Azor, the Warden - Azor Deckbuilder Challenge

By cyberium_neo Created Jan 8, 2018 Updated Jan 8, 2018
Commander Prison
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Main Board (99)

Creature (20)

Enchantment (8)

Basic Land (35)

8 Island
5 Plains

Artifact (18)

Instant (15)

1 Forbid

Sorcery (1)

Planeswalker (2)

Quick Info

Azor Deckbuilder Challenge


Please ignore the deck price, I chose cards from the database regardless of their edition, so it might turn out more expensive than it actually is.


Prison/Tax deck focuses on locking down with artifact mana. In this deck, Azor is there to be the final lock, not the first or the second.




1) Small utility creatures and hate bears.

2) Control via instants and artifacts

3) Blink


Notable Combo:


Azor + Forbid + Arcane Laboratory = Use Azor's ability to fill your hand and recast Forbid for control.

Azor + Grand Abolisher/Teferi + Blink = Lock down against any non-creature spell that'd damage your combo.

Artifact mana -> Winter Orb + Mana Web + Propaganda/Ghostly Prison + Paradox Engine = Prison/Tax.


Artifact mana here is key for many things, from lock down to warrant a larger Azor ability. Note that because Azor's ability does not cost a card, even paying 1WUU or 2WUU a turn is enough to add up your advantage, instead of Sphinx's Revelation where you want a big X.


I will start a thread in multiplayer forum on this deck later.

Early Game

Maintain control with spells and hate bears while ramping up with artifacts. Don't be afraid to put down Winter Orb or Mana Web when you have artifact mana.

Mid Game

Prepare the blinking strategy, Azor does NOT have to be in play for this to work. Maintaining a high hand size is key to win a control game.

Late Game

Again, Azor may not have to be in play to handle late game, only play him when the board is ready for the final lock down that requires you to consistently gain life and draw cards.


The key here is to maximize Azor's abilities without being obsessed about it. Blink strategy enables the survival of Azor and your stuff, while mana taxing would slow down or put an opponent in stasis. You can go either path or both, when situation allows it. Again, do not become obsessed about Azor's Revelation ability to give out a big X, focus on using it as a small but consistent gain.


Everyone ramps in EDH, so it's vital to stop people from ramping, which is why Winter Orb is so powerful here, while Arcane Laboratory type cards would keep them from using that advantage frequently.


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