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    posted a message on Is raising children with religion child abuse?
    Also a common message from abuser to abusee.They claim overwhelming love and devotion, but fail to actually demonstrate that love.

    How does it even make sense?

    "I'm all-powerful and created the universe to my design."
    "These things are sinful and wwill remove you from my presence."
    "It is in your nature to sin- you cannot help but sin"
    "I will die for you to save you from the sin"

    God created the whole set-up. His "sacrifice" is meaningless because:
    a) it's not really a sacrifice. He knows he's God. He knows he going to be ressurected. A few ours of pain on the cross? Big whup.
    b) If he's so all-powerful, he could just change the rules without all the bull*****.
    c) condemning people to an eternity of torment, absence from God, or non-existance is not love. Again, he has all the power, so he has all the choice.

    The whole set-up is textbook abuse. The abuser holds all the power and creates an artifical scenario that makes them look wonerful and the victim look awful (to themselves), but any true objective examination of the facts shows it's all bull*****.

    If that God exists, he is small and petty despite his overwhleming power. He is not all-loving, all-powerful, or all-knowing, and I am not on his side.

    Fortunately, there are a host of other reasons that indicate he doesn't exist any more than the thousands of other gods with equal evidence that you and I both don't believe in.
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    posted a message on Resilient EDH (Tough as Nails)
    Bant Pillowfort, with Angus Mackenzie as the general, an enchantress theme, and tons of defensive enchatments.
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    posted a message on Funniest and Most Ridiculous Things You've Heard in EDH Games
    Me: (after drawing some cards and having only 5 mana remaing, and a few things on board, including Eternal Witness) "I cast Phyrexian Metamorph, copying nothing."
    Player 1: Why?
    Me: "I have a Caged Sun on U out. It's a 1/1. Pass the turn."
    Them: Ok... (takes their turn)
    Me: "Gilded Lotus, Rite of Replication on the Metamorph. 4 copies enter and cpoy the Lotus, the last becomes an Enternal Witness. Tap the 4 Lotai for 6 G and 6 U, use Witness to get back Rite. Lather, rinse, repeat until I have infinite mana and infinite copies of everything on the board."
    Player 1: "Oh, that was why".

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    posted a message on 7/13/2015 Banlist Announcement: No changes in all formats!
    Really shocked Amulet of Vigor did not get banned in Modern. Genuinely incrediulous. That deck breaks the rules of the format. I love it, but didn't buy in becuase I was almost certain it would get banned. Crazy!
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    posted a message on Today's Big Cults
    The largest cults currently active are Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Protestant Chritianity (lots of splinter groups here), Judaism, and Islam.

    Each of these groups encourages you to believe in a bizarre, illogical mythology, to follow moral rules that are at oods with what is best for you and your society (to varying degrees), and to believe that anyone who doesn't share in your particular belief set will suffer for all Eternity.

    Further, they encourage the mindset that you are, at your most basic nature, not good, and that fighting your natural instincts is not only a good idea, but actually the most important thing you can possibly do.

    They demand sacrifices of personal and financial nature, and engage in all sorts of doublethink - such as condemning the "gay agenda" while preaching against judgement, claiming to be in favor of "family values" while actively protesting and working against public policies that have proven to be beneficial, and claiming to be "a religion of peace" while killing nonbelievers.

    All religions are cults - it's just a matter of degrees.
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    posted a message on [MM2] Modern Masters 2

    There's the crux of the issue right there- other games don;t have this kind of inflation on singles- and look at other games!

    This is part of the MTG strategy guys, and from a business perspective, it's a good one. People become very invested in soemthing once they've spent hundreds of dollars on it. From a retention point of view, expensive singles are a great way to go.
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    posted a message on 2014 World Champs to feature Real-Life Vintage Masters
    Folks, there are several people who are either Wizard employees, or otherwise involved at a deep level with tournament magic (like Randy Buheler) who own Power 9 - some likely own more than 1 set. They won't have to brorow from dealers- they'll borrower from themselves.

    Please for love of Pete stop discussing the Reserved List. This topic has nothing to do with it, they won't be getting around it, and it's just depressing. Until one of us makes several billion dollars and purchases WoTC from Hasboro and abolishes the list ourselves, it ain't happening.
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    posted a message on Mothership spoilers 10-27
    Liquimetal Coating also makes Freyaklise into Vindicate, whic is an excellent, poentially absurd effect to have in a commander. She +2's to make the Elf, so she comes in at 5 and defends herself with a blocker. She's much better than you think.

    The land seems good, I just hate ETBT lands. Will test it.

    Dat worm... Oh my
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    posted a message on Revised Duals
    Not only did SCG announce continued legacy support, they noted that legacy does better for them than the double standard, standard modern, and standard team weekends did so all the weekends I love 2014 feature legacy. Duals aren't going down anytime soon.
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    posted a message on [[SCD]] Elspeth, Sun's Champion
    Yeah, I forgot I hadn't cut Tirel yet, that makes this somewhat easy. Curving into Norn sounds like infinite fun.

    Please don't cut Spectral Procession. That card is crazy good.
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