Big Dick Dog

By Crippled_turtle Created May 6, 2022 Updated May 17, 2022
Commander Unknown
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Main Board (98)

Creature (17)

1 Clone

Enchantment (8)

Basic Land (36)

8 Forest
3 Island

Artifact (19)

Instant (7)

1 Negate

Sorcery (11)

Quick Info

Goal is to pump out Pako and kill one player by turn 5-6 with artifacts and enchantments time decreases,  this is all that is essential to the deck minus unnatural growth which MTG Salvation doesn't have. as it substitute I put in mist cutter hydra

Late Game

After Pako Hits 9/9 kill any player instantly, he needs shroud and unblockable, pretty easy to do, then double his growth with unnatural growth and double attack with nexus of fate or combat celebrant. 


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