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World Project: Halcyon - Above & Beyond

Welcome to the world where fantasy, reality and science fiction collide into an explosive, unpredictable World Project.
Halcyon - The Soundtrack
11 221

The Epic World

Under Original Management! View Moderators
The All-Purpose OOC Sound...
443 44,357

Hall of Records

Out-of-Character threads from previous games View Moderators
[3.5] Drop-In/Drop-Out On...
144 10,169


The Spark is ignited, enter the Multiverse View Moderators
[The Infinite Crossroads]
52 2,275

World Project: Forum Domination

Just Checking In
189 5,168

MTG: The RPG 2

Magic and Mayhem meet once again. View Moderators
General Discussion and Co...
42 866

World of Pokémon v.3

A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits! Let's go! View Moderators
World of Pokemon v.3 Char...
149 14,313

World Project: Eternity Falls

Many lives, many fates, one world.
Is this dead?
20 1,436

Conquest Of Mages (1 Viewing)

Immerse yourself in a long-running battle between four different mage groups.
49 1,534

World Project: Lotisburg

A project taking you into the dark underworld of crime.
[Stad] Seventh Ave Housin...
20 400

Straight Outta Crooklyn

[Streetball League] Rules...
81 6,046

After the Dark

136 10,316

World Project: Shinigami

Join the world of the Shinigami as a Trainee. Join the world as a trainee and battle Hollows in the manner most suited to you. Sacred Warrior, Demon Caster, Summoner, Shinigami, or Quincy.
I resign.
18 515

Mosiac Earth

[NATION] Vijayanagara Emp...
29 597

World Project: ConQuest I

Registration/Nation List.
12 27

Indigo Throne

Writing the history of space, one world at a time.
Over already?
14 127

The Sanctuary

A world shattered by disaster lies divided
[The Sanctuary] Underworl...
41 858


[Begrulna Island] Old Sou...
28 327


Death is only the beginning.
The Line for the Registra...
18 1,081

The Libra Codes

[Hiren] Dermstagnia : Dav...
12 823

Under the Petals

Character Creation
16 460

Gutter World

[Off The Main Road] Gang ...
56 4,365

Epic World

[Epicus] In Epic Hall - L...
31 378

Pandora World

Welcome to the World Project Pandora World!
[From Eboshi to Kefuka] T...
23 296

Project Laputa (1 Viewing)

The Castle in the Celestial Sky.
[Yashiik] Landing Zone
9 119

World of Pokémon

Welcome to a world of intrigue. A world of monsters. A world of legend. A world, of Pokémon.
[F.A.Q. Thread] Ask Profe...
105 5,177


And then he woke up, only to find that his dream is real.
[Information] Dreamlord D...
2 24

Community Project

Help create the new World Project!
WP Cancellation?
32 1,720


When the planet shapes you, you must shape the future.
Disegreth Signups!
43 11,203


[Ilai] Golden Beach
35 2,453

World of Pokemon v.2

Starting up
1 1


Make your own.
[Machismo the Bandit] Dis...
14 822

World Project: Hall of Mirrors

Shattered glass.
New WMs
26 453

Between Heaven and Hell

[Quest] Sticks and Stones
51 4,895

World Project: Legendary Tales

[LT] Scrapping it?
34 1,117

World Project: Battletech - Path of Destruction

Note to people:
9 55

World Project : Final Fantasy Hidden Dreams

All legends have heroes. All heroes have dreams.
[Nightscape] Deep City
43 1,259

World Project: Apocalypse Legends

Social Index
24 344

World Project: SDAA

What kind of world do you want?
108 5,086

World Project: Shizumi

Chock-full of flavor, Shizumi is full of surprises for even the most experienced role-players.
[Heifong Docks] Hong Fu's...
26 957

Magic: The RPG (1 Viewing)

Where Magic and Mayhem meet!
A Proclamation of Rebirth
463 76,565


We supply the adventure, you supply the spells.
[Kandoria/Costaluna Regio...
8 768

The Tools Called Ninja

They'd do anything for money, would you join them?
The Arena
60 6,112

Beyond the White Light

They say death has all the answers. If that's true, could you come back to tell me?
Shinigami Academy
89 6,879

Epic World

The biggest and oldest World Project, now reopen for business!
[Lutharin Mountains] Reco...
26 997

Blood Red Moon

In the Works
[Round 1] The Edge of the...
12 71

The Land Death Made

It's a wild world
[Sanctum City] Old Henry’...
8 37

Realms of Rome

[Time Portal] The Flavian...
39 633


Explore the seas!
[Guide] The Pacific Guide...
5 8

Colosseum Town and Space Projects

[Syrinii] Purge the Darkn...
55 7,149

World Project: Egg

If the future is all it seems.
25 1,521

Community Cafe

Coffee, swords, and villains.
[Public] Sali Island Plaz...
45 6,342


We're just a figment of your imagination.
[Archon] Bairemuth
11 520
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