Oko's Simic

By WitheredBoat Created Jul 12, 2021 Updated Jul 12, 2021
Standard Other Combo
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Add Hadana's Climb (its 2019 so its not in thus deck builder site)

Early Game

Get as many land down and get any of the following: Faerie Vandal, Wildborn Preserver, and/or Lorescale Coatl. Getting as many Maraleaf Faeries and Paradise druids are especially essential when using wildborn Preserver.

Mid Game

Build up your power by drawing cards and/or placing creatures. Oko is meant to be a buff to this deck like Hadana's Climb. Using Hydroid Krasis closer to late game will put you in a more powerful position than in mid or early game as you should have many lands closer to late game. If you are in a pinch in mid game, you can use Oko's Hospitality to buff your cards, many of them have low base stats and are dependent on counters.

Late Game

You should be able to have many powerful creatures by now, using Oko to get his ultimate ability will be an auto win if you have more creatures than your opponent. This should only be done if you know you will win or are in a tight pinch. 


This Simic deck is fun and gives you many options to use as you play, be careful not to focus Oko the plainswalker too much.


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