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  • posted a message on Is raising children with religion child abuse?
    Also a common message from abuser to abusee.They claim overwhelming love and devotion, but fail to actually demonstrate that love.

    How does it even make sense?

    "I'm all-powerful and created the universe to my design."
    "These things are sinful and wwill remove you from my presence."
    "It is in your nature to sin- you cannot help but sin"
    "I will die for you to save you from the sin"

    God created the whole set-up. His "sacrifice" is meaningless because:
    a) it's not really a sacrifice. He knows he's God. He knows he going to be ressurected. A few ours of pain on the cross? Big whup.
    b) If he's so all-powerful, he could just change the rules without all the bull*****.
    c) condemning people to an eternity of torment, absence from God, or non-existance is not love. Again, he has all the power, so he has all the choice.

    The whole set-up is textbook abuse. The abuser holds all the power and creates an artifical scenario that makes them look wonerful and the victim look awful (to themselves), but any true objective examination of the facts shows it's all bull*****.

    If that God exists, he is small and petty despite his overwhleming power. He is not all-loving, all-powerful, or all-knowing, and I am not on his side.

    Fortunately, there are a host of other reasons that indicate he doesn't exist any more than the thousands of other gods with equal evidence that you and I both don't believe in.
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  • posted a message on Is raising children with religion child abuse?
    @ Highroller

    No, there is no such leap. Again, the central conceit of Christian theology is that we cannot save ourselves, that humans are fallen and have a sin nature that we cannot overcome without help. This tactic is directly analgous to the manner in which abusive spouses systematically destroy the self-worth of their victim ("partner"). "You aren't good enough on your own" is a terribly harmful message to teach children.

    @ Bakgat

    There is a huge difference between recognizing that you have the potential to do evil (a healthy dose of self-awareness, since we all have the potential to do evil), and believe that you are INNATELY evil, irredeemably so in fact, without outside help. Christianity does not teach that you have the potential for evil. Christianity teaches that you ARE evil, beyond the hope of redemption, but God, through the Grace of Christ, is going to redeem you anyway, because love. That's analogous to spousal abuse,and it's #$%@!#$% terrible.

    @Blinking Spirit re: Matthew 7:1-5

    That's really nice poetry, but reality doesn;t work that way. We cannot have a functional society if we never punish each other for anything, and if humans all actually are sinful, that would be the end result of the proposal to remove the beam from our own eye first.If we are capable of removing the beam from our own eye, then we can redeem ourselves, and thus no need for the Cross. If we are not, then Christ is proposing anarchy with judgement to only come after death. Thanks, I'll pass. Jesus' teachings make no sense in the light of the law that he supposedly came "not to abolish, but to fulfill". Leviticus and Deuteronomy are full of examples of YHWH requiring his chosen people to pass judgement (how many times is the phrase "put to death" or some variation used? It's out of control). He can't say that "not one letter" will disappear from the law and then teach in complete contradiction to the law.

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  • posted a message on Is raising children with religion child abuse?
    Christianity is Child Abuse because the core premise of Christianity is that people are bad. Everyone is Sinful, no one is or can be good enough for God, so Christ had to come and save everyone. No matter how you slice and dice it, every denomination of Christianty agrees on this point, because it's the only reason and need for Christ. (the fact that redeption occured via his horrific torture and murder is also rather demented). Teaching someone that they are bad is deeply harmful - in fact, it's the same tactic abusive spouses use to keep their partners from leaving them.

    I was Christian for a long time and it damaged me. Since becoming an atheist, I've found self-worth (instead of looking to an imaginary friend to provide it - shocking how that never happened). I've lost over 70lbs of body-fat and gained muscle. I was someone who could barely climb up a flight of stairs, and I ran over 6 miles last week. I stopped asking God to make me better, I stopped asking God to forgive me, I stopped asking God to help me, and I did those things for myself, and gradually taught myself that I am a good person. Fundamentally, I am good.that's a lesson you could never learn from Christ. I'm worthy not becuase of his mercy, I'm worthy becuase of ME. I'm happier, more compassionate, less likely to lie or commit other "sins" because I can;t just ask Him for forgiveness, I have to ask myself. I'm less angry, I'm a better parent, and I'm going to live decades longer because of my health. All becuase I put away my imaginary abusive friend who told me I was bad but he'd take me anyway, and found the good person inside.

    Christianity is abuse. Period.

