Dragonlord NOjutai - Multiplayer Control

By Narvuntien Created Jul 16, 2018 Updated Jul 16, 2018
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Main Board (99)

Creature (12)

Enchantment (10)

Basic Land (38)

6 Island
4 Plains

Artifact (6)

Instant (17)

Sorcery (8)

1 Ponder
1 Rout

Planeswalker (8)

Quick Info

This deck is about playing fair. One of the biggest problems in commander is when a group is moving on from full casual fun into semi-competitive level. Everyone is still there to have fun but peoples decks have been constantly upgrading and evolving. This can lead to situations where someone’s decks threats can easily out- pace the answers available in the group hyper ramp or combo can just start sucking the fun out of games.
The way out of this situation is playing multiplayer control commander packing a deck filled with answers and disincentivising linear decks. Creating resistance and interaction with those decks can make games more fun.

Note: Jace, Unraveler of Secrets < Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
I am waiting of the price to go down then I'll look to pick one up.
I guess that is also true of Dovin Baan and Jace the mindsculptor.

Early Game

You like any control deck want to be setting up a good base of lands to work with in the early game. Keep an eye on who is the greatest threat of blowing a game open or comboing out and look to dig/tutor for the appropriate hate cards. Counter things that can snowball the game but don't worry about anything you can deal with later.

Mid Game

Dream draw
Turn 4: Wrath of god.
Turn 5: Dragonlord Ojutai
Turn 6: Some vigilance enabler.

The mid game is all about stabilising the game and exhausting your opponents threats and getting your recurring card advantage engines online including the Dragonlord and your planeswalkers.

You want to come out of the mid game ahead on cards and not under threat of dying.

Late Game

Commander mid range decks have overwhelming recursion and resilience to defeat these decks you have to get Ojutai down and start swinging quickly or they will eventually run you out of answers. Control decks in commander are not the greater power.

So in many ways you are a very large tempo deck, you need to start knocking people out of the game. This is where your hate cards come in handy you can hold down individual players in the game long enough for you to deal with the current threat then return to finish them off.

Ojutai is your main win con but planeswalker ultimate's and token producers can also get the job done.


Why Dragonlord Ojutai?

Well when you compared to other UW control generals such as Grand arbiter Augustine VI you'll notice that Ojutai is a large flying creature.
The hardest part of multiplayer control is winning the game, having both a win con and a way to draw cards in the command zone is exactly what you want.
Compared to other large flying UW commanders he is much harder to kill and important quality if you have put your shields down to put in a threat.

If Dragonlord Ojutai is the win con why not Voltron?
1. Stony Silence
2. This is a control deck first and I don't want to use up too many cards to support the Ojutai beat down. However, there are a couple of non equipment vigilance enablers.

Why aren't you playing combo or stax?
Because the end doesn’t justify the means, you have to avoid becoming your enemy in pursuit of your goals. I would argue that doing this will only create an arms race that can lead to people losing sight of the having fun part of the game.
Also a true control player likes to see people suffer under the control not just end the game straight away, you want to give them some hope. :p

Whats with all the hate cards?

The short answer is, die combo die!

The long answer is that because these hate cards effect everyone you can effectively hold down multiple decks long enough to take some players out or gain overwhelming advantage. The more linear the more devastating these cards can be and often takes awhile for them to find an answer. The hate is not going to last long if it effects multiple players, make the most of it.

NonBo Count: 4

Other tips and tricks
Expect to get targeted at the start of the game people hate it when you ruin their fun. But typically someone else is going to make themselves a threat and you will be there to save everyone, you're the hero they deserve Smile


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