By Hexen007 Created May 26, 2022 Updated Jun 7, 2022
Classic Discard
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Main Board (60)

Creature (5)

Enchantment (8)

4 Megrim

Basic Land (24)

7 Swamp
1 Urborg

Artifact (10)

Instant (8)

Sorcery (5)

Quick Info

Anvil of Bogardan + Megrim are ideal to get things started.


We discard the Dragon Mage and Reanimate asap for its Wheel of Fortune-like effect. 
Speaking of which I need an actual Wheel of Fortune for this deck..

Plenty of removal to keep creatures at bay (Bolts, Terminate, Powder Keg)

Slow deck but the potential is massive with 4+ players involved.


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