Rakdos suicide BR

By schweinefett Created May 18, 2018 Updated Mar 19, 2019
Commander Other Aggro
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The most muskety musket-deck i've played or seen, ever. 


It doesn't really ever durdle; it looks lame and limp for a short while, and then before you know it, it bashes the entire table for 100+ life with multiple combat phases and weird shenanigans that aren't common amongst many edh game groups. 


and if all else fails, smashing face with rakdos the defiler always puts a smile on my face. 

Early Game

1. sculpt hand

2. build mana base

3. come up with a reasonably-sounding strategy

Mid Game

1. Resolve strategy

2. Revel in the table's pain when they have to somehow stop you when they least expected it. 

3. Either lose the game in style, rebuild with a new strategy, or win the game in style. 

Late Game

What late game? 


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