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    posted a message on [[Duel Commander]] New Banlist (Opinions and Discussion)
    Quote from dnLL
    Yeah... I'm sure they have time for this...

    4 people are probably better than thousands of people actually trying to adapt to a new meta. Banning the 2 best generals at the same time? Wow. I wonder how much time they put into the format WITH Derevi and WITHOUT Zuur, because there is no actual top-8 that could help to determine what would be the meta in such case. All could be done is assumptions.

    And Grim Monolith, seriously? They playtested the format w/o Zuur and Derevi and that's the conclusion? Monolith is too strong? Wow... we should ban Basalt Monolith too now that we're at it. On what is this really based? All decks using it aren't warping the format at the moment of the ban. So it can only be based on the assumption that it would warp the format with Zuur and Derevi banned.

    4 people versus the whole duel EDH world. How could 4 people be better at playtesting the meta than the whole rest of us? That's impossible. Even 10 or 20 people. You need more datas.

    And why is Zuur so good anyway? There were still key cards to ban in the first place. There are a lot of them. I can't stand playing this format when you ban Edric, Zuur, Derevi and cards like Sensei and Natural Order but not Sylvan Library or Survival of the Fittest.

    I guess you really want 2 cards combo to win in the format, like Helm-RIP or even Mikaeus-Triskellion. We will start playing Oloro packed with tutors and those combos and just try to win from there, also winning life every turn.

    Just for answer at some of your points:

    The 4 people didn't obviously take all the testing between them. Their "assumptions" are taken from MtgTop8, tournaments, forums and from testing on a big scale, so they basically change what the players believe is right to change for making the format better. If you look at Metagame, you can see that Derevi, with 335 played games, is the top tier, and from french forums I know that A LOT of players tested it intensively and came out with the result that she's bannable.

    About the Monolith, I agree with Virtus that allowing a turn 3 Iname/Primeval titan/Prossh isn't in the purpose of the format, in the same way that Natural order wasn't. For this reason, Basalt Monolith is legal. Because it cost 3 and it doesn't read CMC0 add 1 in certain cases. It was just one of the rocks that escaped the "first mana accel ban".

    I don't know how many members of the WotC are charged for the banlists in tournament legal formats, but following your reasoning, people would have the choice to decide to ban or play what they like. And still, someone in the "minority" would complain in that case.

    About Zur: He was being "so good" since 2012, when the format was born. Do you think that Vanishing, Necropotence and Back to Basics were banned for other reasons? From the beginning the comitee is trying to keep contained the power of ZUr, but he still keep to steal top8.
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    posted a message on [[Duel Commander]] New Banlist (Opinions and Discussion)
    Quote from rhythmguy
    And with that we will be creating an American Duel Commander. Information will be forthcoming. Time for the largest population of players to control the format.

    Lol, because the best way to improve a newborn format is to scrap it and create a copy of it controlled by other people, that are a minority of the players of the format. We have an idea here.

    Even if someone is disappointed for the new banlist, I'm sure that the RC of Duelcommander have tested and over-tested the format with the new changes, so I'm not worried about it.

    About the sideboard question, are they really worth it? Having a sideboard means you'll put inside of it something like 3-4 cards for each matchup (Dunno, Dystopia, Death Mark, Lifebane Zombie and another wrath against GWx, for example).

    My opinion is that sideboard isn't a good idea because, while permitting more "strategic" builds and meta adaptation, it would penalize the decks that cannot pack tutors for the sided cards, like G based aggro (Radha and friends), while black could have game-winning answers for 2 or 3 mana with tutors. And generally, the chances of DRAW a card you sided in without tutoring for it are very low, while this isn't true in the other formats where sideboard is legal.

    Just my 2c, hope you agree with me.
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    posted a message on [The Spirit of EDH]: Our Decks are Bigger Than Yours
    Quote from KatherineTsara
    Karametra is okay. I like that she's not about tokens. Her ability also lets me have an excuse to play a lot of basics.

