Attack and Draw

By AjaxFM Created Jan 3, 2021 Updated Jan 10, 2021
Commander Other Aggro
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Main Board (99)

Creature (37)

Enchantment (13)

Basic Land (34)

Artifact (4)

Instant (5)

Sorcery (5)

Planeswalker (1)

Quick Info

This Xyris Deck goal is to draw cards by attacking.


There are no wheels in the deck which forces the user to  attack his/her opponents at the same time encouraging your opponents to attack each other  thanks to the monarch mechanic and Edric, Spymaster of Tress .  Also included are cards that give the user incentive to attack such as  Inferno Titan and Etali Primal Storm


For closing the game out, the user can go wide with a bunch of creatures or try and draw his/her entire deck and win with Laboratory Maniac or Jace Wielder of Mysteries


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