Elven Storm

By Astanashar Created Dec 28, 2021 Updated Dec 28, 2021
Commander Elves
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A rebuild of the Kaldheim // Elven Empire precon. I have switched commander to [[Abomination of Llanowar]] instead of [[Lathril, Blade of the Elves]]

The site cannot find a few of the newer cards so here is a list of some of the additions:

Circle of Dreams Druid

Necrogoyf [Lhurgoyf]

Shessra, Death's Whisper

Casualties of War

Deadly Brew

Harness Infinity

Lair of the Hydra

Hive of the Eye Tyrant


The general idea of deck is to swarm the battlefield with elves and have the Lhurgoyf's benefit from the amount, and then top it up with Abomination of Llanowarr when the gy and Battlefiled is "full"

I know there is a lack of card-draw but I have a few black ones incoming soon, in addition to Mortivore [Lhurgoyf].


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