AI aggro

By ShadowsL33t Created Apr 25, 2023 Updated Apr 25, 2023
Standard Aggro-Control
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This deck is a green-red aggro deck with a creature focus. The strategy is to play powerful creatures early and then use spells like Embercleave and Primal Might to deal massive damage to your opponent. The Great Henge and Shepherd of the Flock provide card advantage and help you stabilize the board if things go south. Snakeskin Veil can protect your creatures from removal spells, while Giant Killer can deal with larger threats


4x Bonecrusher Giant

4x Edgewall Innkeeper

4x Lovestruck Beast

4x Questing Beast

4x Scavenging Ooze

3x Shepherd of the Flock

3x Wicked Wolf

Non-Creature Spells:

4x Embercleave

4x Giant Killer

4x The Great Henge

2x Primal Might

2x Snakeskin Veil


4x Cragcrown Pathway

4x Fabled Passage

7x Forest

4x Mountain

1x Plains


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