Mono Green Control (Update 5/3/2018)

By Deyuil Created May 3, 2018 Updated May 3, 2018
Modern LD
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Main Board (60)

Sideboard (15)

Quick Info

This is my most recent update on Mono Green Control. I designed this deck some months ago, and got 3rd place at an IQ in Frankenmuth. Since then, I have been working to make this deck even better, and am still testing more potential changes in the mainboard and sideboard of this list. 

Also, for price considerations, you can try it without Trinisphere if need be for now. Trinisphere became much more expensive after I'd gotten some, and are apparently half the price of the current list. Try Root Maze if budget is a consideration; I'm testing similar right now anyway.


Updates being tested currently:

Root Maze over Trinisphere, Root Maze over Sakura-Tribe Elder, Llanowar Elves over Sakura-Tribe Elder, Choke somewhere in the sideboard, more Walking Ballistas mainboard somehow.

 If you have any other ideas for this list, I'm open to hearing them. Will update game plan into description later if needed, this list is still slowly being molded to be the best it can be. 

Main update being considered right now is where to fit Root Maze into the 75. It's power against fetch-lands is not to be underestimated.



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