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    posted a message on Magic Showcase 2021
    Quote from leslak »
    Quote from Sliverologist »
    If Slivers and Shocklands return in this standard, my poor wallet. OMG

    Shocklands == Ravnica only (mostly likely)(as they will need something to hype the return to return to return to return to ravnica)

    The exception to this being the science fiction shocklands that Unfinity will have. Maybe they'll be reprints and black border, maybe they'll be new and silver.
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    posted a message on Secret Lair: Stranger Things
    Quote from xaltair »
    These cards will be part of future The list sets as well so you can get them from set packs, why would you buy the secret lair then? Also they said that they're directly for commander only.

    You would buy this secret lair if you're a fan of the show and want Stranger Things art/characters on cards.
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    posted a message on New Secret Lair Cards
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Teferi of some sort isn't surprising, and I like that Cultivate looks like they are growing a Lotus (perhaps Jeweled Lotus). Every Secret Lair is a pass from me (besides the metal art, but I forgot to buy it) so this doesn't interest me.

    Flavor text says they're growing a Black Lotus.

    I like the idea that the kids are growing one of the most powerful cards in Magic. I also like both Teferi and Kaya got a card.
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    posted a message on [KHM] Graven Lore & Svella, Ice Shaper - Arin Hanson preview
    Graven Lore 3UU
    Snow Instant R
    Scry X, where X is the amount of snow mana used to cast this spell, then draw 3.

    Svella, 1RG
    Legendary Snow Creature - Troll Warrior
    3, T: Create a colorless snow artifact token named Icy Manalith that has 'T: add one mana of any color'.
    6RG, T: Look at the top four cards of your library. You may cast one without paying its mana cost. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
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    posted a message on [KHM] Reflections of Littjara

    Reflections of Littjara
    As ~ enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
    Whenever you cast a spell of the chosen type, copy that spell. (A copy of a permanent spell becomes a token)
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    posted a message on [KHM] Leak. Vorinclex, Monstrous rider

    Not that anyone asked or noticed yet, but there was an Elesh Norn card that's been debunked. The person also quoted the tweet with Vorinclex, which may have also been debunked (only Elesh Norn is in their artist gallery).
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    posted a message on Possible Secret Lair Leak
    Will the Bob Ross Forests have happy little trees?

    I kind of hope these are real, I'd like to pick up a Damnation for a bit cheaper than it currently is (Secret Lair or otherwise). A box of rocks is lolz
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    posted a message on Commander Legends EBAY leaks
    Quote from Dunharrow »
    Tevesh Szat - really do not like that they made a planeswalker commander that wins the game when it ults. None of the previous ones won the game with their ults - they gave huge advantages but you had to find synergies. This guy seems like he will be annoying. Spam tokens to block, play interaction on evasive attackers, then ult to steal 3 commanders.

    It can be an auto-lose if someone is using Phage. Wink
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    posted a message on Amonkhet remastered
    so basically what everyone wants is Secret Lair: Amonkhet Additions?

    That Thoughtseize is really cool looking. OMG
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    posted a message on [JMP] Unicorn theme and phyrexia theme - Weekly MTG
    I hope that, during the eventual return of Phyrexians, we get the full set of Phyrexian lands. I would honestly like that more than full arts or showcase.
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