    I can't really speak intelligently about other religions, but redemption is hardly monopolized by christians as a concept. At the end of the day, believing in myths can only make you blind to truth. Some religions might not take it as far as christianity into abusive, but it's clearly not good to base your life, your ethics, or much of anythign else around something that is demonstrably false.
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  • posted a message on Talrand, Sky Summoner - Proteus Staff Package Or Not?
    Jin and Tyrant (and maybe Ulamog) are the only ones that seem worth it to me. I ran it in Talrand for a long time but utimately felt the deck was better without it.
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  • posted a message on Resilient EDH (Tough as Nails)
    Bant Pillowfort, with Angus Mackenzie as the general, an enchantress theme, and tons of defensive enchatments.
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  • posted a message on Funniest and Most Ridiculous Things You've Heard in EDH Games
    Me: (after drawing some cards and having only 5 mana remaing, and a few things on board, including Eternal Witness) "I cast Phyrexian Metamorph, copying nothing."
    Player 1: Why?
    Me: "I have a Caged Sun on U out. It's a 1/1. Pass the turn."
    Them: Ok... (takes their turn)
    Me: "Gilded Lotus, Rite of Replication on the Metamorph. 4 copies enter and cpoy the Lotus, the last becomes an Enternal Witness. Tap the 4 Lotai for 6 G and 6 U, use Witness to get back Rite. Lather, rinse, repeat until I have infinite mana and infinite copies of everything on the board."
    Player 1: "Oh, that was why".

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  • posted a message on 7/13/2015 Banlist Announcement: No changes in all formats!
    Really shocked Amulet of Vigor did not get banned in Modern. Genuinely incrediulous. That deck breaks the rules of the format. I love it, but didn't buy in becuase I was almost certain it would get banned. Crazy!
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Serum Powder and Leyline of Anticipation seem good with it and tons of acceleration. TimeStop + Draw7 for 2U seems insanely powerful,
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  • posted a message on Eldrazi gods vs Galactus
    The problem is that the universes in which these beings are portrayed are at vastly different power scales. Galactus has been known to teleport entire galaxies acrosss the universe and is virtually omnipotent- the Eldrazi are not depicted to be nearly as powerful becuase if they were, they would not fit in the MTG multiverse.

    This is a complete curbstomp by Galactus.
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  • posted a message on Today's Big Cults
    Well, there you go. You learn something new everyday. Thanks
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  • posted a message on Today's Big Cults
    @ bakgat
    I have far more than a "basic understanding" thank you very much. The fact that someone disagrees with you doesn't make them less knowledgeable than you. All of the religions I mentioned have at least semi-hierarchical structures (tier systems), condemnation of other views, and, I would argue, sociopaths for leaders. They encourage unhealthy and demonstrably incorrect worldviews and beliefs, and claim higher authority.

    @Blinking Spirit

    I am not particularly well-versed on Eastern religions, nor was I being a "wiseacre" - having been through several varieties of Christianity and having numerous contacts of both Islamic and Jewish backgrounds, I hold firm that thse religious groups meet the definition of a cult and are fundamentally unhealthy. While belief in any God or Gods that have supposedly been active in human events is clearly nonsense, I am not sufficiently familiar with the preactice of Hinduism or Sikhism to comment on weather or not they fit the mold. As to Buddism, my (limited) understanding of it makes it sound more like a philosophical system of tought than a religion, espeically since follows are enouraged to question (in at least some branches), and there are at least some non-theist branches that don't believe in a "God" per se, therefore I tend to think it is missclassified as a religion and it woudl not fit my definition of a cult, again based on my limited understanding.

    It's Abrahamic religions that I clearly call out as being cultish.
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  • posted a message on (Mono)-U Players, whadda ya got?
    Cyclonic Rift and Mana Drain are the only two htta go into every deck (until I run out of Mana Drains that is - I'm not freakin' RICH)
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  • posted a message on Today's Big Cults
    The largest cults currently active are Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Protestant Chritianity (lots of splinter groups here), Judaism, and Islam.

    Each of these groups encourages you to believe in a bizarre, illogical mythology, to follow moral rules that are at oods with what is best for you and your society (to varying degrees), and to believe that anyone who doesn't share in your particular belief set will suffer for all Eternity.

    Further, they encourage the mindset that you are, at your most basic nature, not good, and that fighting your natural instincts is not only a good idea, but actually the most important thing you can possibly do.

    They demand sacrifices of personal and financial nature, and engage in all sorts of doublethink - such as condemning the "gay agenda" while preaching against judgement, claiming to be in favor of "family values" while actively protesting and working against public policies that have proven to be beneficial, and claiming to be "a religion of peace" while killing nonbelievers.

    All religions are cults - it's just a matter of degrees.
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  • posted a message on Gemstone Caverns
    I've been considering this land for a very CutThroat Azami build. Once Azami is online you ALWAYS have surplus lands, so I'm not that concerned about the lategame utility, and it is better in the opening hand than any of the legal Moxen, but only on the Draw. Does anybody have experience with thi card in hard combo EDH decks? Does anybody have any thoughts with regards to this card in Azami specifically?
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  • posted a message on The Return of the Dream Banned List
    Current list, but unban:

    - Gifts Ungiven
    - Braids, Cabal Minion

    And Ban

    - Derevi, Empyrial Tactician (interacts poorly with the Command Zone and new tuck rules)
    - Zur the Enchanter (broken and repetitive, extremely boring)
    - Imperial Seal (belongs in 99% of decks with its color identity and currently costs mroe than several pieces of power)
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