Attack of the Killer Pie

By Dude_of_Valor Created Nov 4, 2019 Updated Nov 8, 2019
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Main Board (60)

Sideboard (15)

Creature (2)

Artifact (3)

Instant (8)

Sorcery (2)

Quick Info

Turn that food into something big and nasty. Deck looks to animate a food or 1 mana artifact along with Lucky Clover to get in for 8 damage on turn 3 and win with Shields Might on turn 4.

Deck change is less artifacts and more of creatures that produce food tokens. Deck can be surprisingly fast but does rely on Animating Faerie or Oko to really become good. Queen of Ice does need to become Brazen Borrower and Garenbrig Carver is pretty awesome!




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