    Hell no. Just every Dual that have Plains or Forest in the land types Wink

    Oh, and Mistveil Plains is pretty tech with Karametra! :p
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    posted a message on [The Spirit of EDH]: Our Decks are Bigger Than Yours
    My vote is for the user that was, and will always be, Knightgeist :p New name is cooler, but it's too late for getting me used to it.

    I can do the Keeper of the Scrolls in it's place, eventually. Absolutely no problems about it.

    Also, to keep you guys informed about the French EDH Tournament, I beat 2-0 the Prossh deck of Feverous with other two lucky games in my favor Grin 2-0-0 at the moment, if i win next round i can even get a draw with my opponent on fourth, for going both in top8. Let's see.
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    posted a message on Duel Commander Report - Dec. 8 2013, Valence - FR
    A mon avis, pour la Prémiere oratrice c'est le meme probléme qui Acardus a surligné: un metagame trop aggro. Je pense que pour Zegana c'est ancor pire parce que il n'y a pas le rouge, qui est le couleur meilleur pour les sweepers. (Excusez moi pour mon français, j'ai besoin de pratique)

    So basically Zegana is missing red, that is what imho still keeps Wanderer alive in this aggro/midrange metagame.
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    posted a message on Dosan of the Green Rainbow
    And suddenly, just when I'm starting to think you can't create anything better than the concept behind your Tariel deck, you pull out this. Another awesome deck!

    I was tempted to do something like this with red, because Fortune Thief, Mindclaw Shaman and company don't feels really red, and along with effect like Ruination andBlood Moon. Do you think it can work?
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    posted a message on [Themed] Derevi, Feathers Storm Reboot
    Quote from Target Player
    I've been interested in building a Derevi deck and focusing on a bird-theme. This deck is what I would imagine to be the perfect design for this.

    Glad you like it!

    Do you have any suggestion for the cards I don't play that are must-play?
    If you're gonna test it, let us know your results Smile
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    posted a message on [The Spirit of EDH]: Our Decks are Bigger Than Yours
    Quote from Bur
    Like "Whenever you roll [chaos], you may put your commander on the battlefield from your command zone, then you may exile any amount of commanders controlled by other players.

    This is way better than my chaos, Bur. Awesome!

    Quote from Akashortstack

    What if we did something for Dimir like this: (sorry, I haven't formatted planechase cards before, so there will be many mistakes)

    At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player may look at target player's hand.

    Whenever you roll a :symch:, each player discards their hand and draws cards equal to the greatest number of cards discarded this way.

    This seems very Dimir-ish, don't you think?

    Yeah, seems absolutely legit. Good idea!

    Quote from rhakee
    Piru apparently is the colorless Elder Dragon:

    From wikisalvation

    Piru Rhuell 8

    Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon


    Other permanents you control are indestructible.

    At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Piru Rhuell unless you pay 3.


    But that's too much for a token... but still, cool idea Smile

    Yeah, but i read that he was supposed to be a lesser dragon, so i made him less powerful. However, your version is way better for flavor and power. Too bad it doesn't fit in the land. I think Bur's idea is the way to go.

    @madhatter (too long to quote :P) Love your ninth sphere, it's an awesome idea. Someone said to do only playable cards, so your Kitchen, Booster Pack and Internet Forum are not fulfilling the request. Good ideas though.

    Really cool the Family land. I thought about it and come up with another idea. You know, Mafia asks for money for give protection to people...

    The Suburbs

    Plane - Earth

    At the beginning of your upkeep, target opponent chooses a permanent you control. You may give the control of that permanent to that player. If you do, you have protection from that player until your next turn. If you don't, sacrifice it.

    Whenever you roll [Chaos], each player gains control of all permanents he or she owns.

    The first ability seems a bit wordy, but I found the card absolutely fitting with the theme. Remember that I'm Italian :p
    Maybe if you don't want to talk about real place, just change plane/name.

    EDIT: I'm able to do card renders with MSE! I make also a cool expansion symbol. Look at the Suburbs! Grin
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    posted a message on [[Primer]] Kozilek, Butcher with Juice.
    It's awesome, Juwdah, just awesome.
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    posted a message on As American as apple pie, as English as tea and crumpets
    Respecting the law as an Italian. No, just kidding :p

    As polite as a Canadian, I think that's right
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