Ninja Faerie Standstill

By oscarc Created Feb 10, 2019 Updated Feb 11, 2019
Legacy Tempo
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Main Board (60)

Sideboard (15)

Creature (1)

Enchantment (2)

1 Moat

Artifact (1)

Instant (9)

Sorcery (2)

2 Duress


Welcome to this Ninja Faerie Draco Standstill deck!

This deck revolves around tricky moves with ninjas and faeries (and a secret dragon), and accumulating card advantage through them. By including Standstill , the idea is that the parity for it can be broken by using the ninjutsu-ability, as it doesn't count as casting a spell. The deck includes 15 cards for accumulating card advantage in Standstill , Baleful Strix , Ninja of the Deep Hours , and Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow . Nice!

An extra spicy part of the deck is the inclusion of Enlightened Tutor and Draco . Draco is the spell in mtg with the highest cmc available (in Legacy at least), and the tutor can put it on to of our library. Before Yuriko's triggered ability resolves, Draco can be tutored to the top of the deck, inflicting a total of 17 damage to the opponent. Hopefully that damage can carry us a long way. In a pinch, Enlightened Tutor can also be used to put Standstill , Baleful Strix or some other sideboard card on top if needed. If Draco is already in hand, one has to depend on making use of Brainstorm .

Cloud of Faeries into Standstill is a nice start. Baleful Strix is also a welcome start to get a creature through, to enable ninjutsu. Spellstutter Sprite is also neat to return to hand, to allow for additional conterspelling.


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