Boros Isochron Scepter

By MisterMuffin21 Created Apr 3, 2018 Updated Apr 3, 2018
Modern Aggro-Control
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Deck focus around Isochron Scepter and Young Pyromancer. All the other cards are Instants that will control the board in some way and are all at least decent when put under the scepter. A hand without scepter or Pyromancer can still function, as it usually means you have plenty of cards to control any creature-based aggression your opponent can dish out.

 Dropping a Scepter or pyromancer turn 2 is what we hope to accomplish, but some match-ups will deal with them (Jund for scepter, most control/midrange deck for pyromancer) so you might want to wait until you have access to 4 mana and a protection spell like Boros Charm before dropping them.


Here I'm gonna rank each instants from worst to best isochron target. (It is ultimately  dependent on match-ups off course):

Lightning Bolt: 3 damage each turn is alluring as it sets a 7 turn clock for your opponent, but when you see what other damage spell you can put under the scepter, you'll be reluctant to put this under it. Don't be afraid to use it as removal for turn 1.

Abrade: Pretty much the same as Bolt, but the added artifact hate could be relevent. I doubt it would be quick enough to deal with affinity, but it's there.

Deflecting Palm: Not a bad pick if your opponent has big fatties. It most likely wont ever proc, but it will keep the big scary guys sitting on their asses.

Raise the Alarm: At first, it will become a chump blocker dispenser, but it will quickly get you an army if left unchecked.

 Usually, you wont put the previous spell under the scepter, unless it helps in the match-up. the following spells are were it's at:

Lightning Helix: This can spell doom to many aggro deck. Killing a creature and gain 3 life most of the time, but even just a few taps can save you.

Boros Charm: The 4 damage is what you'll use it for most often, but do NOT understimate the second mode. It makes permanents indestructible, which mean you can respond to an Abrupt decay to save your Scepter or even you pyromancer or token(s) or even lands. 

Path to exile: This one is slightly tricky, but usually a blowout. Against any deck that rely on quality creatures, this will either force your opponent to overextend in hopes to hit you, or make them stop in their track so that they cast a lot of creature later in the game to try and overflow you. Most non-monocolor deck runs 2 to 5 basics, so don't worry if they get ahead in mana.

Dawn Charm: the first card that can lock an opponent out of the game. If your opponent's win con is based around creature combat, they basically can't win. Plus the second mode can save your pyromancer from removal  or even combat. Third option is there, but I rarely use it. It can save you from a discard or a burn, but that's pretty much it.

Silence: Second card that can lock an opponent. If your opponent is playing at sorcery speed, you can cast it during the upkeep. they can respond with an instant, and they can still activate abilities (Manlands), but other than that, they're left with what they had on the field when you put the lock online. This is insane against so many strategies, but when it's not under the scepter, it rarely does anything more than buy you a turn, which is why I only run 3.


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