Clans are groups of members with similar interests who discuss amongst each other on Clan threads. Join a Clan here, or simply browse and read their discussions.
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Looking for a friendly cl...
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New Clan Submissions >>
by KoolKoal
1 1,484
Clans Helpdesk & General Discussion >>
by KoolKoal
8 1,970
New Clan Contests >>
by KoolKoal
2 1,430
The truth is irrelevant, we make our own facts. >>
by Digi
793 25,113
[Clan Flamingo] Lives On Your Lawn >>
by Megiddo
6,358 84,345
[The Crafters] are trapped in Limbo... >>
by Kankennon
23,962 325,365
[Kitchen Table Finks]: By George, I Fink He's Got It! >>
by RabidVacin
920 22,944
The Only Way You Leave [The Family] is in a Bodybag (Mafia Theory & Discussion) >>
by Rhand
548 23,347
Now that you're gone // All that remains // Is the [Spirit of EDH] >>
by Bur
1,006 27,710
[Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod. >>
by Promatim
4,001 63,674
We are the fellows of [The Tolarian Academy] >>
by Arctursa
3,133 66,291
It can't be helped. [MTGS Brigade] will have to use THAT! >>
by Singer of White Line
126 6,696
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