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  • posted a message on Is MTGSalvation Dying?
    MTGsalvation provides a vastly superior quality of discussion and is a better forum for pro input.

    Most of the upper level grinders and lower level pros that I know on the west coast (myself included) would say the exact opposite. MTGsal is pretty well regarded as having a remarkably low quality of competitive discussion, and most only read on here to find out what's going to be getting played in rounds 1-3. The only place I know of that's held in lower esteem is the general forums on Tappedout.

    Contrast that with r/magictcg, where truly terrible posts get downvoted to the point of being unseen, and name pros actually chime in and contribute to discussion, not to mention official WoTC and store reps. Contrast that with a site that's amazingly slow and is blocked on many business and professional firewalls, and that's pretty much that. Obviously there's issues in other places too, but MTGSal views many of its deficiencies as strengths and has remained static or regressed since getting sold to Curse.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Norin the Wary - Heads I win, Tails you lose.
    Just cuz the people in this thread might be interested... I posted an album on imgur of my 94ish/100 foiled Norin deck, and posted it on the foils subreddit. I am sure there's some rule somewhere that linking to it or whatever would break, and I'm tired of the moderation around here, so I'll just tell you it's out there and hopefully a search or two will get you to it if you're interested.
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  • posted a message on BW Control
    Finished 5th at a 22 person GameDay going 3-1-1, the loss being to a super fast white humans deck.

    Is anyone else becoming more and more unimpressed with Sorin, Grim Nemesis ? On paper and in goldfish he seems good but in actual games... Not so much?
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    Quote from Exatraz »
    I did live the dream last week and processed 2x AV on turn 4 with a Blight Herder against Grixis Thing Control.

    If I'm being really honest, this is one of the main reasons I'm on this deck. There are few things more satisfying than processing an AV.
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    I haven't gotten to play against Tron as much as I'd like yet. How valid a gameplan is Ghost Quarter ----> Surgical Extraction ?
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  • posted a message on BW Eldrazi Processor
    I think it's worth discussing the core of the deck. I have opted not to go with the Lingering Souls package and shoot for the high end finishers. For me, Kozilek has been a serious workhorse for the deck, and the maindeck Surgical Extraction does an amazing amount of work. Obviously, my version is more grindy midrange than aggro midrange.

    For me, I'd say the core 4x's of the list are:
    Path to Exile
    Wasteland Strangler
    Relic of Progenitus

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  • posted a message on Cards you can't play because of the art
    Quote from Donald »
    Instead of flying it has an ability that looks like it was made by a method addict.

    Would that be the Dustin Hoffman kind or the full blown Daniel-Day Lewis?
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  • posted a message on Grixis Delver (3/2015 - 9/2015)
    ***Disclaimer*** I checked the last page or two and found no discussion of this, and none in decklists, so here goes:

    I started running 1-of Cavern of Souls in my Grixis Delver build.

    Delver, Snapcaster, Young Pyromancer, Tasigur, even Bob if you run him are all humans. I had been running a Lighthouse, and while that has great utility, in my meta there's a decent amount of Delver and Twin decks, so it was productive. It can also make the manabase easier on occasion, dropping one T1 for Delver and using it again T2 for Tasigur makes for decent flexibility.

    Also, if you're a little crazy and don't run Tasigur and do run Clique, you can name Wizard and cover a lot of it except for Young Pyro...
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  • posted a message on Game etiquette: Offering to shake after a brutal game?
    Quote from MynameisHukos »
    I have to question if you have any kind of competitive drive at all. If you're competitive, losing at anything, even a game of chess is going to make you upset. If it doesn't, then you don't have any real drive to win and you shouldn't be playing at a large scale tournament of any kind. You're just wasting everyone's time.

    Ugh, you were doing so well until you said "upset", then you let it dribble down your leg... and then when you talked about wasting people's time you completely flew into the side of the mountain. If you're competitive, losing may bother you. Some competitive people have perspective, and sometimes even analytical ability to let them determine if the loss was unavoidable, and they work on what needs to be improved to enhance their performance.

