Wilhelt rot hulk abuse

By Pvivvy Created Nov 6, 2021 Updated Nov 22, 2021
Commander Reanimator
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 "Marsh hulk" is rot hulk



Early Game

Search for and play buried alive. Get rot hulk, sadisi, and mikaeus into graveyard

Mid Game

Search for and play a reanimate spell on rot hulk. Bring mikaeus and sadisi back. Sacrifice sadisi twice for it's exploit ability and search for sacrifice (if you don't have a black mana available get lotus petal) use sacrifice on rot hulk to bring sadisi back again and exploit sadisi 2 more times to get festering mummy and carrion feeder. Use carrion feeder to sac festering mummy to place -1 counters on rot hulk to remove the +1 counter. Rinse and repeat with shambling ghast for infinite mana. Add aristocrats if you just want to win. I like attacking for game


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