Sisay's Legends of Tomorrow

By ChazA4 Created Feb 13, 2018 Updated Jul 8, 2019
Commander Workshop
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Main Board (99)

Creature (28)

Enchantment (10)

Basic Land (38)

5 Forest
10 Plains

Artifact (15)

Instant (3)

Sorcery (5)

Quick Info

"Planeswalking is real, and all planes are vulnerable to attack. Which is why we must travel to and from each plane to prevent the rise of these 'planar aberrations', and erase or minimize their damage to all of Dominaria. We are a team of outcasts, renegades, even outlaws. So please, don't call us heroes...we are Legends!"


Primarily good stuff toolbox legendaries.  Funny story; even before the planeswalker rule changed to include them as legendaries, I was building up a planeswalker sub-theme for this deck.  That's dwindled a bit now, but I believe the deck is still solid, as I can usually splerge out my hand on turn 5 or so, AND keep a board presence after most forms of removal.


Tooth and Nail is there for the game-ender; either by getting both Ulamogs out, or Elesh Norn and Kamahl(they never see that coming).  As a backup, I always have access to Sisay.


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