo
    UR - Counterburn
    RW - Token Aggro

    WUB - Solar Flare (Reanimator)
    UBR - Spell combo
    BRG - Proliferate Midrange
    RGW - Token Swarm
    GWU - Walls Control
    WBR - Sacrifice.dec
    UGR - Ramp
    BGW - Enchantments Matters
    RWU - Creature Control (Pingers, tappers, untappers and onboard tricks)
    GUB - Graveyard matters

    WUBRG - Hondens, because 5 slots for a whole archetype is a pretty good bargain.

    I'm mostly concerned with the curves of each colour, and numbers for certain types of cards (are there enough fixing/burn/counter/ramp/removal/sweepers etc)), but criticise away!

    Edit: @gsethi I'm not experienced enough to rip a hole in your cube, but I love the idea of a tiny 180 card cube, and it looks like you've done a good job. One thing to look at though might be your curve in white, you have four 2 drops (one of which is ww) and eight 3 drops
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