Aerial Expertise

By Manite Created Nov 15, 2020 Updated Nov 15, 2020
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This is one of four theoretical decklists for a Commander product based on the classic Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Each color appears in the two decks where they make the most sense:


White - Air and Fire

Blue - Water and Air

Black - Earth and Water

Red - Earth and Fire

Green - Earth and Air


Per the standard for major Commander product cycles, each deck introduces three new mythics, ten new rares, three new uncommons that are shared with at least one other deck in the cycle, and one new common that appears in all decks in the cycle. Thus, each of these four decklists has 17 Wastes included as placeholders.


Aerial Expertise's main theme is flying. Many of the creatures in this deck have flying, and many of the cards produce creature tokens with flying. Angels and Spirits are particularly common, with Birds, Thopters, and a number of one-offs appearing as well. There's also an enchantment subtheme, with enchantments that happen to play quite nicely with the flying theme.

Early Game

The opening strategy is quite simple: Play lots of creatures with flying! Birds of Paradise provides a little ramp. Watcher of the Spheres and Warden of Evos Isle make your subsequent fliers cheaper.

Mid Game

Like with any deck, midgame you'll want to start refilling your hand and removing threats. This is also the point where you can start dropping many of the deck's anthem effects such as Favorable Winds, Empyrean Eagle, and Thunderclap Wyvern, turning those small fliers you played earlier into a formidable air force. If you have four fliers and at least one source of white mana, you can drop Sephara, Sky's Blade early, which will help protect your aerial army from sudden blowouts.

Late Game

Given the deck's go wide nature, your late game plays will most likely be blowouts of your own. Isperia, Supreme Judge and Windreader Sphinx can draw you large numbers of cards to refill your hand. Steel-Plume Marshal leads your fliers into a brutal assault. Moonsilver Spear, Parhelion II, and Devout Invocation can drop large numbers of Angels onto the battlefield, heralding the end for your opponents. If necessary, you can fire off a wrath such as Supreme Verdict.


Aerial Expertise is all about stabilizing early and keeping the pressure on with your evasive fliers, while using enchantments to hinder your opponents' attempts to do the same.


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