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Some of my weekly updates have been to the following thread:


Played by Jeff Hoogland on 11/14/18:

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Sideboard guide:


  • Ondu Cleric - Generally against any sort of aggro / midrange deck that plays even a somewhat fair gameplan I bring these in. They can be somewhat useful against some non infinite decks like storm as well potentially. Most anytime I am dealing with combat based decks that are not on the extreme end of control or combo I consider bringing them in.
  • Kalastria Healer - these guys are a bit multipurpose for against aggressive decks but also I run them as a means to get past potential Ensnaring Bridge / Worship decks. I had run Hagra Diabolist in the past and I think he has potential to be helpful but with adding Lightning Bolt to the mainboard I felt I had a little more out of combat reach and Kalastria Healer fits into the Collected Company / Return to the Ranks  gameplans while also bolstering my options vs fast aggro and burn matchups. I ended up cutting one of my sideboard Ondu Cleric slots for another copy of these guys because I felt like a lot of the matchups you NEED the cleric bringing in these three also help.
  • Rest in Peace - Dredge and a slew of other decks. I have played with the number being two and three several times but as of right now I don't see enough graveyard decks where I play so I have left the number at two for now. Three seems entirely possible though if you see more graveyard decks though. I generally cut back on my company count if bringing these in as most decks where you need these for tend to be extremely fast decks where company tends to be a bit slow for.
  • Stony Silence - for affinity, hardened scales, and tron primarily. Generally speaking in any game I am bringing these in Kabira Evangel tends to suck so that tends to be an easy swap. 
  • Damping Sphere - for tron and storm primarily. I generally cut Kabira Evangel for these matchups as well as trimming my Collected Company count back but generally keeping some of them.
  • Dismember / Path to Exile - additional spot removal primarily for decks that are faster aggro (infect) or creature combo. Generally I cut three drop allies / companies to bring this in for matches where my deck is slower than my opponents.
  • Return to the Ranks - this serves sort of like an additional Collected Company for this deck. There are still problems with this card such as Grafdigger's Cage which might come in to interfere with our Collected Company plan. This card also probably sucks vs UW control where a lot of their removal is Path to Exile and Terminus. The upside for us against UW control though is that we are very fast and run Cavern of Souls. Its not a matchup I see often enough to give a lot of insight for it though. If you do see a lot of UW control in your meta you might consider shifting to Gideon, Ally of Zendikar in the side though or possibly some copies of Reckless Bushwhacker. When you sideboard in Return to the Ranks my suggestion is to cut some 3 mana evasion allies given that generally you will be having trouble sticking many creatures and removal is what is stopping you rather than blockers but that depends on what kind of deck you are facing. 


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