Korvold, The Broken - EDH

By Rex H Created Sep 13, 2020 Updated Sep 14, 2020
Commander Food Chain
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Main Board (99)

Creature (33)

Enchantment (9)

Basic Land (40)

7 Forest
8 Swamp

Artifact (5)

Instant (2)

Sorcery (7)

Planeswalker (3)

Quick Info

Korvold is already broken. Slaughter your opponents ... and your own creatures. 
PROS: So much draw. I actually had to take out a few cards like Bankrupt In Blood because there was too much draw. 
CONS: Once every 8 or so games, you’ll just get bad matchups with you own cards and will get stuck. 
OVERALL : This deck is very powerful and competitive. It won’t get 1st place in a large tournament, but it is very cheap for EDH. 



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