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You want to talk about what you think is the best movie ever or complain about it. Maybe you just want to understand what you just watched. Do it all here.
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Games and Hobbies

Got love for Poker? Looking for some Hearthstone discussion? Trying to decide what console is the best? If it is a (non-MtG) game you can play, you can talk about it here.
Star Wars Unlimited
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If you're going to complain about crappy new music or worship the Beatles, swear metal is the devil, or praise some indie band no one will ever hear of or - Kanye: Sorry, mods, and imma let you finish but this is the best forum of all time!
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Whether it is on a TV or your computer/tablet, if it is a series you are watching, let us discuss it!
R.I.P. Akira Toriyama (19...
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How about that local sports team? Want to complain about some wrestling event? Well make a rush into this end zone for some sports talk.
R.I.P. John Madden (1936-...
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Printed Media

This forum is for any and all discussions regarding books, magazines, newspapers/blogs, comics/graphic novels, etc. View Moderators
H.P. Lovecraft?
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