White-Black Vampires

By BlastWave3 Created Jan 21, 2018 Updated Jan 21, 2018
Standard Vampires
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Quick Info

This deck is my interpretation of the current White-Black Vampire Archetype in Rivals of Ixalan Standard.   The deck's purpose is to get as many Vampires (token or not) out onto the battlefield and swarm aggressively to try and win the game. 


Early Game

In the early game, I want to get a few small vampires out,  like Vicious Conquistador, and start attacking.   Other small ones, like Legion Lieutenant, who gives Vampires +1/+1 are also useful; another is Dusk Legion Zealot, who when entering the battlefield, allows me to draw a card and lose one point of Life.  As more Vampires come out, the opponent would have to either get rid of them, or attack over them with flying creatures.

Mid Game

During the Mid Game, if you have a bunch of Vampires out, you have to keep the pressure on and attack with most everything.  You need to keep some in reserve for that have Flying, Menace, etc.  The main thing is you need the tokens from all of the cards that create them; Lifelink can help a lot a to keep you alive and well in this mid game.

Late Game

To put the icing on the cake, should you make to the late game, you still need the same pressure that you have been giving during the whole of the game.  If you still have a bunch of Vampires, including at least one Sanctum Seeker, you will win by draining the opponent's life as they attack, provided that nothing goes wrong.


For the most part, that's pretty much it.  If you want to sideboard, there a few cards that can be very helpful.  If you have an opponent who uses burn, try using Paladin of Atonement.  The card builds up strength via +1/+1 counters every upkeep you lose life in, and when it dies, you gain life equal to it's toughness.


For a big finish, use Bontu the Glorifed.  Her power and effects are unequal, and can maybe save your bacon with the multiple vampire tokens that are being created. 


Planeswalkers got you in a fix?  Use Never // Return, for it's ability to destroy a creature or Planeswalker (Never).  You can also use Return,  to exile a card from a graveyard and create a Zombie token if at all possible.


Sphinx's Decree and Kambal, Consul of Allocation should work maybe against decks that run a bunch of noncreature spells.   Decree can stop an opponent from using instants/sorceries during their turn, while Kambal will also help gain you life and make your opponent suffer.


You have someone searching for cards?  Use Aven Mindcensor to stop them from looking through their whole deck to find the card they need.  


Lastly, if your opponent has big creatures, try to use Profane Procession.  With the card's ability to exile any target creature on the battlefield, try to keep your mana as open as possible; when the card transforms to Tomb of the Dusk Rose, use it's power to get the creatures exiled on your side. 


All in all, I think this deck can certainly be great, but what are your thoughts?


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