Glissa Artifacts Rock

By Narvuntien Created Nov 27, 2018 Updated Nov 27, 2018
Commander Rock
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Main Board (99)

Creature (7)

Enchantment (4)

Basic Land (32)

5 Forest
3 Swamp

Artifact (48)

Instant (3)

Sorcery (4)

Planeswalker (1)

Quick Info

This is a very grindy artifact tokens deck, it is very "the rock" or army in a can type of controlling midrange.

Early Game

Can trip and set up your mana and use removal to prevent people from getting too far ahead of you. Get Glissa onto the battlefield to start your decks recursion engine.

Mid Game

Just start dropping your power cards one after another, then recur them if your opponent deals with them. Careful not to overextend on board and especially your graveyard. You only need enough power on board to provide threat but not so much to get focused. Use wraths liberally as they should always be advantagous to you (glissa triggers when you kill everything).

Late Game

Recur replay recur and replay over and over.

You have a few infinite combos.
Nim deathmantle one of your many army in the can creatures and ashnod's altar/ironworks and Marronette master is instant kill.

Forbbiden orchid and Mindslaver will allow you to lock out a single player from the game.


You have extremely powerful 6 drops and lots of army in the can creatures many which you can repeatly returning from your graveyard.


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