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  • posted a message on Kaldheim Spoiler Discussion
    are u retarded?
    i will not run it, im just surprised you guys dismiss it
    afterlife isnt even a common and destroys
    no reason to quote me

    We are talking about magic cards, so basically about printings of fantastic scenarios on paper ... It baffles me that some people here are not able to have a normal (or controverse) discussion on adult level.
    We are such a small community and should try to talk or write in a respectful manner to not shrink the community even more.
    Your opinion ist not the answer to everything. Some people might have different opinions on cards.
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  • posted a message on Kaldheim Spoiler Discussion
    Looking at the spoiled cards, the overall powerlevel seems really high.
    Augury Raven is a strict upgrade on Phantom Monster.
    I like the Wolf as well as the Masked Vandal.
    Dual Lands at common also open some very interesting synergies...
    --> Kird Ape et al.
    --> Farseek, Wood Elves
    --> Elvish Aberration et al.
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  • posted a message on Rare Lands in C/Ube?
    In your experience, arent manlands too powerful?
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  • posted a message on Rare Lands in C/Ube?
    The flip lands are actually a perfect example of why I switched to just using my judgment on what rare lands to include as opposed to strict rarity. Because they are non-abusable, low upside, consistency machines... which are put at rare to sell packs.

    I looked at your list and I am patricularly interested in your experience with the Castles from TOE.

    I played uncommon duals when I started my C/Ube. The more I read opinions, the more I liked the idea to help aggro with better lands that entered untapped. So I changed Gates and Gainlands.

    First, I tried with full cycles: Painlands and Checklands for everybody, also Prismatic vista and Fabled Passage. There are still Vivids and now Thriving lands instead of Trilands, but aggro had untapped lands, at least.

    Games were good for aggro, but I like to read and read about the format, what I should run to improve my decks, learning about what matters or not if you play aggro, midrange or control, and finally, I recently changed my lands again. And the solution was to give each guild the appropriated land. Control had good options to cast Counterspell on T2 with a Painland, but will suffer against aggro with those pesky lifes to pay the colored mana. Also, a Checkland doesn't help too much if your first land was a Painland, for example.

    So I gave each deck better lands for what the guild does. For example, all guilds now have shocklands. You may decide to play them tapped or untapped, so you are taking decisions, what is good and fun. And for control decks this only represents two lifes IF THEY WANT and not 3, 4 lifes if that was a Painland. Now Checklnds have more sense, but I opted to give my Blue (control) decks, also Temples and Bicycle lands from Amonkhet. You know, they enter tapped but you gain the opportunity to filter some draws, more decisions for colors that doesn't matter if they are a bit slow but gain some advantage later. And if it's late game you even can cycle them (Fetid Pools) to draw another thing. I don't have an izzet Bicycle land so I play with the UR canopy, Fiery Islet. Izzet plays midrange, tempo oriented, so you can change that land for a card if you need gas.

    Boros and Rakdos have only lands to play fast. Well, shocklands, fastlands and canopy or painlands.

    And midrange decks play with some mix, sometimes Temples, bicycles, checklands, even bouncelands in green...

    I need more drafts to test these changes, because the pandemia doesn't allow me to play so much, but I think these lands should be a good addition for the games. I don't have a designer vision where I only have to play with uncommon tapped lands for cohesive / aesthetic reasons with a grey symbol on them.

    I play Peasant for budget reasons, and many of these rare lands are proxies, to test them. Some fastlands and shocks are really expensive, but temples, painlands and bicycles not so much. I started with a Pauper cube but the lack of good payoffs in my guilds made me migrate to Peasant and I'm so happy with this change that I didn't look back. So, why not improve my decks with better lands when Wizards is making many of them Rares for monetary reasons?? I have it clear.

    Thank you for this detailed post. I like your pragmatic way of thinking and design.
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  • posted a message on Rare Lands in C/Ube?
    For those who are running rare lands: what is your experience with the new Zendikar Lands? I fell that their design fits perfectly in a peasant cube environment power-level-wise?
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  • posted a message on Double Masters downshifts
    I do not have high hopes for any cube-worthy downshift to be honest. They kept cards at rare that would not make the cut in most lists if they would have been downgraded.However, I would have loved Swiftblade Vindicator and cards of that powerlevel at uncommon as they feel like natural fits powerlevel-wise.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters downshifts
    We have our first downshift in Sphinx Summoner . I think as it is the card is not enough supported in our cube setups, but I hope that it is a start for an artifact theme that may be an option in the future.
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  • posted a message on 2 player cube and draft method
    I really enjoy Impulse Draft as explained by wtwlf123 in his cube list thread. You see a lot of cards and hence can build very synergistic decks.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    How would you rank...
    Scaled Behemoth
    Plated Crusher
    Warden of the Woods
    I really like the 7 toughess on the Behemoth, but the lack of trample concerns me...
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  • posted a message on M21 Previews and discussions
    Lifegain matters is always going to be an archetype that I abstain from adding to cube, no matter how much support it gets. It is intrinsically much better against certain decks where gaining life in itself is a reward (i.e aggressive strategies). I don't like to have a match up that is so polarizing that it feels hopeless.

    Good point

    Even outside of a dedicated lifegain shell Silversmote Ghoul might honestly be a strong card as it's above rate if you can get it back once, which isn't overly difficult if you make minor deckbuilding considerations.

    I just browsed through my list and maybe you are right. In white you have some lifegain and/or lifelink (eternalized Sunscourge Champion, Seeker of the Way with one prowess trigger). In black you also have your generic lifelink creatures plus Blood Artist et al.. As you said, even bringing him back once is already above average.
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  • posted a message on M21 Previews and discussions
    I am sure I wasnt talking to you.
    You have anything meaningful to add to the conversation?
    Anyhow, I totally missed Lilianas Devotee and will be sure testing him. Will be interesting to see whether he can be valuable outside of a BW or BR sacrifice deck.
    Also, a lot of lifegain matters card in the set but I guess we are far away from an archetype in this regard?
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  • posted a message on M21 Previews and discussions
    dude wtf, watcher of the spheres is super efficient??? what a bear holy moly.

    Everything okay with you? I never said it is super efficient, but a 2/2 flyer for 2 isnt that bad as a baseline in my books. I think I like my current UW options better, but nevertheless it is a card to consider dependent on your cube dependent on your configuration.

    man, one problem with this set is that i feel like i need to completely disassemble my cube and start again. there's just so many archetypes that work now, it's crazy.

    That is a problem I like to have ;-). But looking at your cube I think you already support most of the regular archetypes.
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  • posted a message on M21 Previews and discussions
    Tolarian Kraken: I like the effect, especially with all the new additions that care about drawing cards, but I think the card is too expensive.
    Falconer Adept: Nice effect, but the a 2/3 vanilla for 4 is just bad.
    Watcher of the Spheres: This is a very strong card especially if you support UW flyers. Comes down early as a 2/2 which makes the cost reduction ability very relevant. Also nice with Lingering Souls, Migratory Route, Battle Screech etc..

    I am not sure about the Conclave Mentor. I really like build-around / payoff cards that are good on their own. Can the Mentor be good in a cube that doesnt specifically support the +1/+1 archetype but only runs good cards that coincidentally give +1/+1 counters such as the Good-Fortune Unicorn?
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