    However, who the hell are you to tell someone why they should or shouldn't be playing in a tournament?
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  • posted a message on Game etiquette: Offering to shake after a brutal game?
    I don't offer handshakes, because lots of people in the MTG community are pretty damn gross.
    I never say "good game" unless it really actually was a hell of a game.
    When I whip someones ass, I shake my head and say "thank you for the games".
    And when I've received that kind of beating and had someone laugh, grin, and say "hey, good game!", I've told them to go **** themselves with a rusty pole, and explained to them that they're an ******** for doing that when they know it wasn't a good game.
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  • posted a message on Rockstars: BGx Constellation
    Quote from OwlsWatch »
    Nice list & congrats on the win!

    How did you feel about the singleton Ugin? I feel like I'd want 2 at least in case I milled over it. Worked out for you tho I guess!

    Congrats on the win, Dakhwon! I wasn't able to attend Game Day--it being on Valentine's Day was quite unfortunate--but I'm glad to see someone having success.

    How was playing Frontier Siege alongside Whip of Erebos? My biggest hesitation with that would be that it would bring your total of 4 mana spells to 14, which could be a little awkward. Your build seems to trade the consistency and speed of the normal BG version for some more resiliency. Does the Whip of Erebos/Siege Rhino duo help this deck's aggro matchup enough?

    23 lands also feels like it's pretty precarious in a deck with 14 4-drops, 3 5-drops, and 5 spells 7 mana and over.

    Excellent questions. I actually don't fully recommend my build. It was a meta decision to shore up the aggro matchup. Really, this is an Abzan whip deck with a VERY large Constellation package. The Frontier Siege --> Hornet Queen --> Whip of Erebos synergy added an extra dimension. Later in the game, if you're blind dropping a Siege, you can get even more mileage off of Dragons mode, since casting or whipping a Hornet Queen is a one-sided board wipe most of the time.

    When I ran the straight BG Constellation build, 2 Ugins were better, and honestly I was tempted to run 3. The mana isn't quite as bad as it looks, with the 4 Wayfinders, 4 Frontier Siege and 4 Caryatids. 2 lands and a Wayfinder get you where you want to be most of the time. As you guessed, the Siege Rhinos were specifically added to help with what I feel is a weak aggro matchup. They did enough for me, buying the extra turn or two needed to stablize and get a whip down.

    With BGx in Standard right now, I think it's better to look at aspects of decks as packages, and they can be interchangeable if you like what it brings to your deck.

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  • posted a message on Rockstars: BGx Constellation
    Won Gameday this evening going 5-0 with a BGw Constellation build that splashed white for Siege Rhino and Abzan Charm. I had been playing the BG list that BBD started, and really liked the Frontier Siege into Ugin action, but it was just a step slow against faster aggro. I did not face Boros Burn tonight, which is probably the deck I'm most scared of.

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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Norin the Wary - Heads I win, Tails you lose.
    I don't play Norin as much as I used to, it put a few people off EDH in my community. But I still have the deck whole and hearty and ready to run (literally) at a moment's notice. But then, back in October, opportunity struck. So after a year and a half of looking for one, and finding one in St. Petersberg...and 2 months of it sitting in customs in NYC, gentlement (and ladies), I give you the foil Russian Norin the Wary.

    I mean seriously, you know how hard these things are to find?
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  • posted a message on Looking for a non-standard lifegain general
    My lifegain pillow fort general was Rune-tail, Kitsune Ascendant
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  • posted a message on Best trade? (NOT best ripoff!!!)
    I really like trading at prereleases when people are buying into bad players hyping bad cards. I always trade for fair value, but I love making the smart trade long term.

    My: Temporal Mastery
    Their: 2x Snapcaster Mages, 1x Solemn Simulacrum


    My: 2x Top8 Promo Firemane Avenger
    Their: Scalding Tarn

    Both of those trades were even money at the time.
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