Sultai Fling

By Glubero Created Jun 28, 2020 Updated Jun 28, 2020
Commander Beats
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Main Board (98)

Creature (31)

Enchantment (12)

Basic Land (35)

1 Forest
6 Forest
7 Island
6 Swamp

Artifact (10)

Instant (7)

Sorcery (3)

Quick Info

Hit people with unblockable creatures, cazur pumps them up, sac them to put countes on ukkima, ???, profit.

Early Game

Play 1 or 2 small unblockable creatures, ramp a little, normal commander stuff. Almost always play ukkima on 3 and Cazur on 4

Mid Game

Hopefully play a draw engine like Edric or Bident of Thass. This obviously lets us draw cards while growing our creatures.

Late Game

After hitting our opponents to low life and our creatures have a bucnh of counters use a sac outlet and kill our creatures and move the counters using cards like reyhan or The Ozolith to move the counters on ukkima and sac them to deal the last bit of damage.


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