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Powering out Hogaak with fetched up Dryad Arbors and other cards that generate multiple mana for Hogaak. You are looking to cast a Hogaak on turn 2 and win the game from there, protecting it with Sylvan Safekeeper. 


Early Game

Mulligan to a hand that has a reasonable chance of finding Hogaak.


Many cards in this deck effectively equal multiple "Hogaak Mana" so you will want to play them out in a way to maximize your chances of playing Hogaak on turn 2.


Fetching for an Dryad Arbor gives you two Hogaak mana. Aboreal Grazer putting a Fetch land into play and that getting a DryadArbor gives 3 mana.


The best card in your opening hand other than Hogaak is Crop rotation, it basically guarantees turn 2 Hogaak. If you open with Fetchland Crop rotation for another fetch land grabbing an Dryad Arbor, that is 5 Hogaak Mana, all you need is 1 more Fetch land for another Dryad Arbor and you can slam an 8/8 Trample. 


Another important element is you need 2 Creatures in play to tap for green mana, so again Dryad Arbor is doing most the the heavy lifting because you have effectively 16 copies of it in the deck. 


Mid Game

Sylvan Safekeeper: Can help power out Hogaak by eating multiple lands in a turn. Protects Hogaak.


Quirion Ranger: Can help generate an extra mana or two, while also allowing you to block 1 creature a turn for free by bouncing Dryad Arbor. 


Allosaur Shepard: for GSZ against Islands. 

Late Game

Attacking with 1/1s. This is legacy, many games are won on the backs of 1/1s attacking for 4 turns. Was thinking about maybe putting gavony township in.


Looking for an suggestions of cards that might fit. Still working on this list actively. I'm wondering about cutting GSZ and the targets of that, to fit in more cards like Faithless Looting.


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